NBA Rumors: New York Knicks May Hire Steve Kerr By Week’s End

NBA Rumors: New York Knicks May Hire Steve Kerr By Week’s End


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The New York Knicks appear to have their man in five-time NBA champion Steve Kerr. The rumors have run rampant over the last few weeks about the Knicks searching for a replacement for head coach Mike Woodson, but no candidate has gotten more buzz or consideration from the team than Kerr.

According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, Kerr could be hired by the team this week:

The one-horse Knicks coaching derby should come to its conclusion this week.

Steve Kerr is scheduled to broadcast Game 1 of the second-round NBA playoff series between the Thunder and the Clippers in Oklahoma City on Monday night with longtime TNT partner Marv Albert. That could be Kerr’s last telecast, with a league source saying matters with the Knicks should progress this week.

After taking over as president of the Knicks recently, Phil Jackson was determined to change the culture in New York. Firing Woodson was the first move and finding a formidable coach to replace him will be the next.

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Choosing Kerr, a former player of Jackson’s with the Chicago Bulls, is an interesting choice considering the fact that he’s got no coaching experience whatsoever. Kerr has been a GM with the Phoenix Suns and an analyst for TNT, but never a leader on the sidelines at any level.

Many believe Jackson will simply coach through Kerr once he’s hired. Kerr played under Jackson with the Bulls and won three titles while running the point in Chicago alongside Michael Jordan.

Kerr has played for two of the most successful head coaches in the league in Jackson and Greg Popovich. The former point guard won two titles with the San Antonio Spurs after his stint in Chicago. The championship experience under these two coaching legends will definitely prove useful if ultimately given the job in New York.

The Los Angeles Lakers were rumored to be interested in Kerr along with the Golden State Warriors if they part ways with Marc Jackson, but the Knicks hiring him seems to be a foregone conclusion at this point.
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  • vdogg

    good for kerr. now when are the lakers going to announce the hiring of byron scott as their head coach?

  • Daryl Peek

    The Lakers are in no rush to hire a HC. Assembling talent is the first goal. This is the “Laker” way both Showtime and the Lake Show was built. This is how the Bulls were built in the Jordan era and how the 60’s and 80’s Celtics were. Most dynasty teams were built by having the player talent in place first.

    The only HC the Lakers should hurry and get if released from his current situation is Mark Jackson. His bombastic coaching personality is Taylor made for the LA market. His PG driven offensive philosophy lines up with the current trend of the league and what the FO has been looking for every since Phil retired in 2011. Jackson had the Warriors playing very good defense? Let me repeat that, Mark Jackson had the Don Nelson (Run TMC) legacy, NBA league leading three point shot Splash Brothers, Warriors playing elite level NBA defense this seaason. Who can’t see this as Showtime 2.0 if the FO can procure the right PG to help a willing Kobe become a KAJ/Duncan to said PG?

    • Joseph Apohen

      By the time all the talents are assembled, we have a left over for a coach. Btw, if he is that good, why would he be released, and I heard rumor also to that effect.

      • Daryl Peek

        Leftover HC is what we would be getting right now also. If Mark is that bad who is to be credited for the turnaround in GS over the last 3 years from the perennial under .500 team they consistently were before his hire? It’s been a while since they won 50 plus games in a season and I don’t ever recall them being ranked that high defensively, as they were this season?

        • Joseph Apohen

          We can’t be getting a leftover from the list that is being mentioned should management act on it now. I can understand why management would be hesitant on the selection process after failures with Tomjanovich, Brown, and now MDA. The upward swing with GS is not only attributed to Jacdson. They have acquired in the past five years some talented players through draft (Curry, Thompson, Barnes) and trade (Bogut, Lee, and Iggy). The injury to Bogut was devastating as he would have provided some defense and rebounding. I liken Marc to Hollins. Hollins improved Memphis yearly during his tenure yet was released although I read he had a run in with the GM.

          • Daryl Peek

            In 1999 there was no rush to hire a HC and the team got Phil Jackson. The same happened in 1979 when they hired Jack McKinney and then turned to Westhead after McKinney’s accident. You can’t name a coaching hire the Lakers made in a rush who had success. The player talent was always in place first.

            This was the core foundation of how both Dr. Buss and Jerry West believed you build a winner. It’s also the time tested way almost every team that wins does, especially dynasty built ones.

            Mark Jackson got the Warriors to believe. This is the same formula Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers and many other very good motivational head coaches with big personalities use. The LA market eats that kind of coach up and they more often than not have success. Hollins is nothing like M. Jackson to that effect. The FO issues can be found in almost every HC’s working relationship with his superiors at some point. Thibs in Chicago, Doc in Boston and LA, Phil in Chicago and with the Lakers, the Van Gundy’s, Spoelstra, ETC… The relationship Pop has with the Spurs FO is rare. This is why HC’s often get fired in professional sports more often than not, no matter how good they are. Phil Jackson is arguably the GOAT as a HC and was ran out of Chicago and LA?

          • Joseph Apohen

            I think Phil thought he was bigger than the organization. The eleven rings got to his head. Pops is unique. I don’t think he is egotistical and he probably knows how to bend with management. He develops his players and has the eyes for talent (Parker, Ginobili, Howard). Now he’e developed Splitter who is now coming on his own. He has Mills being developed to perhaps eventually replace Parker. Phil had his teams handed to him as in Chicago and in L.A. with Shaq and Kobe and later acquired Gasol. Of course West had a big hand as in Shaq and Kobe.

  • Joseph Apohen

    Wish the best for Steve.

  • Lakers4Life

    It’s not yet official so we need to keep our hopes open, however should he goto NY, then we have much to fear. We’ll be losing a great head coach yet again, just like when we passed over Phil.

    • vdogg

      have you lost your mind? phil has 11 rings and kerr has never coached one minute of NBA basketball. step your game up.

    • Joseph Apohen

      I don’t know about a great hc when he has not even coached a second in the NBA. Perhaps someday.