NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Targeting Carmelo Anthony This Summer?

NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Targeting Carmelo Anthony This Summer?


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There are a number of big names who could become available this summer in NBA free agency. While many of those players are unlikely to leave their current teams, one who absolutely could is New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony.

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Anthony has until June 23 to opt-out of his contract with the Knicks, which would make him an unrestricted free agent. According to ESPN, if that happens, a star-studded team in South Beach could be looking to add one more:

Sources told that Heat officials and the team’s leading players have already started to explore their options for creating sufficient financial flexibility to make an ambitious run at adding New York Knicks scoring machine Carmelo Anthony this summer in free agency.

In order for this to happen, the trio of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh would all have to opt-out of their contracts as well, and likely take another pay cut in order to fit a reasonable salary for Anthony on the books.

This is far from being a done deal, and it would require a lot of financial maneuvering on the part of the Heat, but Pat Riley is one of the best front-office men in the league and if anyone can pull it off, he can.

The Knicks have their own legend in the front office and, with their new coach in place, will be putting all of their efforts into convincing Anthony to stay in New York. Not to mention the number of teams with salary cap space to offer Anthony a max deal.

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The Lakers may not believe Anthony is a good fit next to Kobe Bryant, but even the possibility of putting Anthony alongside Miami’s big three is enough to make many fans around the NBA quite nervous.
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  • Curtis

    Chicago Bulls all over again only in Miami this time.New era Bulls.SMFH

    • Jim213

      FO best wake up from their day dreaming.

      • Mitch

        The NBA needs to change the rules of the CBA quick when comes to how much teams can spend.Throw out the stupid salary cap and luxury taxes on team that overspend.Nope lets just go full out MLB style with salary cap and let teams bid for players that are hot free agents.

        Allow the rich teams like the Lakers,Knicks,Celtics,Heat go into a bidding war for players.Like when the Yankees got Tanaka they outbid a few teams.NO SALARY CAP LIMIT.

        Screw this small market stuff with OKC and Memphis,San Antonio now it is should go back to the big markets being in control again we want no salary cap restrictions.May the best man win the bid.Lakers would outbid most everyone everytime and that’s why i am all for it.NO SALARY CAP LIMIT.Just let teams outbid eachother just like MLB.Yankees and Dodgers both spend a whole lot of money.It is the way it should be.Miami Heat wanna play this game well we can just play along no salary cap limit lets get started and see who has the final laugh.We know that game.

    • TrevChav

      How is this the Chicago Bulls all over again? Is LeBron gonna retire then come back to appear in 4 straight finals?? he’s not. I know your referencing about the 90’s Bulls since the current Bulls team hasn’t done anything since then. Jordan only had Pippen as a sidekick. Yes Pippen was a glorified role player that’s all Jordan had. To be the best you have to beat the best. Which is why Jordan, Magic, or Bird never teamed up together to form a super team. Can you imagine if those 3 alone were on an NBA team. Championships Galore!

    • richard

      hahahahaha… and now it’s 3-1 SPURS!!!!

  • RUDY T.

    Heat should just get Kevin Durant and Chris Paul also might as well.Spoiled fucks.

    • Evan

      People probably said that about the Lakers for a while, too.

      • RUDY T.

        Not recently sir.Maybe in the 1980’s but we drafted all those guys with the exception being Kareem Abdul-Jabbar otherwise we drafted Magic Johnson,James Worthy,Michael Cooper,Byron Scott,Kurt Rambis,Norm Nixon.We didn’t buy a whole dream team like that coward Pat Riley is doing right now in Miami.No man we did the old fashioned way we earned it through the NBA Draft not free agency.We did it through the draft.We scouted players.

        Big difference in how the Lakers assembled their great team and how the Miami Heat are doing it right now.It’s not the same at all.But of course the Lakers were a powerful team back then but once again it was done through the NBA Draft for the most part not through NBA Free Agency.Just the honest cold hard facts.

        This is unfair what Miami is trying to do in this new day and age of a salary cap and luxury taxes and free agency,it’s collusion to the first degree.Nothing in the NBA handbook can stop it sadly,get ready for Miami to be the new NBA Dynasty,they use every tactic to do it.How low will they stoop to get Carmelo?Only time will tell.

        LeBron James is a great player but a coward needing all these superstars to win rings buying them via free agency wow that low.Lakers only major free agent signing ever was Shaq O’Neal almost 20 years ago.Miami has LeBron,Bosh and possibly Carmelo all via free agency on the same team SMH.This has to STOP or else the NBA is in big trouble in more than one way.Parity has become parody.

