NBA Rumors: Phil Jackson Prefers To Hire Brian Shaw Over Derek Fisher Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="289"] Once Steve Kerr decided to join the Golden State Warriors over the New York Knicks, it was uncertain what direction president Phil Ja [new_royalslider id="289"] Once Steve Kerr decided to join the Golden State Warriors over the New York Knicks, it was uncertain what direction president Phil Ja Rating: 0
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NBA Rumors: Phil Jackson Prefers To Hire Brian Shaw Over Derek Fisher

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Once Steve Kerr decided to join the Golden State Warriors over the New York Knicks, it was uncertain what direction president Phil Jackson would take moving forward. Kerr was the frontrunner for the jobs without many candidates behind him, but Jackson may be angling to bring in a protege from his coaching staff in Los Angeles.

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Brian Shaw was thought to be the clear favorite to takeover for Jackson with the Lakers back in 2011. Shaw became a hot commodity on the open market as rookie head coach with his preference being to stay in Los Angeles, but the team had other ideas and went with Mike Brown instead.

Ultimately, Shaw got his first head coaching gig with the Denver Nuggets and seems content in the Mile High City. Although Shaw is happy in Denver, Jackson hasn’t given up hope that he’d be able to bring in him to New York as he’d prefer to hire him rather than Derek Fisher, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post:

Phil Jackson’s first preference in his post-Steve Kerr hunt isn’t Derek Fisher, but rather Brian Shaw, the Nuggets coach who keeps stating he is happy in Denver.

If Shaw was available, there’s little doubt that Jackson would’ve already hired him to become the new head coach of the Knicks. Shaw and Jackson created a lasting bond in Los Angeles and the former Lakers assistant coach has become highly respected around the league after a successful stint under Frank Vogel with the Indiana Pacers.

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Despite Jackson’s reluctance to give up hope of luring Shaw to New York, it’d be safe to assume that Fisher is still the most likely option for the Knicks moving forward. Fisher may not have the coaching experience, but like Kerr, he could draw considerable interest once the season comes to an end for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Fisher has been linked to both the Lakers and the Knicks head coaching vacancies and may have a job waiting for him once his playing days come to an end this summer.
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  • ra

    yeah, Brian Shaw was one of General Phil’s Corporals in the Triangle. He has had more experience ‘teaching’ and implementing the Triangle.

    So, from a technical point of view, makes sense. From a ‘player’ perspective, Fish is the clear choice. He could both implement the Triangle from the players perspective (running it), and be a liaison for the players to management, etc. I also believe he would teach ‘great’ defense. I’ll never forget his push off of Luis Scola years back. Fish is a toughie, and can teach that to the Knicks.

    • Joshua Duenas

      I think Brian Shaw runs a good system, he did decent with what he had in Denver with all the injuries. What I have a problem with Shaw is his relationships with players. The feud between him and Andre Miller really shocked me.

  • Jim213

    Phil may have issues acquiring any of the two as Shaw has recently stated his intent to remain with Denver but no need to alienate the third option.

  • corky carroll

    I like Fish for Lakers

    • ra

      me too. He has run “Triangle” (Lakers), run & gun (Warriors), Superstar based teams (Lakers w/Kobe, Thunder w/Durant) – many styles. He could bring a lot to Lakers as a coach, and also help figure out how best to optimize Kobe’s talents in the Lakers.

  • DP

    Phil Jackson planted the Mike Dumbleavy seed by originally interviewing him and a week later guess what Mike Dumbleavy pops up all over Lakers news.I hate Mike Dumbleavy he is the worst coach ever and he stinks like crap.FUCK PHIL!

    • hookedonnews

      The Lakers were considering Mike Dunleavy when they hired D’Antoni, so I doubt that Phil had anything to do with the Lakers interviewing him. Hopefully he won’t be hired.

  • TheTruthKills

    Shaw already said he’s committed to Denver. At this point it’s Fisher or bust if he wants to run the Triangle. Otherwise he will have to teach it to someone.

