NBA Rumors: Pacers Looking To Shop Roy Hibbert This Off-Season? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="290"] When a team goes through a slide like the Indiana Pacers did in the second-half of this season, it only makes sense that rumors will [new_royalslider id="290"] When a team goes through a slide like the Indiana Pacers did in the second-half of this season, it only makes sense that rumors will Rating: 0
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NBA Rumors: Pacers Looking To Shop Roy Hibbert This Off-Season?

When a team goes through a slide like the Indiana Pacers did in the second-half of this season, it only makes sense that rumors will begin flying about possible changes.

After last night’s season ending loss to the Miami Heat, Paul George didn’t sound overly enthusiastic about bringing back shooting guard Lance Stephenson, who is an unrestricted free agent this summer. But there may be someone else on the move this off-season.

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According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, there are some rumblings that the Pacers and Roy Hibbert may be looking for a split this summer:

There is said to be some thought on both sides — management and Hibbert’s — that a fresh start would be beneficial for everyone after the big man’s second-half decline. Hibbert’s camp hasn’t outright asked for a trade, sources say, but word is that it wouldn’t exactly oppose one if the Pacers decide to actively shop their center.

Hibbert’s slide has been well-documented in basketball circles as his play dropped significantly after being named an All-Star. Numerous playoff games in which he failed to score a point or grab a rebound only magnified his struggles.

That being said, Hibbert is only 27 years old, and remains one of the best defensive big men in the NBA. Perhaps a fresh start is all he needs to get back to where he was.

A problem, however, could be Hibbert’s contract which pays him $15 million per year, and Hibbert can opt-out after next season. Some teams will be unwilling to trade for Hibbert without assurances that he will remain with the team for more than a season.

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Maybe the Lakers could target the center, perhaps in a sign-and-trade involving Pau Gasol. The Lakers are going to try and focus on defense, and get younger. Hibbert in the back line of the defense would immediately improve the Lakers abysmal defense from a year ago.
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  • Chris Park

    Don’t go for him!

    • Beto

      Roy Hibbert and his ridiculous salary of $14,283,844 Million.Yikes no thx.

      • jim

        No one that follows the Lakers has began to realize that the problem is giving away 24M/yr to Kobe is a problem. Hibbert is worth more than Kobe at this point.

    • Carlton

      Honestly i just want to know one thing is Mitch Kupchak senile?Hibbert sux!

      • Chris Park

        Nah, its just a NBA rumor not really associated with Lakers

        • Carlton

          Okay.Just wondering about Mitch these days.He seems sick.

          • CorinaGingerovo

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        • Jacob Gasca

          If its not associated with the Lakers then why is laker nation reporting rumors like this? Oh I forgot if mjs mother was available Lakers would be involved in trying to sign her to. Haha

      • dayum

        First of all, this is NBA Rumors. This has nothing to do with Mitch or Lakers FO. Second of all, Mitch is a lot smarter than you know and if he did acquire Roy Hibbert it would probably be to benefit a trade for someone they really want. Lastly, from my perspective – LA are in no position to choose what they want… and if Roy Hibbert is all they can get than it’s better than nothing IMO.

        • nlruizjr

          No, nothing would be better !!!!!

    • ra

      Hibbert Schmibbert. Now that Thunder have lost, look for a FA or two — maybe Durant? (in a while).

      • Chris Park

        What? o.O

  • Mitch

    I think he is finished on the decline,Pacers are pawning off trash for expensive.NO!

  • LakersOverEverything

    I don’t want his big ass. Not unless we could get him for like 5million, which isn’t possible.

    • Chrmngblly

      Yes we could, as long as Nash is part of it. Then we just have to sign and trade Blake or anybody they want for the other $5M. This is a Mitch deal. I wouldn’t mind Hibbert. That makes Hollins make sense as our coach, if they want to go that route.

      • LakersOverEverything

        Blake isn’t even on our team anymore….

        • Chrmngblly

          That’s the point. We could sign and trade him or any other free agent they want in that price range.

          For example, we could sign and send Pau over there with Nash and they could send somebody back to balance it out. Many ways, it’s just that Nash’s soon-to-expire contract balances things out and helps an over-cap team like Indy cut salary. Maybe they want to dump Stevenson, too—Then we have to sign and trade Meeks or somebody to balance it out. We are under, so we can do sign and trades.

