NBA Rumors: Sixers May Trade Michael Carter-Williams; Draft Dante Exum Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="163"] Nothing has gone right for the Philadelphia 76ers over the past few years with coaches coming and going while draft picks and trades [new_royalslider id="163"] Nothing has gone right for the Philadelphia 76ers over the past few years with coaches coming and going while draft picks and trades Rating: 0
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NBA Rumors: Sixers May Trade Michael Carter-Williams; Draft Dante Exum

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Nothing has gone right for the Philadelphia 76ers over the past few years with coaches coming and going while draft picks and trades haven’t panned out. Although the Sixers’ last draft pick, Michael Carter-Williams, has been arguably the best choice in recent memory, Philadelphia might be considering trading the point guard to usher in a potential upgrade.

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According to ESPN’s Chad Ford, the Sixers could be considering trading Carter-Williams and drafting Dante Exum:

The Philadelphia 76ers are Exum fans as well and if Wiggins is off the board, he’s in the mix. They think Exum and Carter-Williams could play together in the backcourt, though it would not be a very good shooting tandem. I think the more obvious fit comes if they trade Carter-Williams, an idea I’m told they have bounced around.

Exum stock seems to continue to rise even though many haven’t seen much of him on the court. The Orlando Magic have also been rumored to be very high on the combo guard with the prospect of pairing him with Victor Oladipo in the backcourt. Exum may be considered a point guard heading into the draft, but many believe he may be more of a shooting guard in the NBA making him versatile and that much more desirable on draft day.

The Sixers willing to trade the reigning Rookie of the Year is surprising to say the least. Exum could be a wildcard with no telling if he’ll adjust to the level of talent he’ll face on a nightly basis in the NBA, but many are high on this prospect’s ability and potential with less than a month to go before the draft.

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The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked with Exum over the past few months more than any team in the league. If Los Angeles had a higher pick, it would likely be a foregone conclusion that they’d draft the 19-year-old, but with the team sitting with the seventh pick, it’s a stretch at this point that Exum will fall that far.

Anything can happen on draft day with trades changing scenarios and teams going in different directions than expected, but it seems more realistic that Exum lands in Philadelphia or Orlando rather than Los Angeles.

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  • http://WWW.LakersNation.com Kïd Špłãšh

    At This Point You Should Talk About It On Draft Day!!’

  • corky carroll

    It would be nice if things would start going RIGHT, sooner than later.

  • The New Marty Blake

    My top 5 Players In This Draft

    1.Marcus Smart Most NBA ready player tons of talent
    2.Andrew Wiggins Best upside
    3.Joel Embiid Best big man raw prospect
    4.Jabari Parker Projected to be a elite scorer
    5.Dante Exum Young unproven prospect with loads of upside worth the risk.

    • Dino Madness

      The Lakers draft seven so none of them are coming to L.A. and don’t forget that the Celtics draft six and they might draft whoever the Lakers want just to SPIKE them.

      • vdogg

        are the lakers a volleyball?? lol. the word you’re looking for is SPITE, buddy.

      • Chris Park

        Actually Marcus Smart could be a real possibility for the Lakers

        • VillainKing

          Agreed of you buddy..

      • Nguyễn Nam Thành

        Celtics risk a six pick to spike Lakers when they are in rebuilding mode? Come on…

        • Lamar Scrotum

          I know. What an idiot, eh?

          • Dino Madness

            Coming from someone who named themselves Lamar Scrotum that’s freaking hilarious:)

        • Dino Madness

          Off course they would, the Lakers and the Celtics are the equivalent of the Hatfields and the McCoys.

  • The New Marty Blake

    I am not sold on MCW obviously Philly knows something about him and is willing to part with him so quickly.Last years draft class is the worst i have ever seen in all my years following the NBA draft.MCW won rookie of the year in a very weak draft class it means very little since the draft class was the worst possibly ever.Now this draft class is amazing and MCW would go around 15-20 this year.

    • Chris Park

      Pretty hard to argue with getting picked 15~20 but you can’t say that he isn’t talented.

      His rookie year he averaged 16.7 PPG/ 6.3 APG/ 6.2 RPG. Yeah his shooting isn’t great (40.5%) but that stat line is nothing to scoff at. When you compare to previous rookie of the award winners his PPG may be lower by 2~3 PPG on average he still wholeheartedly deserves it

  • joe23

    lakers should consider this one, steal this guy form the sixers, just like kobe before. this guy still a lot to improve, he can be a kobe like type of player.

    • vdogg

      the lakers have nothing to offer.

      • Computer Networking

        The lakers can offer the 7th pick and get thaddeus young and mcw. Since they would have to give up a player, send nash. That way nash’s contract would be off the books, the lakers would still have 28 million to spend, and they would get a quality product that only has one year left on his contract. Works for everyone. Kobe gets a player that can compete at a high level, fo doesn’t have to worry about his contract beyond the upcoming season plus he is a valuable trade asset. After making that move, it would be great to pair him with asik who only has one year on his contract and would also be a valuable trade asset leaving the lakers with 14 million. Devin Harris and Trevor ariza could round up the pg and so positions.

        Thaddeus young

        Should be a good defensive and offensive squad. I suggest this because the reality is that the fo is looking towards 15/16. This gives kobe a team that could compete and takes the worry from the fo about breaking the bank.

  • ducks

    This is the worst possible news for the Lakers and all of us Lakers fans.The reason i say that is lets be honest and cut the bullshit the Lakers needs are in the backcourt as the Lakers have been getting lit up at the Point Guard spot for several years now and it has cost the Lakers dearly time in and time out.The only reason i say this news does not bode well for the Lakers is Dante Exum and Marcus Smart are the top 2 point guards in this draft.Now both guards will possibly be gone by #4 if this rumor holds true.

