NBA Rumors: Kyrie Irving Privately Trying To Get Out Of Cleveland?

NBA Rumors: Kyrie Irving Privately Trying To Get Out Of Cleveland?



Before the season, many prognosticators pegged the Cleveland Cavaliers to be one of the surprise teams in the league. No one expected them to be serious contenders, but they were expected to be a playoff team in the Eastern Conference behind All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving.

Unfortunately, things did not go so well for the Cavs as they struggled getting out of the blocks this season. With frustration setting in, and chemistry low, the team decided to get rid of disgruntled center Andrew Bynum for former All-Star Luol Deng.

Things have yet to improve for the Cavs, and now there may be some panic setting in as ESPN’s Chad Ford reports that Irving is so frustrated with the state of the team that he wants out:

Something has to happen quick. Kyrie Irving has been telling people privately he wants out.

If the Cavs do start shopping Irving, there will be a line of teams looking to add the All-Star. Irving is one of the best young point guards in the game, and one of the league’s brightest new stars.

The Lakers will undoubtedly be linked to Irving as they have long been considered a possible destination for him. His contract runs out at the end of next season and with the Cavs looking to avoid another LeBron James situation, they will either do everything they can to appease him, or trade him for assets.

At this time the Lakers don’t have a number of trade assets to offer, but that could change going into next season when things are sure to heat up, especially if Irving continues to grumble in private. With Kevin Love a real possibility, and other young point guards being inquired about, the Lakers could be making a move soon.

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  • Lev

    This would be a dream come true for me as a long time Lakers fan. Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving & Kobe Bryant!!! Making my wish now…..

    • Comin From Da 6 Side

      Naw bro

    • Jim213

      ?Kyrie Irving will be a FA in 2016, (RFA) 2015.

  • Evan

    All this talk about other PGs makes me wonder how little faith the FO has with Kendall Marshall at point.

    • Shakeil

      They have faith in him…….but as a backup PG though.

    • Jun Toomuch

      They signed to cover the position while the starters heal, they never expected him to be a long term option. He shows flashes of sound ball one game, then plays like shit the next three.

    • Robert Perez

      Get off the Marshall bandwagon kid. Kendall is not a starter, guy can’t even defend. I’ll take kyrie or farmar, the PG with 2 rings, over him any day.

    • TJ

      I’m a Tar Heels fan so I love all Tar heels including Kendell but he can’t shoot for shit

      • Evan

        Small sample size, but 44% from the field, 47% from 3. Shooting can be improved probably easier than court vision/passing skills can be. Plus, if the future were to hold Bryant, Love, + whoever we draft, Marshall wouldn’t be high on the shot list anyway.

  • xplatinum31

    LAND IRVING PLZZZZ…IRVING AND KOBE!!! beautiful..Love in 2013 …somebody say Championship

    • Robert Perez

      Love in 2013??? I don’t think the Lakers have a time machine.

      • xplatinum31

        2015 mistake lol

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kyrie Irving is a great player and if the Lakers can get him lets do it.Has the Lakers FO inquired about Kyrie Irving???

    • C Petre

      It has been rumored that both Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving want to come to LA, but we have too many point guards, we need to release some of them: Farmar, Blake, Nash and Harris need to be let go. I believe in Kendall Marshall and want to let him continue to develop as a player.

      • Robert Perez

        Keep farmar, he’s played good and is a champion and L.A product. Don’t you remember bench mob? That dunk on KG in the finals? Farmar picks up full court, Marshall can’t even defend or dunk, put them 1on1 I bet Farmar would whoop his…..

        • C Petre

          Judging by your former comment about rings, you don’t see Marshall’s potential.

          Look at stats Robert…
          Farmar: 2013-14: 8.7 points, 4.7 assists, 3.3 rebounds, 2.2 turnovers per game
          Marshall: 2013-2014: 10.5 points, 9.5 assists, 2.9 rebounds, 2.8 turnovers per game

          Farmar has been a pro for 6 YEARS
          Marshall just started his pro career

          Farmar is 27
          Marshall is 22

          Marshall is blowing Farmar out of the water so far… He’s a playmaker, he’s young and if you want to say Farmar shoots better, here’s the stats for that

          .434 FG% and .358 3PT% Farmar
          .422 FG% and .473 3PT% Marshall

          He’s not championship material, Marshall has far MORE potential.

          • Guru

            Your a complete moron – look at his numbers anytime he plays a valid point guard. Do you watch any of the games? the guy gets torched by every PG and ends up having to be put on their weakest offensive player because he has no lateral quickness.

          • C Petre

            So does every other player on the Lakers. I like Marshall, and defense isn’t really Lakers strong point, never has been and its not the coach’s agenda either to play defense… I’ve watched the games since the beginning of the season, we don’t play any D anyway so what difference does it make?

          • hookedonnews

            Marshall was in the D-League before the Lakers acquired him. That should tell you something. He’s a good passer, but his shooting is suspect and so is his defense. I don’t think he’ll ever be a top-tier PG, but he’s been a godsend with all our PGs out. I don’t think he’s as good as Nash (healthy), Farmar, or Blake.

  • TOTS


    • Brian Pak Shing Cheung


    • Pablo Martínez Dutra

      Holly shit

    • Karlo B.

      3 kings I like that

  • deandresims

    Stop playing with my emotions

  • Marty Susman

    Irving can be the future Kobe. With Irving, Love and a solid center they have one he’ll of a start….

  • Cali Jeff

    What a dream, Embiid, Love, Kobe and Irving and all our young guys. A new coach and we’d be set for years.

    • Comin From Da 6 Side

      But Kobe is on a 2 year contract

      • Cali Jeff

        Oh man, your messing with my dream.

  • Dominic Nicolas

    This is interesting, but I feel like the Lakers are thinking short term success by looking for big names in the free agency, now I am a die-hard Lakers fan and I can’t bear to watch the state they’re in, but I think they should be smart about the moves they make and not gamble so much on hindsight ideas like the signings of Steve Nash, Dwight Howard, and picking Mike D’antoni as head coach

  • Comin From Da 6 Side

    Why are Lakers fans acting like they have Love or something… Y’all stupid

  • hookedonnews

    If we don’t have any assets to trade, how are we going to get him? The only way we’re going to sign him is in free agency.

  • #LakerNation310

    Irving plays no def, gets injured to much, and shoots to much. i’ll take KLove draft a SF or C this year and have a deep bench Farmar Meeks Young add two more players and we good

  • KINGSs

    All lakers nation is now is about other players on other teams and how they possibly kinda maybe sorta could end up on the lakers but probably not ever. Just because our team is not as good as years past doesn’t mean we don’t have a team. This site makes me ashamed to be a lakers fan sometimes because this is all that they ever give us. We are fans of OUR TEAM and players no matter the record. No way we get kyrie so stfu Corey.

    PS whoever tweets on your account isn’t funny and is annoying af stop that

  • Marty Susman

    Just think, If the Lakers could get Irving, have Nash go off on a medical, rehire Nash as an asst. coach to 100% work with Irving, think how GREAT Irving would be, “A SUPER FAST NASH”…