    • Chrmngblly

      There’s plenty of guys that know the triangle besides Shaw and Fish: Luke Walton, Kurt Rambis, Pau Gasol, Rodman, Pippen, others.

      Phil should hire Kurt and do a sign and trade with LAL for Pau. We should hire Fish at least as an assistant.

      • hookedonnews

        What does NY have to offer in a sign and trade? Mitch has made it pretty clear he wants Pau back, but if he makes it clear he’s going elsewhere maybe a sign and trade would make sense if the other team has something of value.

        It’s not clear that Fish is ready to retire. Whoever is hired as head coach of the Lakers should make the call on the assistants he wants.

        • Chrmngblly

          Tyson Chandler. We need a true defensive center not a converted forward like Monroe. I say sign and trade Pau plus Nash for TC and Hardaway or Schumpert. We will always need a center. Chandler only has another year on his contract. Perfect.

          Fish said he wanted to retire is the only reason everyone is saying all this. Or, people on both coasts could just be picking up on what I have been saying for years. What do you think, hook?

          I would like to see Fish and Luke Walton and Michael Cooper and Steve Nash stay in the Laker world, regardless. I am tired of Rambis. He can go to NY.

          Any coach we would choose would have a use for Derek Fisher on his staff just to help with Kobe and the rest of the locker room. Otherwise, we have the wrong coach. It is OK with me if you want to get tangled up in your own underwear over the idea, hook. Go ahead and have a snit.

          • hookedonnews

            Not having a snit. I have no objection to Fisher as an assistant. I just believe that should be the choice of the head coach whoever that might be. And there have been reports that he might want to play another year. Would he make a good coach? Maybe. Being a great locker room guy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be a good coach.

            I would love to see Chandler in LA. Nash has said he won’t leave LA, but he does have an apartment in NY. However, he would be wasted in the Triangle, and I doubt anyone is going to take a chance on trading for him because of the nerve issues.

            I would not miss Rambis. I’ve read that Kevin Love has a problem with him so if it’s a choice between the two I’m definitely taking KL.

          • Chrmngblly

            Nash is good for NY’s cap issues as an expiring contract. Now have your hissy-fit.

          • hookedonnews

            I don’t know why you think I’m going to have a hissy-fit. NY is not going to take over that $9.7 million contract when they don’t know what his health status is going to be. Plus, Nash has already indicated he’s not going to move his kids again. If LA traded him to NY and he wanted to go I would say more power to him, but I don’t think there’s a chance of that happening. Nash wouldn’t have to be included in a deal for Chandler. I doubt that LA is going to try to get him, but I wouldn’t object.

          • Chrmngblly

            Listen to yourself, for God’s sake. You are a sniveler, hook, and a crybaby.

            Nash’s contract is included because nobody is going to pay Pau $14M+ like Chandler makes. He is worth around $10M. Nash is just an expiring contract in this trade that works because NY is in a World of Shit, cap-space-wise. TC has one more year on his contract which works for LAL.

            Nobody is expecting Nash to go play for NY. Cheer up. I want Nash to come back to LA in the FO or as a coach somewhere.

            I advise this trade only because I think it is better for LA and better for NY. Tyson Chandler as our center is a much better option than trying to convert Monroe or Davis, both of whom are really only power forwards.

            Someone also suggested that we try to get Asik out of Houston. I just don’t see a way to do that, although I like Asik a lot. The trade with NY just works for all, if Phil really wants to run the Triangle and reduce salary.

            Now quit whining.

          • hookedonnews

            Off our meds again, are we? If Nash won’t go to NY then that trade isn’t going to fly. I expect to see Nash on the court playing, not in the FO or coaching, although he would be an excellent assistant coach. I would like to see Chandler here as much as you would, but there’s no way to make that happen as far as I can see. I like Asik also, but if I were the Rockets I wouldn’t let him go unless I got something spectacular for him. Face it, we’re probably going to have Pau back. We’ll be lucky if Meeks and Hill and some of the other guys we had last season stick around because there probably won’t be any significant deals made this off-season. Hopefully we’ll get a good player out of the draft. A good coach would be helpful also.