  • comrade24

    ummm no. we need players who rise to the occasion, not ones who cower under the bright lights.

    • Computer Networking

      I think everyone is being a little rough on hibbert. Hibbert has shown that he is a true center. He could be and asset for the lakers as long as he is paired with the right power forward.

      • comrade24

        The problem is that Indiana paid him all star center money, he still has time left on his contract at almost $15 mil a year and he hasn’t performed up to that. I don’t think you can be too hard on a guy who’s 7’2 and can’t manage to corral a single rebound in a playoff game. That’s inexcusable.

        • Computer Networking

          I understand where you are coming from, but you are talking about one game. You can make an argument about his playoff performance throughout this season, but look at all the games that Indians won. They won only when he was performing at a high level and from what I see, they were number one in the east this season. I believe he is worth the 15 million and he has 2 years on his contract so the money will be fired up if the lakers decide to go after Kevin durant. Just remember, Bynum didn’t always have the best games but the lakers needed him to win a championship and they did.

      • Jullian Chua

        No one needs true centers anymore. Bigs who can space the floor (Duncan, love, bosh), swingman (LeBron, George, iggy), and combo guards (Westbrook, lillard) are the new wave of the nba. The Lakers team is built for how the league used to be, not built for how it is and what it’s becoming

        • Computer Networking

          So what you are saying is that deandre jordan, Dwight howard, gortat, Pau And Marc gasol, Zach randolph, and Tysons chandler are ineffective? All of these players are still playing in the old style of basketball. You mentioned Tim duncan, but he plays old school basketball also. Just because he has a mid range jump shot doesn’t change that. Charles Barkley way doing that, Karl malone and I could still go on from there.

        • Computer Networking

          Secondly, you had swingmen and combo guards also in the old school. The only thing that has changed is speed. How do you beat that, efficiency. You play half court basketball and be as efficient as possible and rebound the ball. That way you don’t have to worry about the speed. Ask Miami about they. They got beat by the mavericks because of half court basketball and efficiency.

      • nlruizjr

        As in Ass -Sit on the bench, no thanks don’t want the second coming of Kawame Brown !!!!!

  • Edy

    The guy runs like an old man doesn’t have balls or the heart to win games and not only that he’s cool with teammates smashing on he’s girl lol he’s pretty much sore loser

    • Tune

      That was a rumor, there have been 0 facts backing that up. The so called story that broke that also pinned Evan Turner and Lance’s fighting on the fact that Lance apparently told reporters about the situation. Literally makes no logical sense and I’ve yet to see the video and given how big that would be, can’t believe that hasn’t blown up on ESPN.

  • Tune

    Honestly, I doubt he’s going to shrink like this again. It’s obvious he had something he was going through and I think an off season will be good for him. If we can get him for a price around Deandre Jordan than I find it a good deal. He’s a solid defender, decent rebounder, and we don’t need to rely on his offense too much given the offensive force we will have if we’re able to retain players like Young, Meeks/Bazemore, and etc. Not to mention Kobe is a ball dominant guy, so he should be able to give him easy feeds. He’s not worth $15 million, but the $10 million ballpark is fair given I’d say Deandre is a more valuable asset with Hibbert only having his ft% and some ability to create his own shot in the post being better than DJ.

    • truth24

      No way and bounce on out with your stupid self.

      • Tune

        Please continue to display your ignorance.

  • Athens Petersen

    Coach Of The Lakers: Mark Jackson or Jeff Van Gundy

    Kyrie Irving

    Jordan Farmar

    Kobe Bryant

    lance Stephenson

    Jodie Meeks

    Xavier Henry

    Carmelo Anthony

    Nick young

    Jordan Hill

    Josh Mcroberts or Ryan Kelly

    Spencer Hawes

    Pau Gasol

    Robert Sacre

    This is based on what I think the lakers should do and might be limited
    to. Also Based on trading the 7th pick for kyrie Irving and pulling off
    getting melo with a pay cut. Giving out mostly pay cuts like what the
    Miami Heat did with their whole team. This should work if management
    wants to win now and the players want to win it all. Mitch will need to
    be a lil lucky and super to pull this off..

