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NBA Rumors: LeBron James To Consider Knicks Due To Phil Jackson Signing

The impact of Phil Jackson signing on to be the President of Basketball Operations for the New York Knicks is already starting to be felt around the NBA. Perhaps the most intriguing news to break since Jackson agreed to join the Knicks is superstar LeBron James considering signing with New York this summer.

According to Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, LeBron may choose to opt out of his deal this summer with New York a potential suitor:

James can opt out this summer and unless he signs a one-year deal or waits until 2015 to opt out, the Knicks have little chance of landing him.

But Dolan and Jackson can dream big. Heat executives, according to a source, are not convinced that James will stay, though in their heart of hearts they believe he will re-sign. But Jackson’s arrival changes things.

“There’s no way LeBron would have gone to New York under the current climate,” said a James confidant. “He had a falling-out with CAA (agency) and that was a problem as well. But with Phil there I think he will look at it.”

It is incredibly early to speculate the possibilities of the upcoming summer for the struggling Knicks franchise, but Jackson’s presence will be a game-changer that may be the missing piece to the puzzle.

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As of right now, the main concern for the Knicks is holding onto Carmelo Anthony, but if LeBron is available and willing to listen to a pitch from Jackson, everything changes moving forward.

With the addition of LeBron, the Knicks will instantly be contenders in the Eastern Conference and an attractive destination for other free agents in the future. Kevin Love might also be a possibility in 2015 for the Knicks if LeBron leaves the Miami Heat for the Big Apple.
Kobe Bryant On Phil Jackson To The Knicks, “I Don’t Really Get It”

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  • Lion King

    Jim Buss is a idiot and he acts totally retarded all the time please go to the Knicks LBJ or just stay in Miami stay far away from this Lakers mess.It’s hard to wipe that mess the Lakers leave off your shoes LBJ.Just say no to Retard Jim Buss Boy.

    • Byrd Man

      I don’t want James coming to LA. He is a joke of a player

      • Frank Diaz

        you dont know anything about basketball. Your and idiot

        • Respect is Earned

          You’re an*

      • Josh

        I don’t want James coming to LA. He’s [the best player on the planet, but] the enemy.

  • Lion King

    Go with Phil.

    • Jim213

      The tale of 3 stubborn people. But Bust and Phil’s ego’s just don’t mesh in business. Dolan may oppose some of Phil’s moves but would eventually go with his moves IMO. But if the Knicks can land Lebron then pretty sure NY would consider the Phil move as a success.

      Too many of these inept Jim’s give the skillful one’s (thinkers) a bad name.

  • Daryl Peek

    Anyone who thinks LeBron would come to the Lakers and play on Kobe’s team has not been paying attention. It’s not that LeBron dislikes Kobe, it’s just he’s got to be the man on the team and we all know Kobe is not going out like that.

    This is a non issue of the Phil effect as far as that goes. Of course LBJ would consider NY. Bringing a championship there would elevate his status. Not so much in LA playing with Kobe.

    • Zimmeredge

      100% agree with you.

    • Lazky

      I think kobe has gone passed this part of the stage of trying to be the alpha dog. I believe he is willing to let go of the torch if the right go is recieving, he knows it and he knows that the fan base would love to see that happen. I also believe that cp3 was that guy or lebron could be that guy. But Jim and stern kind of screwed the franchises =

      • MissCicely

        Stern made the trade fair. There were no hidden agendas. Buss screwed up. CP3 could not have saved the Lakers from themselves this season. He would have gone down with the ship.

        • Josh

          Stern vetoed a trade that all three teams liked and agreed to. How can you call it unfair? Buss didn’t screw anything up on that deal; basketball reasons just dictated that Lakers fall to mediocrity and let the rest of the league catch up.

          • MissCicely

            Um, cuz it was during the strike. That’s why. Not all teams had the same opportunity to acquire him.

          • Josh

            So what you’re saying, then, is the Lakers, Hornets, and Pelicans were allowed to negotiate trades, but no one else was? I’ve seen a lot of stupid comments on here, but yours is the clear winner.

