NBA Rumors: Sacramento Kings Willing to Trade Tyreke Evans? Reviewed by Momizat on . Back in the 2009 NBA Draft, the Sacramento Kings selected Tyreke Evans out of Memphis with the fourth overall pick and were thought to have brought in a missing Back in the 2009 NBA Draft, the Sacramento Kings selected Tyreke Evans out of Memphis with the fourth overall pick and were thought to have brought in a missing Rating:
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NBA Rumors: Sacramento Kings Willing to Trade Tyreke Evans?

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Back in the 2009 NBA Draft, the Sacramento Kings selected Tyreke Evans out of Memphis with the fourth overall pick and were thought to have brought in a missing piece to the puzzle. Selecting the now 22-year-old was considered to be the right move by the Kings with Evans having great potential to become a star in the NBA.

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Evans burst onto the scene in his first season with the Kings, winning the Rookie of the Year award, and he showed ability to play multiple positions on the floor with a versatility that quickly made him one of the most promising young players in the league.

Unfortunately, Evans hasn’t been able to duplicate his performance in his rookie season after two mediocre years as the Kings’ premiere player. With two years of disappointment from Evans, Sacramento is seriously considering trading the guard before next season or leading up to the NBA trade deadline.

One team that appears to be expressing interest in acquiring Evans is the Toronto Raptors according to Bill Ingram of Hoopsworld.com:

“The Toronto Raptors are also aggressively shopping for a star-caliber small forward, and have been tied to talks surrounding Tyreke Evans and Andre Iguodala. They have now also reportedly added Gay to their wishlist.”

With Evans potentially having many good years ahead of him at 22-years-old, the Kings will almost certainly have plenty of interest around the league for the up-and-comer. There’s no telling at this point in time if Evans will be able to breakout of his funk with another team, but there will be plenty of suitors willing to take a chance on the versatile guard as he may prove to be a difference maker for a team looking for answer in the backcourt or at small forward.

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  • Dareexam

    Do you know who the lakers might resign next season? 

  • qwerty

    i say trade gasol and blake to the kings for evans and thompson

    then trade mwp and mcbob for beasly….done deal for the lakers

  • KingsStephen

    As a Kings fan, I can tell you that there’s almost no way the Kings trade Tyreke for someone like Sessions. In fact, I can’t think of anything the Lakers have that would be good for the Kings long term, outside of possibly Bynum, but even then Sac already has one crazy-good, immature center in Cousins. If the Kings trade Evans (unlikely) it most certainly wouldn’t be with the Lakers. They have nothing good in return. We don’t want an expensive, old Gasol. We’d be trading great future potential (Evans) for someone who could only help win more games, but no playoffs, for a year or two at $20 mil a year or so. Not going to happen.

    • Tommy_tucker2481

      You must not pay much attention to sacramento basketball. How many times have the Kings “petrie” had Fire sales and got rid of all of their talent??? They probably would trade tyreke for gasol and sessions so they could amnesty gasol and cut their payroll down like they do every 3 years. Until the Maloofs sell them to someone who wants to win you can expect any number of dumb ass moves to happen at any time.

  • Donjazone

    Bynum for Evans, Cousins and Kings #5 draft pick.

    • qwerty

      its a little weird but thats not a bad actualy, the kings get a better C and the lakers get a young PG and a young athletic F/C and then they have a pick. i like it

    • Getreal

      Sorry, you couldn’t get Cousins in a straight up trade for Gasol or Bynum, never mind Tyreke as a throw in. Cousins may be a little mental but he has the best skill set of any Big in the NBA. If he matures a little and improves his decision making just a little bit on the emotional fouls he takes, he’ll be dominant. He fouls a bit too frequently and that curtails his minuits. But if you look at points, rebounds, he’s already more productive than Gasol or Bynum and if you adjust for minuits per game he is much better. His competitive spirit can’t be matched by either.

    • lewwy

      kings would be ham. i like that. and im a kings fan

  • Leo

    I wouldn’t take Evans if It involved trading Gasol, and I don’t see the Kings trading him to the Lakers for anyone else.

  • Ne0

    He’s a shooting guard not point, is not what Lakers need, would be good for to get as back p for Kobe but will cost way too much to get him.  Clippers need him more.

    • Kobe824

       tyreke is a shooting guard that can be also a point guard because for his great ball handling and passing. he is alos 6’6 and is extremely an athletic player



  • Mylife1026

    Yu guys are all saying get rid of Drew cause of his attitude but are willing to pick up Cousins who has a terrible attitude worse than Drew wtf are y’all thinking sto hating on New Jersey
    I’m a Jersian and we go hard

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/H3OBHVXD33WQCUMHUJCV6UTIPY Dillo

    trade Gasol move up in draft lets get younger Evans is cool but will he be happy with being the 3rd option on offence so lets use gasol to get younger in this stacked draft and at #60 we draft the kid Nemanja Nedovic best young player in europe check him out on youtube and he’s a laker fan                                  Ramone session who?

  • http://www.facebook.com/CraigJonesUni74 Craig Jones

     You Laker fans are dreaming ! Cousins is un touchable. Gasol is too old for the Kings! Get a clue! 

    • http://www.facebook.com/sagnik.bhadra Sagnik Bhadra

       Lakers get Lowry, Scola, Evans, Cousins and Beasely.
      Kings get Peace, Blake, McRoberts, Eyenga, Goudelock, 2013 first round pick(MIN or LAL) and Sessions.
      Rockets get Pau.
      Timberwolves get Hill, Murphy, Ebanks and 60th draft pick(LAL).
      Lakers save about 15.6M.
      Sign a few of these players: Anderson, Barnes, Hibbert, Lin, Gorden, Batum, Micheal Redd, Shannon Brown, McGee.
      Lowry, Kobe, Beasely, Cousins, Bynum Bench: Evans, Scola and few free agents.

      • lewwy

        kings trade cousins and evans? your outta your mind. lmfao. get a clue

        • Rocaexit

          kings giving up evans and dmc both high draft picks for 6 bench players and a late round pick?? outta your mind!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ross.coventry Ross Coventry

    Need to focus on what we need, e.g. good point guard that’s not too expensive but reliable (Lowry or Dragic), outside shooting (Lowry, Novak, Parsons, Budinger, Ilyasova, C.Lee, Beasley), and better defense (Lowry,???).  Most likely option is a deal with Rockets, preferably for Gasol, but if it requires Bynum maybe we do it for the right players.  Should keep one of the bigs though. This is where the Lakers should concentrate their efforts.

  • efren

    kings trade cousins and evans? your outta your mind. lmfao. get a clue

  • sti1lmatic

    Tyreke Evans is not the answer for us. I can’t believe he would even be considered.
    I’d rather bring back Kwame Brown than deal with this scrub.

  • Jaodjfi

    It’s just stupid to think that kings will trade cousin at all. They are willing to trade tyreke but maybe one for one for someone like artest or Gasol.

  • Jacobryan14

    hahah ur all are crazy!!!!!!!  TYREKE is still a badass if anyone actually watched any kings games this year you would know that no one can stay infront of him.  NO ONE!!!! he is gonna improve his shot during the summer and be ready to go.

    Any trade for tyreke thats less that a 5 time all star would be rediculous

  • Jacobryan14

    the only trade i can think with the poor lakers is someting like pau or bynum for salmons or garcia
     (if the kings are willing). 

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