NBA Rumors: Metta World Peace To Reunite With Phil Jackson In New...

NBA Rumors: Metta World Peace To Reunite With Phil Jackson In New York?


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The Phil Jackson impact on the New York Knicks franchise is already starting to be felt in many different ways. Although the team making the playoffs is still up in the air at this point with the Knicks trailing the Atlanta Hawks by two games, the future is potentially bright with Jackson at the helm.

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One player that has already rumored to be interested in returning to New York due to Jackson’s presence is former Laker/Knick forward Metta World Peace according to Marc Berman of the New York Post:

World Peace has told confidants he yearns for a second chance as a Knick after his first stint went sour. When asked if the former Ron Artest wants another shot at New York when he’s a free agent this summer, the confidant told The Post:


World Peace asked for a buyout of his contract with the Knicks last month with the desire to become a free agent and sign with a legitimate title contender for the upcoming playoffs. The one-time NBA champion has yet to sign with new team with the postseason approaching, but may end up doing so depending on the interest moving forward.

Along with showing a desire to continue playing, World Peace is quite fond of Jackson and would love another shot to play for Hall of Famer next season. It is uncertain the level of interest the Knicks may have in bringing back World Peace after being bought out by the team recently, but with limited options, Jackson may elect to bring in familiar faces like World Peace to begin the rebuilding process in New York.

World Peace was seen with Jackson in a suite at the Staples Center watching the Knicks take on the Lakers in Los Angeles earlier this week. World Peace received a hero’s welcome at Staples while the Knicks struggling to compete with the Lakers.
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  • ra

    Look for LO to be drafted by the Knicks too, and Pau will probably go there as well. Then it will be 2010 Lakers Championship redux. Maybe the Knicks can make it to the Finals next year?

    I wish I were saying this about the Lakers.

    • Jim213

      ?Smh, need some bangers inside and if Artest can be acquired for somewhat cheap then maybe worth another shot for the Lakers. But LO’s stint in Europe didn’t last more than 2 weeks. Don’t know who’ll want to give him a shot since he’s physically out of shape and has had plenty of time to prepare.

    • Eazy

      You must be smoking that Purple, not rooting for it.

  • Sylvia Ross

    Love you Metta, wish you the best in your every endeavor !! You left the Lakers at the right time. I really do miss you. You will always be one of my favorite Lakers.