          • MissCicely

            Anybody can negotiate, genius. You can plot all you want but WHO has the final say? Just because they discussed it, didn’t make it law. And since no one here (including you) is privy to the details of Stern’s decision, you are hardly one to judge what is stupid & what isn’t.

          • Josh

            The league office has final say on all trades, but Dell Demps had authority to negotiate and make trades for the Hornets. It was an excellent trade for the Hornets (Chris Paul for Odom, Scola, Kevin Martin, Dragic, and a first round pick). Every team was allowed to negotiate trades, everyone knew Paul had already told the Hornets he would not sign an extension, and the Lakers and Rockets worked out a deal that made everyone happy (except Mark Cuban and Dan Gilbert).

            I guess your statement that not all teams had the same opportunity to acquire CP3 is true, but only because their GMs are incompetent and/or they had no tradeable assets to make a deal work.

  • Kay Carter

    he needs to just stay in Miami, plain nd simple…..cement his legacy there, have his jersey retired as a Heat when he retire, not to many Heat legends there other than Zo, Tim, Wade

  • destiny brown

    You Never Know, Kobe Wants A Ring, & LBJ, can Help Him Get It.

    • Zimmeredge

      no interest for both of them to get in the same team. Bryant is on his own and James don’t wan’t to share the accolades with Bryant.

      • whoisthis

        James has nothing to do with the Lakers. Just as MJ was Chicago, Kobe is the Lakers, James will be the Heat……James is a smart guy, not stupid. He might not be politically correct at times. I do not see Pat Riley messing up, Bosh and Charmers are gone…Irving or Glen Davis (he is not happy playing 15 minutes with the Clippers) will join the Heat. Glen Davis provided more defense, and Irving provides the youth the Heat need.

  • Jim213

    Don’t see Melo with the Knicks if Lebron happens to end up in NY. But Lebron isn’t going to go by himself as he’ll likely persuade others (a few teammates) to join the cause.

    • Daryl Peek

      I could see it. I could see Phil totally being down with that. Melo and LBJ would fit perfectly as Melo can actually play off the ball and play stretch 4. PG who ever, SG Shumpert, SF LBJ, PF Melo, C Chandler with Amare coming off the bench. That would be a nice team, and would be tight defensively.

      Don’t know if they could make it work financially. That’s a ton of salary. Prokhorov wouldn’t trip. LOL

      • Jim213

        Possibility, but unlikely. Melo playing second fiddle to Lebron who would wind up carrying the torch wouldn’t work for Melo IMO. But if Wade took a back seat (had no choice) anything is possible.

        • Daryl Peek

          Melo is not as strong as Kobe or even Wade as an Alpha IMO. I could easily see him letting LBJ be the man. He’d still get his and I’m pretty sure he realizes he’d share in the glory of bringing NY its first championship since the 70′s. NY would be on fire and everyone on that team would be elevated. That’s just how big that market is. As someone else on here said, NY is a tick above LA.

          Score 50 it’s news but if you score 50 in MSG its trending globally.

          • Jim213

            Possibly, NY is the biggest market and it say’s a lot when the Knicks brand is still valued more than the Lakers (by few a $100k) especially since it’s been close to 40 years since they’ve won a title.

            But globally the lakers are the bigger brand.However, they have their hand tied next season with the bad contracts but after next season they might turn things around. Melo has mentioned that he’ll be opting out this off season but it would be possible that he’d wait until 2015.

          • R3N3GVD3

            Love the Lakers
            Love the Knicks but its funny how the fake fans will show up
            LeBron + Melo + Phil
            Looks like the bandwagon is moving from Miami to NY

    • Josh

      Not possible. They are already over the cap next year even without Melo. If Melo stays, they will be about $30 million over the cap. Either way, Lebron will not be in NY next season. Unless you think they can convince Pat Riley that Bargnani, JR Smith, and Pablo Prigioni for Lebron is a fair trade.

      • Jim213

        Knicks have a salary of $91 mil + w/Melo next year. But wouldn’t put it past them to trade a player to try and cut some $$. Ex. Bargnani can be traded tho his salary is only $12 mil but no one would pick up Stoudemire’s contract for next season.

