NBA Rumors: Paul George Doesn’t Know If He Wants Lance Stephenson Back Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="156"] For the third season in a row, the Indiana Pacers season was ended by the Miami Heat. Despite getting homecourt for the series, the P [new_royalslider id="156"] For the third season in a row, the Indiana Pacers season was ended by the Miami Heat. Despite getting homecourt for the series, the P Rating: 0
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NBA Rumors: Paul George Doesn’t Know If He Wants Lance Stephenson Back

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For the third season in a row, the Indiana Pacers season was ended by the Miami Heat. Despite getting homecourt for the series, the Pacers were blown out in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals and now have to figure out how to get over the hump.

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While most of the core players are locked in to long term contracts, the one player who isn’t is Lance Stephenson. Stephenson has been in the news recently for his unusual antics in this series, but he had a breakout season, leading the NBA in triple-doubles this year.

An unrestricted free agent, Stephenson could leave this off-season, and with Stephenson being something of a wild-card both on and off the court, some wonder if the Pacers will bring him back. Star player Paul George was asked if he wanted Stephenson back and surprisingly was unsure according to ESPN’s Israel Gutierrez:

Stephenson’s play this year definitely earned him a hefty raise from what he was making this year, but teams are unsure what to expect from him mentally. The Pacers dealt with a lot of turmoil this season and it is believed that Stephenson has played a role in at least some of it.

With the Lakers being flush with cap room, it is not out of the question that the Lakers could target Stephenson. Kobe showed that he can work with a loose-cannon type player in Metta World Peace, and Stephenson will be one of the best players on the market.

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As with all free agents, the right price will be key. At only 23 and with loads of talent, Stephenson could be in the Lakers’ plans — especially if Indiana’s star player doesn’t want him back.
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  • Michael Douglas Hernandez

    lets get DJ Mbenga back

    • Eric

      Marc J. SpearsVerified account‏@SpearsNBAYahoo
      While Lionel Hollins is getting head coach interest from LAL, CLE, UTH & MIN, sources say GS & HOU interested in him as associate head coach

    • Mitch

      Lakers offer Lance Stephenson 4 yrs. $50 million dollars.Lakers play for keeps.

  • Frankie Espinosa

    Mbenga was the heart and soul

  • Eric

    If the Lakers want to have a respectable classy coach then hire Lionel Hollins.He will bring legitimacy to the Lakers name brand once again.Instant gratification in signing Lance Stephenson especially with Lionel Hollins coaching the team.Hollins is a very smart well spoken man with a defensive mindset and he preaches rebounding and he also is great slowing down the game for the older guys like Kobe Bryant and possibly Pau Gasol.Lionel Hollins is a diverse coach he can coach different styles and he is very highly thought of and a tough guy that is a veteran.A former All Star player and a former champion as a player and a All Defensive team player.Yes he is the man for the Lakers vacant head coaching job.

    • Lakersfan4lude

      I agree, I like coach Hollins , I think he could help the team, but their is coach Karl I think also that with his experience he can win his. 1st championship as a coach. I hope we get either one of them.

    • hookedonnews

      Why did Memphis fire him?

  • Sam Saab

    Under Kobe’s Leadership he could really develop into a great player and really help out the Lakers

  • Jack

    Could be a greattt pickup for the lakers. Critics will pick at his personality, but he will grow up, just like his talent will develop.

  • purp& goldpride

    Yes.. lance is crazy, but Lakers fans like ecliptic personalities. Playing with kobe would help him, being that there’s no one inside THAT pacers locker room that even congress close to koves stature. We’d welcome him

  • purp& goldpride

    Lance will em dance!!!lance will em dance

  • Eric

    Marc J. Spears ‏@SpearsNBAYahoo

    Cavs were expected interview Lionel Hollins for head coach position on Saturday, but meeting likely pushed to Monday, sources told Yahoo.

  • Flop

    Imagine Lance and SwaggyP together. Just LOL

    • Barbara Schweke

      Absolutely!!! Love Lance AND Swaggy P!

