NBA Rumors: Lionel Hollins Emerging As Front Runner For Nets Job Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="289"] In one of the more peculiar stories of the off-season, the Brooklyn Nets have given permission to the Milwaukee Bucks to talk to thei [new_royalslider id="289"] In one of the more peculiar stories of the off-season, the Brooklyn Nets have given permission to the Milwaukee Bucks to talk to thei Rating: 0
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NBA Rumors: Lionel Hollins Emerging As Front Runner For Nets Job

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In one of the more peculiar stories of the off-season, the Brooklyn Nets have given permission to the Milwaukee Bucks to talk to their head coach Jason Kidd. While nothing is imminent, Kidd apparently would like more control of the team and the Nets don’t want to give it to him.

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The Bucks already have a head coach in Larry Drew, but apparently would be willing to give Kidd the power in an organization that he seeks. Kidd is still the head coach of the Nets at this moment, but the team is already preparing itself for life without Kidd, and Lionel Hollins is the front-runner according to USA Today’s Sam Amick:

Hollins, who took the Grizzlies to the Western Conference finals in 2013 and remains in the running for the Los Angeles Lakers job, is seen as the early front-runner.

Along with Hollins, Amick reports that George Karl would also be a serious candidate for the Nets head coaching position should it become available. Both of these coaches have been considered candidates for the Lakers position with Hollins considered one of the favorites along with Byron Scott.

This entire ordeal could change things for the Lakers. Hollins’ removal would take away one of the top candidates for the Lakers job, while Kidd moving to Milwaukee could bring on another candidate in Larry Drew.

The team is likely to head into free agency with no head coach, but big plans. Players like Carmelo Anthony, Chandler Parsons, and Greg Monroe are all expected to be targets of the Lakers, which would make the job even more attractive for their next head coach, whoever that may be.
Lakers Mitch Kupchak On Coach Search And Free Agency

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  • Kareem

    Lionel Hollins is a good coach.Why not Lakers?

    • Matt Williams

      He has a better record than Byron Scott.

    • J Taylor

      because the team won’t commit to a coach until Lebron or Melo come off the free agency market. The team doesn’t want to sign a coach that either wouldn’t want to play for.
      It seems that Scott is already the pick (3+ interviews, etc), but they can’t make it official in case they get resistance from either top Superstar.

  • Eazy

    I haven’t seen too many articles declaring Hollins as the front runner, so WTF?! Media has been saying Scott, now all of the sudden Jason Kidd does his flop and then Hollins is the front runner ? Can anyone explain this ?

    • cj

      if u read the article they are saying front runner for nets job not lakers

  • Eazy

    And anyways, I would rather have George Karl than Hollins.

  • Badazztj12

    Wow man just wow. We need this dude and I say need I mean NEED. He has to be the dude to develop Randle and bring defense to the Lakers plus with his slow pace offense for Kobe and possibly Nash. Lakers it doesn’t matter who we get in FA, just get Hollins

    • vdogg

      seriously. before it’s too late!

    • Chrmngblly

      Maybe Chip Engelland from the Spurs.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      THIS is something we can agree on. Hollins is a great candidate, especially for the personnel we currently have.

  • JohnSmith00

    Now I’m starting to get mad this is absolutely ridiculous how can you put something as important as a coaching position, on hold just for some overrated clown. That a. wouldn’t even listen to his coach and b.has about a 0.1% chance of actually coming to the Lakers.

    • GOD Chri$$$

      to get a coach that fits the team playing style aka chemistry, something the lakers haven’t had since phil jackson

      • JohnSmith00

        Players shouldn’t have to determine a coach a great coach or in this case a good coach, can create a system that would accommodate all his players. By sitting around and waiting they’re losing out on the possibility of landing someone like that (Scott, Hollins), and ending up with an Erik Spoelstra type of coach…. Mike Dunleavy Sr.

  • AC

    Man, Hollins would do wonders for Randle, so exciting just thinking about it…why are the Lakers still on hold on all of this?? They better hire this dude ASAP cause the Nets want him too. Come on Lakers!!!

    • TheTruthKills

      There using the coaching vacancy as bait for big name free agents.

      • AC

        I think it’s safe to say that Hollins is pretty good bait for free agents lol

  • itsmarvinyo

    Come on Jason you have a wife, you can’t get Mallory Eden’s. He has be KIDDing himself.