        That’s what’s crippling the Knicks now aside of being like the Lakers FO and giving away draft picks. Not sure J R Smith would be a viable option for Phil too or whether other teams would trade or buy for his services seeing his on the court antics. But time will tell with regards to what Phil manages.

      • REALZ 718

        Every BIG contract the knicks have will expire next year right in time for the best free agency in years, including Melo, amare, Tyson, except for JR smith who got a 17mill contract, Unless lebron decides too op out in 2015 He would def be in NY because of Phil Jackson

        • Jim213

          ?Melo is opting out by the end of the season (player option). Although, if persuaded by Phil to remain another season then it’s possible that he’d return in 2015 once agreed upon (new contract).

        • whoisthis

          Why is it, all of the Lakers fans think, all the players want to play for Phil. Nowitzky, Duncan, Lebron, Wade..I have never heard once that these players want to play for Phil. As a matter of fact, Lebron, is a PG type player, he does not even fit into Phil’s plan.

          • independentbynature

            Don’t they all want to play for Antoni?

        • independentbynature

          I don’t know where you are getting your info,but it is dead wrong.Next year: Stoudamire 23.4 mil. player option(anyone think he’ll opt out? LOL),Chandler 14.6 mil., Bargnani 12 mil.,all guaranteed.And they already foolishly used the amnesty on Billups instead of Amare.With Melo,they will be right about at 75 mil. for just 4 players.The Knicks cap looks even worse than their picks.You can forget that.

    • REALZ 718

      Lol dude Melo would take a pay cut he even said it, if it means he has to do that he would do it too get cap space for the team, Plus him and Lebron are Best friends since High School only thing stop lebron from leaving Miami is Wade because he won’t ever leave Miami.

      • Jim213

        As mentioned ‘anything is possible’ tho he’ll be taking a back seat. But if he remains with the knicks it’ll be for the brand only as opposed to getting paid. Stephen A Smith is still blabbing that Melo will be gone.

      • independentbynature

        If Melo played for free,the Knicks still wouldn’t have cap space.

  • michael

    let’s be real, this guy will sign with the strongest team available, just to win titles he couldn’t otherwise.

  • ra

    If Melo stays in NY, and Dolan wants to shell out x-tra money (not worrying about tax), then LBJ to NY is a clear option. NY is a ‘step above’ LA (yeah, sorry, I love LA but NY is the ‘place’), and a few steps above Miami. Miami is a party town, but NY is one of the ‘basketball triad’ – Lakers, Celtics, Knicks – and LBJ could easily finish his career with a serious basketball town.

    If Dolan listens to Phil, then it could happen. I don’t necessarily think that Phil would tool up for a Triangle (which coach in the NBA could actually implement that? Rambis tried but was unable to). Phil would probably try to get a ‘big’ (maybe try to yank Bynum from the Pacers? don’t know).

    So where does that leave us here, in LA? Not sure. LA isn’t a great destination yet. It may take a few years, but again, even the current crop of potential graduates aren’t on the same level as LeBron, Melo, Kobe etc. We have to act now while there is still that level of talent in the NBA. We have to act before the ‘league parity’ levels the playing field, and LA becomes just another place (weather’s nice? what else we got?).

    • Daryl Peek

      The Lakers will never become that! Step off the ledge man. LOL There are always down times when rebuilding. Too many people are letting the ESPN First Take, Jimmy Buss smear campaign cloud solid judgement, in the moment.

      I see this team back in the playoffs next season regardless of who’s drafted of acquired in free agency. As far as the future stars goes and who’s next? I’d keep my eye on players like Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving, Lance Stevenson or Terrence Ross. I wouldn’t give up on CP3 either. Pau and Blake seem to be oil and water at times. You never know?

      Mitch is a West disciple and he’s learned well from the Logo. Mitch was all in for ring chasing with Phil and strayed from much of what he learned from West in in the draft/FA signing balance in patience’s. Mitch’s talk lately are of a humility and lesson learned from the change the new CBA, and how teams are forced to do things differently.

      I’m looking forward to how they move going forward. These are exciting times when I think of the future of this franchise. Change is truly where we are with the passing of Dr. Buss and as usual his will is unconventional (as Phil is not a part of the plan) just as his Showtime vision was wildly radical and seen as off base by traditionalist.