    • Tune

      I doubt we can have Irving, Bryant, Stephenson, Melo, Young, and Gasol all on a single team. They’d all have to take pay cuts. At best I can see us having Kobe, Irving, Gasol, Hill, and Henry with Meeks, Nash+Farmar or Kmarsh, Sacre or Kaman, Ryan Kelly, and Young on the team. I can see us having Irving for 10-15mil, Gasol for 10-15mil, Young for 5mil, Kobe for 20mil, and the rest earning decent wages.

      • athens petersen

        yeah you right. Thanks for agreeing with me on some level, everybody else spassing on me lol. But yeah i see kyrie on the team traded 7th pick. The reason i said melo is because is wife loves la, he loves la too. And money isn’t all that to him. He only wants to win now

        • Tune

          If Kobe took like 18mil I could see it being possible, but I doubt we can get Irving, Gasol, and Melo each for under 35mil together. Maybe we can get Irving for 10mil, Gasol, for 10mil, and Melo for 15mil. It’d take a lot of persuasion and they’d have to be 100% sure Kobe is ready to perform at the high level he played at before the injury.

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            As far as I know, the contract is done and can’t be altered. Kobe is making 23 and 25 million over the next two years, so there is no “If Kobe took like 18mil.” Melo is also not going to sign for 15mil when there are a few teams out there who have the ability and desire to offer him in excess of 20mil a year (who are in much better shape).

          • Tune

            Which is exactly what I said. Key word, ‘if’.

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            Not sure why you’d even bring up Kobe at that point. “If Kobe took 18 mil” is an exercise in futility, simply because he can’t. Perhaps in 2016, though Lol.

          • Tune

            I don’t think you understand what I’m saying. I’m saying IF he had, but he didn’t. Which is why I said the rest of them would have to take big paycuts overall for it to work.

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            I guess your wording made it seem like this was a potential future possibility. “If Kobe had taken 18mil/year…” followed by “…but since he didnt…” and I definitely would’ve understood.

            But, now that you’ve explained, I get it. That lineup is just way too far fetched.

          • Tune

            That’s why I said took instead of takes. I was just letting the guy know that his lineup was too far fetched. I gave him one that was still a bit far fetched, but possible.

        • nlruizjr

          I just don’t see Kobe and Melo co-existing on the same team, just can’t see it working !!!

        • Guest

          7th pick for Kyrie Irving???

          Can I turn in my smart car for a ferrari? lol

          Also Kobe + Melo? Yeah thats 0 defense and just volume shooting all day everyday.

      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

        Irving is under contract for about 5 million for another year or so. Kobe is under contract for 23 & 25 million. We might be able to get Gasol and Young for the numbers you mentioned, but I do not like that roster. I’m a big fan of moving on from Gasol.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      This is ridiculous. The reason people are “spassing” on you is for a number of reasons:
      1. 7th pick alone will probably not net you Kyrie Irving. The Cavs can, and probably should get more in return for a player of his caliber.

      2. Melo will not take a pay cut. Word is that he is seeking a max contract. Mix that with Kobe’s contract (23 and 25 million over the next two years), Nash on the books for nearly 10 million, and Gasol probably being able to earn 10 million, and you’re looking at 63 million tied up in four players. That leaves you an estimated 14 million for 10 other players. A majority of the players you listed will also be seeking raises from last season’s salaries based on their performance (Meeks and Young especially). What you listed could easily turn into a 90+ million dollar roster

      3. Mark Jackson is not a coach that would work well with aging players who favor the post game. He is a great spread the floor coach. He did well with young players. But, I do not see him being able to do much with Kobe, Melo and Gasol.

      4. Kobe and Melo do not seem like they would be a good pairing, in my opinion. Both are players who need the ball in their hands. They are ISO players who are “ball stopping” on offense. Gasol, Melo and Kobe would be an atrocious defensive unit

      So basically, the roster you threw out here would put us WELL into the repeater tax (est threshold is around 77, so we’d be paying 2.50 in tax for every dollar we’re over – not sure if it’s over the threshold or over the cap) which would be costing us tens of millions on top of the player’s salary. That roster would be horrible defensively. That roster would be aging. That roster would clash. That roster would not fit the style of play the coach you want signed will want to play.

      That is why people “spas” on you.

  • vdogg

    i would do it. sign and trade gasol for roy hibbert. a chance of scenery and kobe lighting a fire under him would be what he needs, i think.