    • Badazztj12

      I would love if those two lead our team in the future.

  • jay

    Lakers should really target Lance this offseason, also go after Rodney Stuckey.

  • will

    Hire Hollins draft Smart sign deng or Stephenson Lakers staying 5 could look like

    Smart Kobe Deng/Stephenson Hill Gasol…playoff bound

    • Jack

      Stephenson is not a SF; he is a SG; he has only 6.5 ft. very small to play of SF.

      • A Fan

        He’s a physical player and was guarding Lebron on multiple occasions, plus Kobe can play some SF also so he doesn’t have to guard the faster perimeter players (Smart and Stephenson can do that for him)

        • Jack

          Lance can be a good defender or whatever you like but the truth is that I prefer to Luol

  • ra

    Yeah, would be a good pickup. Pacers are done, anyway. They can’t get past the Heat.

    Meantime, know that LeBron will def. not come to LA. He’s in the Finals, and with an ‘older’ crew. He will stay in Miami, and maybe they will get younger players. Unf., it’s becoming more like the LeBron era now :/. I really wanted Kobe to have another crack at it. Maybe his bionic achilles will help him have one or two more Championship years.

    • Barbara Schweke

      No thank you. Lebron can stay in Miami. I know he’s good, but too much hoopla!

  • canemaz

    Pick up Stevenson, draft Smart and sign Pau for $8 mil and the Lakers will contend
    right away, still leaving a lot of cap room.
    I’d love to dump Nash for a second round pick, but not even Toronto wants him.

    • Barbara Schweke

      Amen. Good choices!

  • comrade24

    Please don’t bring in Stephenson. His on court antics would drive Kobe nuts, and would result in chemistry problems. He’s a loose cannon

    • keenanjen

      Did you forget we had Metta he was worse on the court lol.

  • vdogg

    wouldn’t work. he and kobe play the same position. and he’d be too expensive to be a bench player.

  • Lakers Fan

    Am I the only one who found nothing wrong with what Stephenson did to LeBron? He was only trying to be competitive. LeBron is a physical specimen who is extremely hard to guard. You have to try multiple ways to stop him, and Stephenson’s antics somewhat worked in game 5(although the foul trouble helped as well). George is mad because Stephenson has more heart than him. If Indiana don’t want Stephenson because George, Bird, and other teammates are feeling some type of way, send him to La La Land. We’ll be more than willing to take him off their hands.

    • comrade24

      His physical play wasn’t the problem. It was the oddball stuff like blowing in Lebron’s ear that was just “poking the bear” so to speak, didn’t help his team at all, was just a distraction and certainly didn’t slow down Lebron. He’s a nuissance and i don’t think he would be a good fit with the Lakers anyways, would probably cause locker room issues and chemistry problems.

      • keenanjen

        Bron only scored 7 points that game, so it helped a lot if you ask me.

      • Badazztj12

        Lebron only scored 7 points sure it didn’t help the pacers to win

    • Barbara Schweke

      Absolutely. Very astute comments!

  • Badazztj12

    Wouldn’t mind having Lance on the Lakers. He can play offball, iso, and can defend the best guy on the other team leaving Kobe to watch the passing lanes.(Kobe is really good at that). I don’t mind his problems on the court, its just his way showing he is a player that wants to win. I know he flops lol, but that also shows he will do anything to win.

    • Barbara Schweke

      C’mon now. Metta World Peace was just as playful, and wasn’t nearly as good as Stephenson!

  • Ben

    Leave it to ESPN to completely sensationalize PG’s quote by eliminating most of it.

    Paul George asked if he wants Lance Stephenson back: “I mean, I don’t know. That’s for Larry, Kevin to decide. We came into this league together, it would be great for us to continue our journey together.”

  • TheTruthKills

    I’d love to have a guy like Lance in my foxhole. He’s never afraid of the moment, he never backs down no matter who he’s up against, he’s mentally tough, and he has a solid all around game. His antics against LeBron were a little over the top, but people act like they wanted him to just bow down and get out of the way. No, Lance is going to get up in his opponent no matter who it is. He could learn a lot from Kobe. They both have that dog in them.