    That would put the Lakers FO in scramble mode if Marcus Smart is not available at #7.The Lakers are trying to get a top defensive point guard to compete with Chris Paul,Russell Westbrook,Tony Parker,Goran Dragic,Eric Bledsoe,Mike Conley,Damian Lillard yup the western conference is freaking loaded with great fast athletic point guards and the Lakers currently have 40 year old injury prone washed up Steve Nash in the last year of his lucrative contract and they have D-League player the slow poke terrible defensive player and very erratic terrible shooter Kendall Marshall.That is not good at all and we need to upgrade the point guard position through this draft.But if the 76′ers draft Dante Exum and then the Magic draft Marcus Smart the Lakers are screwed.

    So if the draft goes like this what we should do is pull off a couple trades to upgrade the point guard position.Their always was a pick six in this loaded once in a decade draft and that was this order Embiid,Wiggins,Jabari,Exum,Smart,Randle but we thought and hoped we would win the lottery or at least move up to the top 3 and worst case scenario was to drop to 9 but likely stay at 6 to get a pick 6 possible franchise player.Now we need Noah Vonleh and Aaron Gordon to jump into the top 6 dropping either Marcus Smart or Dante Exum to the Lakers and we will be big winners in this great draft.Here is scramble mode below.

    Come my fellow Lakers brotherhood and sisterhood lets hope this doesn’t happen but if it does we got a plan i think.

    1.Cavs Joel Embiid
    2.Bucks Andrew Wiggins
    3.76′ers Dante Exum
    4.Orlando Magic Marcus Smart
    5.Jazz Jabari Parker
    6.Celtics Julius Randle
    7.Suns Aaron Gordon Lakers trade the pick for the rights to Eric Bledsoe S/T

    • Sam Saab

      im sure suns wont trade bledsoe for 7th pick

    • Computer Networking

      Defensive pg? Tell me one pg that is being stopped by another pg. Defense is a team concept and that’s why the right coach have to be put in place. BYRON SCOTT!

      • Joshua Duenas

        don’t you mean lionel hollins? Byron Scott isn’t a very good defensive coach

        • Computer Networking

          No I mean Byron scott. I believe that he is a good coach. How I’d he not a defensive coach? He had to have been. He coached a good nets team and took them to the finals two years in a row. There had to be some good defense somewhere. He coached the hornets who were not a good team at all and put them in the playoffs. Once again, the had to have some kind of defense.

      • gmoney

        gary payton in the 90s…

        • Computer Networking

          90s…exactly. no point guard is stopping other point guards. Westbrook and Chris Paul are the two best defensive point guards in the league and even they can’t stop each other.

  • DPanda

    Michael Carter Williams is a overrated player he is getting replaced by Dante Exum in 1 year that’s embarrassing.The way i see the top 7 p[laying out is like this.

    1.Cavs Andrew Wiggins,2.Bucks Jabari Parker 3.Philly Joel Embiid 4.Magic Dante Exum 5.Jazz Julius Randle 6.Celtics Noah Vonleh 7.Lakers Marcus Smart

    Aaron Gordon could be picked by the Celtics and the Magic might draft a big forward like Vonleh or Randle and then at number 12 they might draft a point guard like Zach Lavine or Tyler Ennis so the Lakers will get a point guard at number 7 but i do worry about the possibility of missing out on Smart or Exum.

    • Computer Networking

      Wiggins has the most upside, but he won’t go number one. The cavs are talented, but they need either an all around player to bring them together or a dominate big man to fight along with varajeo. Parker or embiid will go 1. Wiggins will go 2 because of his weak mentality and him not being able to go left. Vonlah will go before randall but I agree withe the rest.

  • astralmage

    Something that can stir the pot. If Orlando is indeed looking for a PG, as suggested. Could it be possible to see MCW, the 10th, and 32nd picks sent to Orlando, for the 4th pick? I know, seems far fetched but why not? Phili then gets both Exum and Parker. Orlando gets MCW (NBA Tested PG), then whom ever they want out of Harris, Lavine, Stauskas, Saric, Hood, or Young, with the 10th and 12th picks. Maybe nab a Capela, McGary, or Nurkic with the 32nd pick. Before you answer, look at both rosters. Orlando, can use help at almost every position, and depth to go with it. They wont lure any vets down with the team they have at the moment. Its a lot of youth, but they need to build with something.

    • Ron Marshall

      That could be a good deal for both teams. And, if GSW does get in the mix with Orlando and send them Lee, Barnes could go to Philly for Thad Young. At the end of the day, there could be a great three-team deal between those franchises.

  • vdogg

    what a shitty organization the sixers are. why would anyone want to play for them??? tanking all season on purpose… talk about trading away their best players.. pathetic. maybe if dante exum has a great rookie season for them they can trade him for someone even better next year!!! if i were a player on the roster, this would not inspire me to give everything i had to the team.

  • gmoney

    exum should rly be a laker…any other jersey would just look so weird on him…

  • Coach’em UP

    Best draft choices for lakers @ 7 is Aaron Gordon, Noah Vonleh, and Zach Lavine
    Marcus Smart will not work with Lakers since he cant shoot and not much of a passer

  • Harrison Barnhart

    if the sixers trade away mcw will be the dumbest trade in nba history watch and see come man he was the roy in the nba would just be stupid when good point guards are hard to come by

  • California King

    not smart and not vonleh. go for lavine or patric young

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