NBA Rumors: Knicks To Hire Kurt Rambis As Assistant To Derek Fisher? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="244"] With Derek Fisher now in the fold in New York, a few other former Los Angeles Lakers might join his coaching staff. Fisher will need [new_royalslider id="244"] With Derek Fisher now in the fold in New York, a few other former Los Angeles Lakers might join his coaching staff. Fisher will need Rating: 0
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NBA Rumors: Knicks To Hire Kurt Rambis As Assistant To Derek Fisher?

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With Derek Fisher now in the fold in New York, a few other former Los Angeles Lakers might join his coaching staff. Fisher will need the help of experienced coaches or at least members of teams that have run the triangle offense in the past under Phil Jackson.

There’s been no word on whether Fisher will try implement the triangle in New York, but it seems like a safe bet at this point with the names being mentioned as possible assistants for his staff.

One of many names being mentioned as possible candidates for Fisher’s coaching staff is Kurt Rambis, according to Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck:

As mentioned in Beck’s tweet, other former Lakers could also be joining Fisher and possibly Rambis in New York. Luke Walton has been in discussions with Jackson ever since Steve Kerr was rumored for the Knicks’ vacancy last month and may jump at the opportunity to get some experience under his belt in New York.

Former Laker Rick Fox might also be an intriguing option for Fisher and Jackson. Fox won three titles playing alongside Fisher and under Jackson in Los Angeles. The three-time NBA champion recently claimed to be a candidate for the head coaching vacancy in New York before Fisher ultimately took the job.

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Bill Cartwright is also a former player under Jackson from the Chicago Bulls days. Cartwright’s name has been mentioned as a candidate for numerous head coaching positions over the years, but he hasn’t been a head coach in the NBA since being fired by the Bulls back in 2003.

With Fisher set to be officially named the new head coach of the Knicks on Tuesday, it is still very early in the process and more names are likely to be mentioned as potential candidates for his coaching staff moving forward.
Top Lakers Head Coaching Candidates

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  • Eazy

    Wow, might have to call the Knicks my secondary team now :)

    • KirstenMundayafy

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  • Jim213

    Wonder if Kobe would be willing to play another year with Fish and Jackson once his 2 yr deal expires. Although, it’ll look bad if he does it for cheap tho IMO.

  • Jim213

    Vlade Divac Blames Flopping Problem On Shaq

    http://dimemag. com/2014/06/vla…

    Vlade have about giving him some hard fouls.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      Are you a spam bot? I’ve seen you randomly post comments that have absolutely nothing to do with the article or comment you reply to.

      • Jim213

        No diss but you bitch too much. Been doing this for close to a year on this site to pass the info along to other interested bloggers. This site (no diss) is often slow to process Lakers news as often times other information is past up never to get a header from LN. But seems you’d rather wait until LN posts a header article to get the news tho often times is days old. Next time just disregard post (no diss).

        • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

          That makes sense and is all well, but there are more effective ways to get news out. As it is, people aren’t going to be as likely to check out your links when they:
          A. Don’t work
          B. Seem to be completely random, and almost spam like. Couple of times I’ve seen them my first though really is, “wtf?”. Perhaps start your post off with a heads up instead of just a headline.

          Plus, with the Divac thing, I don’t really consider that Lakers news. Sure, it’s related to Shaq, but barely.

          • Selman

            i like how you guys settled your “beef” most times people go to name calling and turn into internet gangsters. way to disagree and still keep your own opinions

          • Jim213

            Smh, so one is suppose to wait until a worthy header comes along to post related Laker info. Last time it was a reply to a post so that think quite work. This time it’s a separate post.

            Divac blames Shaq for initiating the flopping days that the league is experiencing too much of these days. But this is one of the ways news gets to the ones it’s intended to given others (media) pick up on it which will ultimately get to #34.

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            Well, they did post an article on it. However, I still don’t get why you’re so eager to post articles in a comments section about completely unrelated topics.


          • Jim213

            Eager no just throwing other Lakers info out there for the bloggers.

  • 3339

    really wonder what Kobe thinks after seeing two people he trusts in regards to basketball more than anyone go to the Knicks after being passed up by the Lakers.
    Now the Lakers apparently are going to allow potential FA like Lebron and Melo to have an input on coaching after saying they won’t talk with Kobe.
    This is the perfect opportunity for Fish in his first coaching job with Phil Jackson right there to guide him.

  • Vigs

    Your going to see the transformation of the Knicks start to take place . They have done a wonderful job with adding talented former Lakers. As we sit and wait for Mitch and Jim to make a move guys keep dropping off the board. Fish said the Lakers discussions never got past the kick the tire stage. Isn’t it time to get serious, to let go of the annomosity that they have toward Phil and his former players. I will be the 1st to appoligize if they don’t screw this up but I’m pretty sure they will.

  • Stupid Lakers Front Office

    Phil in charge, Fisher coach, probably get Rick Fox, Luke Walton assistant coaches, already have Lamar Odom on roster, all they need to do now is sign Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Trevor Ariza, and whatever ex-Laker that is available.

    • Al Haldie

      Phil will make it work -geter done….The LAKERS are moving to N.Y. I have always been a LAKER FAN BUT NOW IM 50/50 …

  • k.

    This is strange. Lakers DNA being used for Knicks makeover?!

  • nybagels

    I have a 32 NY jersey with the name Magic on the back, the only thing better is if the Lakers trade Kobe and their draft pick for any and all NYKs.

  • metalbass

    phil jackson is going to be the coach. fisher is only going to put his face. we don’t have a phil jackson in the organization anymore so it was right to pass on dfish. we’re going to be good with b scott or l hollins

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