    • vdogg

      change* of scenery is what i meant.

    • truth24

      You stupid

      • vdogg

        you sound exceptionally intelligent, on the other hand.

    • nlruizjr

      Hell NO, Hibbert only shows up for about 25 games per season, hell NO !!!!

    • comrade24

      I don’t see the sign and trade scenario, but i do think Pau would be a great addition to the pacers. They need more offense, which pau is more than capable of providing. He’s also a great passer and could get D. West a lot of good looks, and some nice backdoor cuts by George with Gasol dropping it off to him. He could really improve their offense a lot.

    • nlruizjr

      Kobe doesn’t have time to baby sit Dumbo, he wants to focus on what he can do and have team mates he can count on to help him out, plus if it didn’t work out with Hibbert the Lakers would be stuck with him !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Coach: Lionel Hollins

    Darren Collison

    Kobe Bryant

    Luol Deng

    Pau Gasol

    Roy Hibbert

    I agree with Tune i dont think he will shrink again on a new team. But i think this would be a good starting lineup if we did get him

  • Dino Madness

    If the Lakers have been saving all this money to find a savior then this trade makes no sense. Roy Hibbert is not the franchise player the Lakers are looking for if this were to happen then everything the Lakers have done to save their money has been a complete waste of time.

  • http://www.nowallsstanding.com trench

    No thanks

  • Gregory Gaylen

    Roy H is not the answer. One word: inconsistent.

    • nlruizjr

      one word “MIA” !!!!!

      • Chrmngblly

        On word: One year.

  • Troy

    I remember back last year when some of us Lakers fans were clamoring to get Roy Hibbert.Like always it won’t happen he is a shell of his old self.Pass.

  • Chavo

    If the Lakers hire Coach Lionel Hollins then Roy Hibbert makes it worth eating his huge bloated contract for 2 years.Hopefully they send out a draft pick to the team willing to absorb this huge bloated terrible contract.It’s the worst contract in the NBA.Lakers can trade Steve Nash for Roy Hibbert.That would only make a little sense if a post up big man coach is hired and Maybe this lineup below.

    PG Marcus Smart
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Luol Deng
    PF Pau Gasol
    C Roy Hibbert

    • Chrmngblly

      2 year max contracts for Deng, Gasol and Hibbert..

    • dayum

      you can’t draft Marcus Smart in his first NBA year and expect him to be a starter PG. won’t happen. more importantly, we wouldn’t make the playoffs.

  • Tony Tellez Diaz

    Hibbert Love Bazemore Bryant Irving

  • branden pearson

    Hibbert can be good just need to learn to play without asking for the ball like deandre jordan

  • Bucky Gilmore

    Ill take BYNUM over This bum

  • Jason

    What a stupid idea. Anybody who trades for him is a moron and should be fired. for even thinking about it.

  • nlruizjr


  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    Hibbert has been in the league for five years. He’s listed at 7’2, 290lbs. That puts him as one of the biggest bodies in the league. He has averaged nearly 30 minutes/game in each of the last three seasons. His best season averages in his NBA career for points and rebounds per game? 12.8ppg and 8.8rpg, both coming in the 2011-2012 season. He cannot average a double-double, nor is he close. His field goal percentage has dropped each of the last three seasons (.497, .448, .439). His rebounds are declinding (8.8, 8.3, 6.6). His assists are on the decline, and his points per game are dropping at nearly 1ppg per season. He averaged 10.8pts and 6.6 rebounds this season! The only things improving from Hibbert is his free throw shooting and number of games played. His blocks stay fairly consistent, but outside of that he is declining in damn near every statistical category.

    He disappears for long stretches. In fact, this season he only had 15 double doubles in 81 games. For comparison:

    Dwight Howard: 47 (71 games played)
    Pau Gasol: 30 (60 games played)
    Marcin Gortat: 37 (81 games played)
    Lamarcus Aldridge: 40 (69 games played)
    Joakim Noah: 47 (80 games played)
    DeAndre Jordan: 42 (82 games played)

    I mean hell, Hibbert ranks 106th – ONE HUNDRED SIXTH! – in rebound rate. He’s tied with Robert Sacre in that department, for what it’s worth.

    As a Lakers fan, I want more from our center than a couple blocks a game. I want rebounds. I want points. I want a man who doesn’t have to be coddled to perform.

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