      • ra

        I do see ‘playoffs’, I’m just not sure about ‘championships’. We’re spoiled here, and I don’t see any reason to stop. This is basketball mecca, here in LA.

        So, I’m just saying that we don’t have real ‘superstars’ coming into the league now (from college). I don’t see that as happening in the future (at least for the next decade). The great Jerry West even mentioned that (about this year’s graduates). It seems to me as if we’re just going to see ‘very good’ players in the next few years, but not superstars like in the last couple of decades. Things are changing.

        That’s why I’m pushing to see the Lakers trying to pursue the current crop of superstars or all stars (Kevin Love, Melo, etc.). The Lakers will need something else to get back up to championship status, and we have these types of players in the league now.

  • hookedonnews

    I don’t believe LeBron is going to New York. This is just another one of those rumors that probably has no basis. They still have the same owner, the same coach, the same players, the same lack of financial flexibility. If I was LBJ I don’t think Phil’s presence in the FO would make me want to go to NY. But maybe he likes a challenge.

  • independentbynature

    LeBron could’ve been considering the Lakers if not for Jimmy Buss.

    • whoisthis

      Dream on. To come play with who? Venice Beach pick up game special!

      • independentbynature

        He won’t be going to the Knicks,either.I was starting my own rumor.

  • Jay Brodes

    great job jimmy…..0-3…yeah i am counting..dantoni better be gone at season’s end!!!

  • skillnwill

    I just can’t see LBJ leaving Miami. We know Wade isn’t going anywhere. Bosh on the other hand is definitely going to hear the suitors but he’ll resign if James does. Just like Cleveland, Miami’s success as a basketball team will depend on what LBJ does. I swear to God, ESPN will no doubt make their coverage of this like flies on shit.

  • Josh

    Even if Melo opts out and does not return next year, the Knicks will still be over the cap and cannot sign any free agents beyond their mid-level exception and minimum contracts. Their ONLY hope right now is that Carmelo stays.

    • whoisthis

      Melo to CHI or Houston (that is a real possibility, as LIN and Asik are barely used, and they will create cap space). There is not a thing Phil can do except take his $12 million from Mr. Dolan and go enjoy night life in Manhattan, which he will gladly do!

      • independentbynature

        PJ is not the club scene type and he will not take the money unless he’s in charge.Dolan will have to take a back seat.Melo will most likely stay with the Knicks,now.He won’t be going to Houston,that’s for sure.They have nothing(no picks) that Phil would want.They’ll let him walk before taking the Rockets bad contracts.

        • whatisthis

          Lin and Asik are not bad contract. Then, Melo will walk, as there a lot of teams that will want the services of Lin and Asik, including the Lakers, they have short term contract. Houston is not using these two a lot but, if they leave, that will create about $20 million that Melo can demand. Harden, Melo, DH, will be the team. Since, I do not envision, Pat Riley Keeping Bosh at max contract and paying luxury tax, especially if the Heat do not win this year. Even the Heat will take Lin and Asik in exchange for Bosh.

          • independentbynature

            “Dream on.”

      • Josh

        Houston is not possible. The Rockets desperately tried to trade Lin and Asik a few months ago, but nobody wanted them because of their back-loaded contracts. The Rockets stole those guys when they were restricted free agents, and now they’re stuck with them until those poison pill contracts expire.

  • dj coldheart

    Phil Jackson to Laker Fans ….HOWS YOUR COACH WORKIN OUT FOR YA ? LOL

  • whoisthis

    New York is over the CAP. Why would he go there. Miami will make some good drafts, pick up some free agent. They are still the team to beat in the East. Why would he go to New York and Play with injured Amare, and Older version of Melo. Melo will be in his 12th season, and so is Lebron. I see Miami trading Bosh for some young talent, like Irving to run the floor. Mario Chamers is just barely getting it done.

    Some of these articles are just waste of space.

  • Marty Susman

    Great, LBJ & Melo

  • Ryan Davis

    LeBron should goo back to Cleveland and reclaim his throne as prince he lost the title of king when he left to go backup d wade that’s the only way he’ll win me back as a fan

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