    But seriously, seeing Hollins as the nets coach?? Lakers FO must be trippin..

  • MustardsOffTheHotDog

    Jim and Mitch might have their hearts set on Byron Scott anyway, although I would prefer Hollins, Karl, Jackson or Van Gundy.

  • TheTruthKills

    I guess this makes the coaching search a one horse race.

  • J Taylor

    Scott has already been selected, but the team can’t announce it…..
    He has had 3 interviews, one of which happened the week before the draft.

    Scott will be the next coach UNLESS Lebron or Melo sign in LA and veto the selection.
    Do note: Scott was successful in NYC, but had an amazing coaching staff who did most of the heavy lifting. Scott’s success depends on the “splash” the team can make with the assistants.
    Offense: G.Karl (dreaming i know!)
    Defense: K.Rambis

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      What’s with the love for Rambis? Genuine question, as I haven’t seen anything impressive during his time with the Lakers, and he had a horrible record in his head coaching gig.

    • V.lawrence

      Scott will end up like always…..FIRED..!!!

  • AK

    nooo Lakers needed Hollins

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    I’m on the Hollins bandwagon as the next Lakers head coach. The man took a poor Memphis squad and improved them each and every year. He coached them. He didn’t just come in, diddle around and let them play, he COACHED them. They improved every single season that he was at the helm. Their win % went up EVERY YEAR. Their defensive ranking went up EVERY YEAR. He is a old school, hard nosed, half court, inside out style of coach.

    Has he gone to two NBA Finals? Nope. But the team he was given was full of 2nd and 3rd option players. They lacked a star. They lacked a top tier scorer. He turned a 48th overall pick into a DPOY, for crying out loud. Bring the man in. Give him Randle. Give him Kobe. Try to bring in Lowry and Deng/Ariza for him. Then, watch him mold this team into a championship contender.

    Or, bring in Scott, who’s success has only come when given an All-Star PG, who has been fired from every head coaching gig he’s had (two of them during the season), who has lost at least one locker room, and who currently has his name stamped on a couple records: Longest losing streak and largest NBA Playoff loss of 58 points to the Nuggets.

    • LAstory

      Lionel good coach, I’ll be happy with either one… but to be totally transparent that Grizzs team beat a Clipper team with a coach in Del negro lost the faith from the team 3 months prior and beat a Thunder team with Westbrook, I think you give Hollins a bit too much credit for circumstances falling that teams way.

  • Swaggy C

    It would suck if Hollins gets hired, and the following day the Lakers hire B. Scott and say that we’ve wanted him all along. From there, I would feel that it was just the FO settling and just not taking things serious.

    LOL why can’t we just have B. Scott and Hollins as our coaches. Hollins wouldn’t mind being an assistant, so just hired both. I mean the Cavs hired Lue and he’s making probably just as much as their own head coach.

  • Lakers4Life

    Although Hollins is much more preferred than Byron Scott, the Lakers need to hurry and speak to Jeff Van Gundy.

  • Bruce

    Scott or Hollins, either one is fine, both old school coaches that preaches defense, a better fit for the Lakers, back to old style basketball, no more of that showtime run and gun crap.

    • V.lawrence

      Byron Scott will never coach Kobe. They are friends and Kobe will have his freedom to do want he wants while everyone else stands around looking. We’ve all seen this before. We need Lionel Hollins.

      • LAstory

        And Kobe will never play, listen or respect Lionel Hollins, refer to Mike Brown…

        • Lakers Fan

          Lionell Hollins is nothing like Mike Brown. Kobe respects those who share the same intensity as him. Lionell Hollins has a Phil Jackson mentality to him, and I think him and Kobe would mesh just fine.

          • LAstory

            I like Hollins and it looks like he is the front runner for Brooklyn… but the same mentality as Phil I doubt that, Hollins only one year with a sub par team, winning against a Clipper team that undermined their coach in Vinny and a win against a OKC team WITHOUT Westbrook… but we’ll see who the Lakers hire…. as Laker fans let’s support whomever they hire…

  • ncredibo1

    B-Scott hands down!!!!

  • Marty Susman

    The Lakers don’t have to pick a coach, just take whatever is left over after the rest of the NBA get’s their coach’s….

    • Redemption Rain

      Mike D’Antoni is left……..

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