NBA Rumors: Pacers Express Interest In Signing Andrew Bynum

NBA Rumors: Pacers Express Interest In Signing Andrew Bynum


NBA: Utah Jazz at Philadelphia 76ersOnce the trade to send Pau Gasol to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Andrew Bynum fell apart, the Cavs immediately made a deal with the Chicago Bulls. Cleveland received Luol Deng for Bynum while the Bulls chose to simply waive the one-time All-Star center in an effort to save money.

Earlier this week, Bynum cleared waivers with plenty of teams expressing interest in the veteran center. Although it remains uncertain what Bynum can bring to a new team, the former lottery pick is drawing interest from contending teams including the Indiana Pacers according to ESPN’s Marc Stein via Twitter:

Along with the Pacers getting into the Bynum sweepstakes, the Los Angeles Clippers have seemingly taken a step back from pursuing the veteran center. The Clippers going after Bynum makes sense for a few different reasons, but he might not be the player that head coach Doc Rivers is willing to deal with.

As for the Pacers, Indiana would arguably have one of the best frontcourts in the league with the addition of Bynum. Center Roy Hibbert is already among the best in the game and adding Bynum into the mix would only make a legitimate title contender that much deeper at a crucial position.

Ironically enough, Hibbert sent out a tweet recently talking about Bynum being interested in signing with Los Angeles or Miami. No one thought the Pacers would express interest, but depending the amount it would take to bring him to Indiana, it doesn’t appear to be a bad move for the Pacers.

One of the major advantages the Pacers have had over the two-time defending NBA champion Miami Heat has been in the frontcourt. The two-headed monster of Hibbert and Bynum may ultimately be too much to deal with for LeBron James and company in the playoffs making this signing a potential game-changer for Indiana.
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  • kobe24

    Bynum’s gonna sign with the team that gives him the most chance in getting him his 3rd ring smh and watch hes actually gonna start trying now cause hes on a “good team”

  • hoperhetoric

    Go ahead sign him! For a change, the pacers are long overdue to win a banner…

  • Wilbs67

    What’s the downside, if any, of signing Bynum ? Team chemistry? Is he going to give the defensive effort needed for pacers to win?

  • ra

    Yes, good move for the Pacers. Now they will have the NBA’s new twin-towers – Hibbert & Bynum. The Heat don’t stand a chance.

    Good to see our ex-Lakers hopefully doing well in the NBA. Now, if only the “Lakers” can do well in the upcoming year (not this year, of course).


    This kid does not enjoy playing basketball; he has no passion, love or interest in playing professional basketball. But because we are so starved for 7 footers team after team will continue to throw money (pardon the pun) down thiis black hole!

    • Josh

      Drew had a few seasons where you could tell he loved playing basketball, but he even admitted early in his career he didn’t really enjoy playing. I can’t say I blame him; with all his injury history, the constant criticism, and the physical pain the game causes him, it just doesn’t seem worth it.

  • Josh

    I think the Pacers can only offer a minimum contract, and Drew has already stated he does not want a minimum deal. The only reason the Pacers are interested is to keep the Heat from signing him.