  • Mario

    Where is the veto when the NBA really needs it???

    • Tune

      You can’t veto free agency. No trade would be happening with the NBA acting as owner of the team like CP3.

  • Julio

    So this ?

    Heat Dynasty Includes

    PG Mario Chalmers
    SG Dwayne Wade
    SF LeBron James
    PF Carmelo Anthony
    C Chris Bosh

    • Chris Park

      Add Chris Paul in this and its set !

  • 24Ss

    Yeah I call bull shit on this one no way lebron or wade take a bigger pay cut unless they pay chris bosh with bubble gum lol they can’t afford it plain and simple

    • kookiebuger

      I mean it can happen the Heat will just have to sign Melo first, they have Wade,LeBron, and Bosh’s bird rights they can go over the cap it’s just a matter if they are willing to go that far over the luxury tax (if the league doesn’t do anything).

      • laker4life

        Can’t do it that way. Would gave to have big 3 become FA and rescind Bird rigts. Max each player could get if other players pick up their player options and count 1st round Draft pick would be 12.5 mil.

      • Computer Networking

        It can happen but it wont. If they get carmelo, that means bosh is gone. Wade already hinted towards not taking a paycut, bosh said he would take a paycut to keep lebron in miami, but adding carmelo is nearly impossible. LeBron is ready for his biggest pay day now. Because of that, carmelo can’t go to miami.

  • JohnSmith00

    And there it is right where I left off from my previous comment…. the current NBA ladies and gentleman, an absolute fucking disgrace.

  • rik

    lakers lineup in a few years vs heats lineup in a few years
    PG: Lowry
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Durant
    PF: Love
    C: Vonleh

    PG: Chalmers
    SG: Wade
    SF: LeBron
    PF: Carmelo
    C: Bosh

    • Sam

      Delusional much? KD won’t come to LA. More likely to the Knicks.

  • Vigs

    Maybe they can get the clippers to trade them Paul and Griffen for Ray Allen and Birdman. How many more superstars does Lebron need to win. I never head Jordan needing 3 other all stars to help him win.

  • Jerome

    Heat wanna become the Harlem Globetrotters of the NBA.Cowards beating on the Generals every game over and over again.Yawn this is pathetic and immoral.

  • Area 310

    NBA Teams might as well forfeit the game before it starts against the smh

  • passion nba lakers

    seriously?wtf?look at pat riley get it twisted a day after the lakers snagging lebron came up.pat riley i hate you fag.

    • Chris Park

      Chill bro, Pat Riley got the Lakers 4 Championship with his coaching

  • Jim213

    Smh, just a rumor but it’s every franchises responsibility to place the BEST PRODUCT ON THE FREAKIN FLOOR. Could care less what the heat do given the Lakers FO is the main issue who seem to be in fantasy land.

    • LakersOverEverything

      I think you do care, Jim. You should, anyway, because if the heat get melo, there is no team the lakers, or anyone else, can put together to beat it in the next 4-5 years.

      • Jim213

        Disagree, the eastern conference is bad for a reason being they’re to focused on finding the next big thing. If the heat would’ve played in the western conference not certain they would’ve made the finals.

        The NBA should only allow .500 avg @ minimum teams to play in the playoffs subbing with other team’s from the opposing conference. That’s one way IMO that the league can make the playoffs more competitive and enjoyable for the fans.

        The Heat have had it easy because they play in the East but if they played in the West they’d likely end up as the 2nd or 3rd seed. Bosh wouldn’t likely stick around IMO being everyone would likely have to take less if Melo joined heat. Wade isn’t the player we’ve come to know given his constant knee problems which will be a problem for him down the road given his age.

        I’d bet the 1980s Lakers squad would’ve shut them down given the lack of solid role players that’s missing in Miami’s roster. Defense wins championships and given they’re reaching the dropping stage of their prime they’ll have problems against better rounded team’s. LJ and Bosh hold the heat down.

        • LakersOverEverything

          I agree that they’ve had it easy, and I’ve been telling my friends that for the last 2-3 years. I also agree that, had they been in the west, they may not have made the finals, BUT if you add melo to this team no team in the league will stop them

          • Jim213

            Not sure given they’ll be switching one thing for another being more offense over defense. But given that veteran players are willing to take less for the chance at a few titles they may have the upper hand for the next 5 yrs or so.

