NBA Rumors: Knicks Now ‘Freaked Out’ About Carmelo Anthony Situation Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video With free agents officially able to sign new contracts since Thursday, Carmelo Anthony has yet to make a decision. Please enable Javascript to watch this video With free agents officially able to sign new contracts since Thursday, Carmelo Anthony has yet to make a decision. Rating: 0
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NBA Rumors: Knicks Now ‘Freaked Out’ About Carmelo Anthony Situation

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With free agents officially able to sign new contracts since Thursday, Carmelo Anthony has yet to make a decision. While the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers were considered the favorites, the All-Star has “regained interest” in the Chicago Bulls.

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As a result, the Knicks are now “freaked out” about re-signing Anthony according to ESPN’s Marc Stein via Basketball Insiders’ Tommy Beer:

After meeting with the Lakers, Anthony met with the Knicks and the franchise was not able to get a commitment from him. While Anthony was expected to make his decision as early as Sunday, this delay has apparently worried New York — especially with Phil Jackson not receiving responses back from him since.

For the Lakers, the franchise is put in a bit of a difficult position as they wait for Anthony’s decision. While Kobe Bryant is confident about the team’s Plan B should his friend sign elsewhere, they could potentially lose out on some key free agents.

While the Lakers are solely focused on signing Anthony, Plan B could include players like Greg Monroe, Trevor Ariza, Lance Stephenson, and Isaiah Thomas to name a few.
Kobe Bryant On Free Agency, His Health, Jim & Jeanie Buss, Future Of Lakers

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  • Al Haldie

    Such is life in the big CITY….

  • genevievegvoss

    my Aunty
    Allison recently got a nice 6 month old Jaguar by working from a macbook.this website C­a­s­h­f­i­g­.­C­O­M­

  • Just a lakers fan

    Greg Monroe and Isaiah Thomas sounds good to me

    • oNeDelusion

      LA must stay away from Thomas…

      • rc

        Agreed, Thomas is too small with no D. If possible go after bledsoe. And please tell all the drama queens to pick a team already.

      • AntRodrigues

        And why is that? How do you guys know how Thomas is going to be with the Lakers? If they hire a defensive minded coach like Scott, he could help Thomas develop into a decent Defender… You guys really don’t know….

        • wangkon936

          It’s hard to make a 5-9 dude a good defender in the NBA.

  • vdogg

    with as capped out as the knicks are, it might be in their best interests to NOT re-sign melo. he wants a max deal… the team won’t be competing for a title for at least a couple of years. heck, melo had a phenomenal year last year.. and the knicks couldn’t make the playoffs in the weak ass east.


    Knicks should just send a back pack on Melo;s back like D Wade is on Labron nut sack from Las Vagas to Miami let the guy breath be a man better yet be a superstar not a kiss ass scrub begging for help Wade knows Miami will never go to the finals ever again even after Wade is gone even in the weak east get off your knees Wade.

  • Daniel

    Carmelo s now waiting for LBJ to decide. If he goes to Cleveland or comes to the Lakers (very unlikely), I think he comes to the Lakers, because Cleveland can start dominating the East and Melo has no chance with the Knicks. Chicago could be a contender, but the money is not there.
    So, once Lebron decides, the domino effects on decition making process will come for teams and the rest of the players, Melo, Gasol, Monroe, Thomas, and so on,

    • lakerslakers

      lakers are out

      “The Lakers are reportedly no longer an option for Carmelo Anthony, and he is now deciding between Chicago and New York.
      So it seems the decision will come down to winning-now, vs. playing for his home team. The Knicks can offer Melo the most money, and reports seems to have Anthony leaning in that direction, but nothing is official until Anthony makes a statement. Stay tuned. Jul 11 – 2:12 PM
      Source: Chris Palmer on Twitter”

  • kookiebuger

    This is why I don’t want Melo.


    • daniel

      I understand and I agree with you. The problem is, as always, perception. He is perceived a one of the most elite players, in a NBA that will go through a generational change in the next few years. And so far, there are not many superstars in the making. part of the problem is that many of the superstars ” wanna be” are leaving college as freshman and very little BB development. So it takes at least 4-5 year for those players to develop, and some of them, once they get the money are not willing to work to improve much more. Kobe, Garnett, are just rare cases coming out of high school. At their prime, Shaq was making max money, now Dwight is making max money, who is better. 1 in a million Shaq. So all is relative to the current state of the NBA.

      • kimi alley

        Thanks for sharing that link, very informative and made me think a little differently.

      • rocky balboa beach

        Here’s the main problem with the whole “superstar” mentality. You almost always need an elite coach to foster an elite player. Coaching is so important in this league, Google the “dream team coach Chuck Daly” and see how much of an impact a great coach has on its elite players.
        So my point is an elite player will definantly sell tickets, but to win a ring you need an elite coach. Anthony needs an elite coach or mentor Phil is this for him, although Tibedeau is a great coach as well.

    • God kobe

      Fuck melo. He wants people to kiss his ass. Go back to my and lose. Go to Chicago and lose. Just make up your mind and go lose already. We need Bledsoe and ariza. And should a been pushing for love instead melo and james. For this wait I think the Lakers are screwed. We took way to much time waiting on people who were never going to come to launch anyway.

      • rocky balboa beach

        Yup, but we lost alot of our appeal to this league. Drama with Howard, Kobe’s issues and the Buss family. These dont help our cause any. Not to mention our line up rivals the utah Jazz for crying out loud. I love KB but it was a mistake signing him for that much cash.

    • mike

      Melo is not worth the 73 mill Chicago has offered. let alone 129 for 5. lebrons move to Cleveland I understand because its his hometown the team that drafted him and so on. Me lo on the other hand is a greedy bas!@## nowhere near clutch unable to carry a team like the superstars. sign and trade this bum for some picks and rebuild a contender. but Phil Jackson has never known how to do that. his 11 rings were handed to him on a silver platter. that’s why he will only see the glass half full, when he has great looking young talent on his roster like THJ, Early Murry Jeremy tyler. grow a pair of nutsacks let me lo go! and build with what you have! instead of breaking the bank with one greedy bum!

      • mike


  • Al Haldie

    JAME just signed with CLV – so its your turn MELO lets get over with – go some where – go any where- but just go…

  • Jay Brodes

    melo really needs to come to la..not sure why he would go to chitown for less money and the fact he has no idea what rose is going to look like after 2 acl surgeries!

  • FanDeath

    Remind me not to take Melo to a restaurant with a big menu. You might not ever eat…..

  • Rocky Balboa beach

    Don’t think Lin is the answer to our PG problems. Tho he’s decent,
    the reason he’s here is his passivness. No aggressive pG who demands control of the ball will ever thrive with kobe. In fact all the current lakers are laid back type cats. