NBA Rumors: Rajon Rondo Expected To Be Traded By Celtics

NBA Rumors: Rajon Rondo Expected To Be Traded By Celtics


Rajon RondoThe NBA trade deadline (Feb. 20) is almost exactly a month away and the trade rumors are starting to kick into high gear with one big-name potentially on the move.

According to Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News, Rondo is rumored to be on his way out with quite a few GMs around the league predicting he’ll be dealt by the Boston Celtics:

More than a few GMs around the league expect Rondo to be on the move, if not at the trading deadline next month, then maybe in June at draft time.

Over the past few years, Rondo, much like Pau Gasol, has been one of the few big-names constantly mentioned in trade rumors. In fact, at one point it was rumored that the Lakers were interested in trading Gasol in exchange for the elite point guard.

Obviously, like all the purposed deals involving Gasol, a deal to send Rondo to the Lakers in a swap for Gasol never came to fruition.

Even though the Lakers have been looking for an upgrade at the point guard position for quite some time, it’s unlikely the team currently has any assets the Celtics would like to take on in return for the four-time All-Star. Gasol would once again be the team’s biggest bargaining chip in a potential deal, but it’s doubtful Boston would be willing to take him on as a rental for the second half of the season.

With the Lakers potentially out of the running for Rondo, Lawrence provided a few likely destinations in the Western Conference for the one-time NBA champion:

Rondo probably isn’t going to accept a role in a rebuilding situation with a rookie coach, Brad Stevens, so look for Ainge to try to move him to the West, with Phoenix and Houston seen as two potential destinations. Dallas has always had interest in the four-time All-Star, who blew out his right knee last January, but Mark Cuban doesn’t have the assets to make it work.

Every potential destination mentioned by Lawrence doesn’t not work in the Lakers’ favor. Adding Rondo to the Suns’ backcourt would make that team that much more dynamic while sending the perennial All-Star to the Rockets with James Harden and Dwight Howard might be enough to make them the favorites in the West moving forward.

As for the Mavericks, it doesn’t seem like a realistic possibility and might not be enough to propel them to title contender status even if Mark Cuban was able to make it happen.

It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out and if Rondo will ultimately be headed out West.
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  • Lakers Fan

    There is a 0% chance he will get traded to us, so why is this posted on here?

    • cj

      because of the stupid pau for rondo trade talks and every banwagon laker fan blames pau for this season.

      • Lakers Fan

        Boston would never even think about making us better, that’s for one. For two, there are more problems on this team than Pau. As far as trade talks, who hasn’t Pau been linked to? I’ve grown used to Pau trade talks over the last 3 years. All I know is that Boston would never trade Rondo for Pau, or any other Laker(outside of Kobe) for that matter.

        • cj

          i did not say they would. but u asked a uestion and i replyed to it lol.

          • Lakers Fan

            Lol u took my response the wrong way. I was actually agreeing with you.

          • cj

            ok lol

      • Andress Lua

        pau is doing great, who ever wants pau to get traded or saying he is not good anymore, are not true fans anddont know what pau can do and get done!

  • e3bonz

    I don’t want Rondo at all.

  • Jim213

    Likely be dealt 2014-2015 before trade deadline but FOCUS on the DRAFT foremost. SMH

    Strange to just be named captain of the team and be traded before 2/20s deadline.

  • Adam Hedrick

    You see, by 1 year from now the lakers will have 1 or 2 of these guys. Rondo, love, melo, James . It’s gonna happen. Nash will retire, gasol will be traded. That leaves tons of cap space. And Kobe will be healthy. You have to realize in the nba there are always 3 and 4 team trades. Somebody wants gasol for his play, and somebody wants gasol so the following year they can dump his salary. And it seems love melo rondo are not happy on there current teams. And lakers may get a lotto pick that could be traded as well. Alot things can happen . I personally think rondo and love would work best with Kobe . However mike d’antoni ain’t keeping his job if lakers don’t get in playoffs.. Take that to the bank

    • M

      Agreed with you til you said D Antoni will get fired if they don’t make the playoffs, the Lakers know this season is going to be bad they have said to wait til this offseason so they can assemble a new roster. If the Lakers don’t make the playoffs next year then D Antoni should get nervous.

  • John boy


  • John boy

    Rondo would be a perfect match. His passing ability would be perfect for Wes Johnson who is NOT a bust and Kobe.

  • ColeWorldNoBlanket

    Why are they trying 2 trade their best player though? I know he struggling a bit coming back from a major injury but every player does…ain’t no way I would trade a dude who is a walking triple double. If they doing it 2 have a better shot at a lottery pick then that makes more sense, but that’s still not a sure thing cause u never know how a rookie is gonna turn out.

  • Tom Sisco

    This article is a recycle of another UN-researched article by Mitch
    Lawrence of the NY Daily News, one that Mitch tossed to out make a
    print deadline before the buzzer. There’s a rumor (started by me just
    now) that the NY Daily News is thinking of trading Mitch Lawrence to the
    Peoria Penny Saver since his recent article production can’t be taken
    seriously and is only useful at “garbage” time.

  • hookedonnews

    Last time I heard Ainge questioned, he said Rondo wasn’t on the trading block. I don’t know how Houston or Phoenix could afford him. Phoenix is getting ready to dump a whole boatload of money on Bledsoe, and they already have a young PG. After what’s happened with Rose and Westbrook, I would want to wait and see if he stays healthy before I paid him a bunch of money. He’s also a hothead who has a track record of getting suspended for dumb moves on the court, and he’s not the greatest shooter in the league. It has also been said that he ran Ray Allen and Doc Rivers out of Boston. That would be a factor if I was looking to acquire him. You really don’t need that kind of drama in the locker room.

  • Jacob Gasca

    Not gonna happen. There’s nothing the lakers have that the celtics would want. Lol