          • Jim213

            Still think so after their latest loss?

          • LakersOverEverything

            Still think what? I’m not sure which part you’re referring to? If you’re asking me if I still think they’d dominate with melo, then yes, I do.

            That being said, my thoughts directly after last years finals were that the next year (now) would be the heat’s last chance to win a ring with the team they have. I say that because wade’s knees will only get worse and he will farther decline, which is extremely obvious after watching these first 4 games. I also thought that if they lose this year, lebron would opt out of his contract. It’s funny, because I looked at lebron’s body language tonight, and the last time he looked this way was during the very last playoff series he had with Cleveland. Not sure what’s he’s gonna do, but I’ll def be tuned in to find out

          • Jim213

            Not yet, as he’ll give Riley another shot (opt in for 2015 IMO). But if Riley can’t fix the issues that plague the heat then LJ would definitely consider another team in 2015.

        • MrWhite601

          I agree with you Jim!!!

  • Andre

    Parity my black ass.Unfair competition if this happens.This is just NBA 2K14 real.

  • $20509373

    What can you do? They’re all friends and willing to take pay cuts to play together. If this does happen you might as well hand them their rings early. I guess LeBron wasn’t kidding about getting 8 rings.

  • all in for 24

    NBA teams need to build a opponent good enough to beat Miami with LBJ+Carmelo+Wade+Bosh maybe Kobe+Durant+Westbrook+Kevin Love lol anything to beat the Heat.I have no real way of creating a team to beat them do you?Salary cap restrictions just about ruin all the chances of making a dream team.

    • $20509373

      There’s only one way to beat the proposed Heat team. Other guys have to team up and take big pay cuts while doing it. If this does happen the Heat will redefine the league. The days of making max money and winning a title will come to an end.

  • Afredo

    Pat Riley is stroking his ego in Miami.Heat players were risking a serious heat stroke when the air conditioner was shut off against the Spurs.LeBron cramped up and almost had a brain stroke and a heat stroke he couldn’t move just to please Pat Riley and the Miami big wigs.This is more than a rumor something is true about this Carmelo Anthony going to Miami news.Players love Miami and Pat Riley first class organization in a pretty warm place Miami,Florida they got it made in the shade.Their is a NBA dynasty in Miami.The Heat will lock 3 more championships with Carmelo Anthony joining them.Also look for Pau Gasol to take a pay cut to join Miami Heat.

  • VillainKing™

    Miami wants Melo next season because they realize that the Heat cannot win the finals in this season against the Spurs if only having James, Wade, Bosh and Allen..heheheh..Fuck the Miami Heat team!!!

  • Lakers4Life

    If Miami pulls this off with the stars taking a paycut, it will signify the downfall of the Lakers and Kobe with such a large contract. If Kobe wants to win a ring over the next 2 years, he should have taken a cut in the 10+ MM range, around the level of Tim Duncan.

  • Matt Williams

    I’ll never watch basketball again if this happens.

  • michael

    how is that possible? Do they cut wade/bosh or how can they pay him?

    If they become the “big four”, that is f***ed up

    • laker4life

      Max each could make wouldbe 12.5 mil. Heat has oother players with contracts and 1st round pick.

  • laker4life

    If it did work I’m pretty sure players union would be pissed. Salaries for all FA would be much less in order to compete.

    • Jeff B.

      I can’t imagine they would be ok with this – the players union doesn’t look good trying to demand more money from the owners when players like Lebron then work the system to avoid having to play tough opponents.

      If the stars who actually deserve the money won’t take it, why should the owners have to agree to a higher salary cap?

      One of the comments from Lebron on the ESPN article was that Lebron felt like he was spending too much energy and wanted to conserve himself. What a joke.

      • laker4life

        Agreed. Then the big markets win because players can subsidize the lower salaries with endorsements. The big 3 would lose 54% of next year’s salary if it happened. Don’t see them doing that.

  • kliff richard

    Hire George Karl or Jeff Van Gundy and mike woodson and lionel hollins and
    Doug Collins as Next Head Coach LA Lakers please

  • Tune

    Kobe CP3 Griffin DJ and Matt Barnes or JJ Redick vs D Wade Rio LBJ Bosh and Melo coming to a TV network near you.

  • rik

    clippers franchise gets terminated from the league next year. lakers new lineup next year to compete with miami’s big four.
    PG: CP3
    SG: Meeks
    SF: Kobe
    PF: Griffen
    C: DJ
    Sixth men: Nick young and jamal crawford
    bench unit: Farmar, Kelly, sacre, marshall, bazemore

    • Matt Williams

      LOL! Who’s the coach?

