NBA Rumors: Magic Johnson Won’t Reveal Interest In Purchasing Clippers

NBA Rumors: Magic Johnson Won’t Reveal Interest In Purchasing Clippers


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Although the NBA banning Donald Sterling for life and looking to force him out of ownership, there are still numerous hurdles for the league to get past. Sterling has reportedly recruited a law firm to represent him against the NBA and his estranged wife, Shelly, has publicly stated numerous times that she intends to keep her 50 percent ownership stake.

Despite all these potential hurdles, numerous parties have still expressed their interest in purchasing the Clippers organization.

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Even though Magic Johnson and the Guggenheim Partners had been linked to purchasing the Clippers, Johnson told USA Today Sports’ Eric Prisbal that he believes it will take quite some time for the Clippers to hit the market:

First of all, we have to all remember that that is a long way away,” Johnson said. “The board of governors first has to vote him out. Donald Sterling is going to fight it. You know that. It is going to be a long time.

Keeping that in mind, Johnson said that he will refrain from announcing his interest in buying the team until they officially become for sale:

“I have other things to do before I just say my level of interest. The team has to be up for sale. And I think that is going to be eight months to a year. Once it’s official, that it’s really up for sale, we’ll take a look at it.”

Like Johnson said, it will take quite some time before the Clippers’ situation is solved. Sterling has no problem entering litigation as he has been successful on numerous times before. Throw in the Shelly Sterling situation and the NBA has quite a lot to sort out in the coming months.

Johnson and the Guggenheim Partners have had great success in their short stint as owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers, but considering his basketball background, it makes sense for Johnson to have interest in the Clippers.

Should the Clippers be for sale, Johnson’s group will be one of many interested parties that include Oprah Winfrey, Floyd Mayweather, and Rick Caruso just to name a few.
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  • Chris Park

    Honestly Sterling should fight the NBA as much as he can. Although its true that hes a racist bastards those comments were made in private and were pretty much obtained without his consent.

  • ra

    Magic, in a way, IS revealing interest in the Clips. By saying that he’s going to take a look in the future, he is implicitly indicating interest. He could have said, “I will never be interested in the Clips, because of the Lakers”, but didn’t.

  • Nano

    Would it shock anybody if this guy was behind the Sterling tape being made public in some way, all in a grand scheme to buy the Clippers since the Lakers aren’t for sale?

  • michael

    No disrespect, but he should sometimes “just shut up”. I have great respect for this man, but he talks too much about things he shouldn’t.

    I know he has all the rights to talk about whatever he wants, but it would be better (for him), that he doesn’t