  • Lakers4Life

    Lance would be perfect for the Lakers. Once we get LeBron, we’ll be right back to contending for a few more championships. Can’t wait for the offseason!

  • Mitch

    Yes he is a player that can be a big part of what the Lakers want to do.

  • rizzy

    Here’s why we need Stephenson

    -Can Defend Tony Parker, Westbrook, Harden, Conley, and he can even try to defend Durant. He is the next Tony Allen but has an amazing court vision.

    Get him quick, he is the kind of players every championship team has.

    • Marty Susman

      I agree

  • Athens Petersen

    Coach Of The Lakers: Mark Jackson or Jeff Van Gundy

    Kyrie Irving
    Jordan Farmar
    Kobe Bryant
    lance Stephenson
    Jodie Meeks
    Xavier Henry
    Carmelo Anthony
    Nick young
    Jordan Hill
    Josh Mcroberts or Ryan Kelly
    Spencer Hawes
    Pau Gasol
    Robert Sacre

    This is based on what I think the lakers should do and might be limited to. Also Based on trading the 7th pick for kyrie Irving and pulling off getting melo with a pay cut. Giving out mostly pay cuts like what the Miami Heat did with their whole team. This should work if management wants to win now and the players want to win it all. Mitch will need to be a lil lucky and super to pull this off

    • Barbara Schweke

      My two cents: Kyrie, Kobe, Lance, Jodie, Xavier Henry, Ryan Kelly, Pau, Jordan Hill (won’t happen), Swaggy P. No Carmelo, no Jordan Coach, Mark Jackson or George Karl! Jeff Van is a whack job. Too volatile.

    • Marty Susman

      Sorry, I am laughing…

    • Devon Samuels²⁴

      I see NBA2K is very addicting lol

    • A Fan

      1. Replace Irving with Smart. No way the Cavs trade Irving because they can pair him with either Wiggins or Parker.

      2. Eliminate either Meeks or Young. I don’t think LA will be able to afford both and sign a marquee free agent.
      3. Kendall Marshall and Kent Bazemore are coming back. Marshall has a cheap non-guaranteed contract while Bazemore’s restricted and has shown he’s worth keeping.
      4. LA can’t afford both Stephenson and Melo because of Kobe’s large contract and the fact that I don’t think anyone’s willing to trade for Nash (even if his contract’s expiring). Only one of them is plausible and if that is the case, I’d choose Stephenson (or Deng).

  • VillainKing

    Lakers must sign Stephenson to have a starting five like this:
    PG: Marcus Smart
    SG: Lance Stephenson
    SF: Kobe Bryant
    PF: Luol Deng
    C : Greg Monroe
    I hope this starting line-up will happen in Los Angeles Lakers..

  • Carol Parry

    I’m a Pacer Fan and I have been to 1/2 season of games. Paul doesn’t need to be saying anything about Lance at least Lance shows up to play every game. The supposedly superstar scores 37 points one night and 10 the next. not to mention his little stripper fiasco. I love Paul but he is not Lebron, and Lance Stephenson’s a much smarter player he is coachable and 23 years old. Besides Lebron is always man handling and the play before he had his hand in Lances face.

    • A Fan

      ESPN emitted most of PG’s statement. PG also said “That’s for Larry, Kevin to decide. We came into this league together, it would be great for us to continue our journey together.”

  • hookedonnews

    If George has doubts, I would be careful about going after him. Something went haywire with the Pacers. If Stephenson is the primary reason for that (not saying he is) I wouldn’t want that problem. He’s a talented player, but he definitely has some negatives.

  • Franklyn Lee

    As a “super star”, Paul Georgr did not do enough to help his team. He was very passive. Super stars are overly aggressive ie Westbrook, Anthony, James, Wade They attack the rim, and don’t settle for jumpshots.

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