      • justsaying


        • Jeorge Philip Santiago

          Kobe would never play for Doc. He hates the Celtics’ old dogs like Ray Allen. Except for Garnett and Pierce maybe.

          • VillainKing™


      • deneb


  • J Lee

    Melo to Heats? That can happen because they have Pat Riley one of the best GM in the league.It is time for Jim Buss to understand that he need helps to run the Lakers .Please either try to bring back Jerry West or hire Magic…

  • ra

    Melo has to have the ball. And, in order for the Heat to win, LeBron has to get the ball. They can’t both get the ball.

    Melo would have to be a ‘role’ player on that team.

    But, all being said, from the fact that LeBron has played in 4 consecutive finals, and essentially pooped out, he would need a serious break (maybe 2 years? like MJ) in order to re-tool for another set of Championships. Also, since he is leaner and has very high muscle mass, his ‘prime’ days may actually be limited. Why do I think that?

    Well, he couldn’t take the heat in SA, and even though those were extenuating circumstances, his ‘high performance self’ can’t handle playing at top level for too long.

    Kobe was able to log in more miles, perhaps because he is more ‘flexible’, and has more of a basketball body than LeBron (who, incidentally, is more ‘physically suited’ for football). Bigger ‘meatier’ basketballers (like LeBron) won’t last as long as trimmer, more flexible players (like Kobe, Kareem – yes Kareem is ‘tall’, but flexible, and has ‘long’ muscle mass, not ‘bulky’ muscle mass like LeBron).

    So, LeBron would have to turn into more of a ‘facilitator’ for Melo, and the latter would have to run the offense more, in order for LeBron to rest up for the 100+ games they would be playing. It would also take a coach who can ‘manage’ playing time better than Spoelstra (e.g., Phil Jackson, for example). Not gonna happen. It’s going to be an interesting few years, as we watch the last years of our great superstars, and anticipating League Mediocrity in a few years.

    Bad move nixing the CP3 move to LA, Stern – it wrecked the NBA. The CBA is in full effect, and we’ll just have to see how it plays out.

  • carew10

    wade-bosh-james want call kevin love and irving also?irving-wade-lebron-anthony-love and 6th man bosh ahahah

  • Guest

    Silver should somehow veto Melo from joining the Heat (just like Stern vetoed our deal of us landing Chris Paul).

    • $20509373

      Stern was the defacto owner of New Orleans. Silver has no power over the Heat.

      • Jeorge Philip Santiago

        No, it’s because he’s afraid the Lakers can shit on his favorite team to bet on, the Heat, and that will demolish his reason for sticking in the NBA, with his partnership with Riley over. He’s hoping that after he steps down, Riley will take over as the commissioner of the NBA, so he will still earn money. MONEY, it’s all about that. LeBron is Stern’s baby boy, everybody knows this. Too bad, people hated him more, that’s why he have to step down too soon and let Silver be the commissioner, which is his only right action.

  • tone2006

    If the NBA allows that bullshit to happen I will be one upset Laker fan..because just a couple years ago they stopped a 3team trade that would have given us dwight Howard and Chris Paul! !!! And we wouldnt have had to suffer like we have lately. ..

  • Tre

    If the Heat pull this off, then it’s a testament to their front office savy and the selfless nature of their players who were wiling to swallow their own pride for championships. I won’t like it as a Laker fan , but kudos to them if they get this done. Wow, what a concept, players taking less so they can get together and contend and win for years. It’s not like these superstars don’t make tons off the court so what’s it to them if they don’t get the max? The Lakers need to seriously start thinking outside the box like the Heat FO is doing. They have adapted to the new NBA and superstar mentality, while the Lakers insist on doing things the old way that has worked in the past. The Lakers as it stands are an analog tam in a digital age. Evolve or die.

  • TrutHurts

    If they all opt out and then willingly take paycuts to team up and it works out cap-wise, how do you veto that? I say that’s damn good maneuvering by the FO and incredibly selfless of the 4 superstars to curb their egos and get together. Besides, each one probably makes north of 50mil a year in endorsements, so they won’t be hurting and flying coach with 10-12 mil a year. The era of the single alpha male superstar on one team taking up 25-30mil of space and surrounded by role players winning titles are over. The Laker FO were obviously blind to this reality or else they wouldn’t have committed franchise Hara-kiri with that Kobe extension.