          • Chrmngblly

            You are right. I must be off my meds to even imagine Mitch putting this together. But I have imagined it and it is doable.

            We just have to have a better idea than trying to convert Monroe or Davis into a center for max bucks. That would be a sure way to insure mediocrity for a long time.

            Nash’s contract may be guaranteed but he does not have a “No Trade” clause in his contract. If we trade him, he has to go. That is why we pay him the $9.7M. Tyson Chandler only has one or two more years left on his contract. He will be off the books for sure when Kobe is off the books. Flexibility for us.

            It would help Phil to reduce salary and teach the triangle. They have several other young centers to back up Pau if they need them.

            You are right. We need Young, Hill, Meeks and some others back on favorable contracts. But we need a defensive Center, too.

            I know you, hook. You always blubber and cry about everybody else’s ideas. Just like right now.

          • hookedonnews

            Nash doesn’t have to go. He can retire. That would mess up your deal. I’m pretty sure Mitch knows that he’s not likely to accept a trade. Of course, like I said he could change his mind & decide to go to NY. The biggest obstacle to that scenario is the idea that Phil would go for it considering the # of games that Nash played this season. I agree that we need a defensive center, but we’ll probably have to wait until at least 2015 to get one. I’m not the one crying over your idea. That would be you because you will finally realize it’s not going to happen.

          • Chrmngblly

            I always realized that it is unlikely for such a simple idea to come true. Nobody plans for Nash to actually play anywhere this year, even in LA and even if “healthy.” It is an empty contract which is why it works for all. It is even better if Nash retires–then nobody has to pay him. Get it? Geez.

            In my eyes you will always be the king of the crybaby’s, you weeper….:-)

          • hookedonnews

            Dream on. You better hope Nash plays next season or it’s going to be even more dismal than some anticipate. Kendall Marshall is not going to get it done, and Farmar (if he returns) has almost as much trouble staying on the court as Nash.

          • Chrmngblly

            True enough but I say we eat shit and get it over with. Let Kendall Marshall sink or swim. Nash was always a figment of Jim Buss imagination. I don’t care how well he plays, he is not part of the Laker youth movement. (Sorry Steve.)

            I wonder if Nick Young can learn to play defense. How are you, Hook? Blow your nose before you answer.

          • hookedonnews

            Kobe isn’t part of the youth movement either, but the team isn’t going to win a lot of games without him. Nash on one leg is better than KM on two. Marshall is never going to be an elite PG until he learns to shoot. That’s something he should have learned in high school. And no, Nick Young is probably never going to be a good defensive player. Your concern is touching, but I am just fine. I am harboring no delusions about miracle trades. I’d just like to get through a season without half the team on the DL.

          • Chrmngblly

            I am concerned about you. I know last season was brutal for someone with your tender feelings toward the young athletic men on our Lakers basketball team. It is good that you feel you have no delusions, but isn’t that in itself a delusion? We all dream—unless our dreams have been crushed by powerful forces beyond our control—as yours were last season under D’Antoni. Did you weep when his time with the Lakers came to an end?
            You defended him faithfully to the very last. Just as you defend Jim Buss still today. I hope you don’t get too emotionally battered this coming year.

      • nlruizjr

        IMO, Cooper is more defensive minded than Fish, plus Coop coached the Sparks to 2 WNBA titles (01-02), that’s even better than Dumbtoni.

    • nlruizjr

      Adam Morrison is available, ha,ha !!!

      • Chrmngblly

        true, true. He had more rings than Nash, too.

  • hookedonnews

    Well, of course, Shaw is preferable because he has coaching experience under Phil as well as his stint in Indiana and now Denver. However, unless Denver is ready to let Shaw leave without compensation it’s doubtful that he’ll be heading to NY. No one has a clue whether Fisher is ready to retire, so Phil may have to resort to Luke Walton if he wants someone who will implement his vision (the Triangle, etc.).

  • Robert L. I.

    Why not Kurt Rambis? He knows the Triangle, he’s coached for Phil, and he’s been a head coach too.

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