NBA Rumors: Lamar Odom to Sign with the Los Angeles Clippers?

NBA Rumors: Lamar Odom to Sign with the Los Angeles Clippers?


Lamar Odom’s future in the NBA hangs in the balance this week with the Dallas Mavericks having to make a decision on what to do with the former NBA Sixth Man of the Year before June 29. The consensus has been that the Mavs will try to trade Odom in order to get something in return for the versatile forward before losing him for nothing in a buyout.

It is no secret that Odom would like to return to the Los Angeles Lakers in the form of a one or two-year deal. Unfortunately, the new CBA prohibits Odom’s return to the Lakers until Dec. 11. With that being said, chances are that he’ll be bought out by the Mavs this week for $2.4 million and sign with another team once he is officially an unrestricted free agent.

It is uncertain at this point in time the interest that Odom will get around the league after an extremely disappointing season in Dallas. Despite the meltdown with the Mavs, it appears that one team at the top of the list in terms of interest for Odom’s services are the Los Angeles Clippers according to

“Lamar’s agent is in talks with the Clippers,” a source close to the NBA star told “He and Khloe are thrilled that he’ll be returning to the team and that they will get to stay in LA and be close to their families.”

Back in the 1999 NBA Draft, the Clippers selected Odom out of Rhode Island with the 4th overall pick. Odom got off to an impressive start to his NBA career in Los Angeles averaging 16.8 points and 7.8 rebounds in his first season.

Even though Odom gradually became the face of the franchise for the Clippers alongside Elton Brand, Los Angeles declined to match a contract offer from the Miami Heat in 2003 and as a result Odom headed to South Beach. One year later, Odom was traded to the Lakers in the blockbuster deal for Shaquille O’Neal.

A reunion with the Clippers makes sense for both sides and with potentially limited interest in Odom during the off-season. Odom will almost certainly want to stay in Los Angeles rather than attempting to resurrect his career with another team in another city.

  • Odom the player

    Yes please let this be true, PLEASE!!!!!!! I hope the Lakers never pick this idiot back up. Despite all of these Odom lovers on this site. This simply can’t play under pressure, that’s all to it. The real reason the Lakers won their last two titles are Kobe , Gasol, Bynum, Ariza, Fisher hit some big shots, and Artest had his only good game in the playoffs ever, but one name that should never be on this list is that Odom. go back and look at every playoff games, and people will see he always lets the team down. I’m talking to real Lakers fans, not these Odom lovers who no matter what he does or don’t do they will still say we need him just because they worship him. Goodbye and hopefully you finish your career with the Clippers.

  • el jefe

    hahahah fuck you lamar and you shitty bandwagon clipper fans… you will NEVER be better than a mediocre team with CP3 and a bunch of thugs that don’t know the game… Oh yeah with the worst owner in all of team sports…. the day the Clippers win is when Donald Sterling keels over from a heart attack… Lamar and Khloe are retarded she ruined his NBA career… so much potential goes to shit you saw it in DAllas

  • LACFan4Life


    Peace out.

  • Sti1lmatic

    PLEASE let this be a rumor that becomes reality. I’d love to hear the Laker fans boo the $hit out of this clown. This guy is not an all star (doesn’t play like it), not a team player (shows up for only 15 of 82 games) and is just as good off the bench as Ronny Turiaf. Wait, Turiaf has more energy and plays his heart out.

    Lamar is just trash. What else can you say when your team dumped you to save some cash. One of the Buss siblings may have used the TE money to buy another vaca house on the beach.

  • Guest

    I do believe that this would be good for the Clippers. They need someone to mentor blake griffen and jordan. Odom can play 3 – 5 which is good for the clippers. But i think as a laker fan would be bad for the lakers coz lakers will be the 2nd best team in LA. Odom provides depth and well if they can sign martin again would be a strong forward line