    • Gary

      Summed it up best: That Kobe extension was indeed franchise crippling Hara-Kiri

    • $20509373

      Pretty much. Kobe still thinks he can take up a third of the salary and win championships. The Heat are changing the way things are done. You either take a pay cut to play on a great team, or take your money and rot on a non contender. Kobe and the Lakers FO are caught up in the old ways of doing things.

      • Terrell someone here already posted: Evolve or Die. This whole “This is the Laker way, This is how we did it before, We will stick to it” is going to be their undoing. It’s a NEW league with superstars who are really good friends who given the chance, will actually want to play together even if it means they are not at their maximum earning potential.

        • $20509373

          Yeah. The “Laker Way” is officially outdated. Now we’ll either adapt or perish.

  • Terrell

    I don’t see how you can veto one’s Free Agency unless there was hard evidence of tampering beforehand. If they pull this off, then as much as it hurts for Laker fans and other fans in general, well, the Heat can just say “CRY ME A RIVER BLAH BLAH” and they would have every right to do so. You can’t legislate where people want to work. If all four wants to get together and take paycuts and swallow a huge chunk of pride and ego to make it happen, then freaking great for them and the Heat. I think all 4 would love to be making the Kobe deal of 25mil a year, but they realize that makes it impossible to win multiple titles and they place more importance on that. Besides, as some have already posted, these guys make huge money off the court in endorsements so playing for 10mil a year wont hurt them. You won’t be seeing them shopping at Wal-Mart or Ross ever. The Heat and their Big 3 understand and have adapted to the realities of the new CBA, while the Lakers AND Kobe have not out of pride and ego, the “Well, this is how we have done it in the past so we’re sticking to it” kind.

  • Showtime818

    Geez how many friggin major allstars are the Miami Cheat trying to pursue for them to be satisfied?!! They already have pretty much the majority of the leagues competition on their squad. No wonder they have a smooth ride to the finals every year. Not even Kobe or Jordan had it that good.

  • Sti1lmatic

    I have a feeling this upcoming season will be just like the past two. This time we have no coach and no direction. Two seasons later and we still don’t know what style ball to run.

  • VillainKing™

    The Spurs is overkilling the Heat in the Finals right now..

  • Jeorge Philip Santiago

    I am actually more interested in looking at the comment section since the Laker Nation posted something about the Heat. By the way I see things, I think TrutHurts, TheTruthKills, Tre, and Terrell are the same person. Look at how he posts his comments. And of course, he is a Heat fan pretending to be a Laker fan to play it safe. Even commenting on his own comment, what a pathetic way to say your opinions and points, and trying so hard to prove it. Why not get a life and stop hating on Kobe.

    A true Laker fan will never say that to Kobe LOL, even if it’s for the worse, that extension is just probably an exit gift for Kobe because he had done so much for the franchise. They already know it was almost impossible for Kobe to win another one in the Lakers so they gave him that extension so that he would not be tempted again to leave the Lakers. C’mon, if you’re a Laker fan, you know Kobe would love to finish his career as a Laker.

    As for that shit about Anthony, I respect him, and one of the reasons why I still admire the scorers such as him, but if he actually do this, I don’t care if he wins more rings than Kobe, I would actually be pissed and will never ever consider him as a great player.

    Look, we all know this things happened during the early NBA, but that’s a different case. Where can you see a team with 3-4 superstars taking paycuts together and also they’re on THE SAME DRAFT CLASS. This is not right, a coward way to compete for the championship. A shame to those who took sacrifices for their teams to compete fairly. And in a weak conference like the East, it’s a sure path to the NBA finals.

    Lol to all this shit.

    • Jim213

      Good points, best if the NBA changes the playoff model given the lack of competitive in the east. I could care less what the heat do but the main issue is this FO been saying this since last summer.

  • Super Girl


  • Super Girl


  • kookiebuger

    It’s like I said it’s possible the Heat will just have to sign Melo first, they
    have Wade,LeBron, and Bosh’s bird rights they can go over the cap it’s
    just a matter if they are willing to go that far over the luxury tax (if
    the league doesn’t do anything).

  • $20509373

    Melo already said he’d take a pay cut to go to a good team. And everyone said LeBron would lose endorsements and damage his legacy if he went to Miami with Wade and Bosh. Neither happened. This is the new NBA, and unfortunately the Lakers are ill-equipped to compete in it (If this rumor turns into reality).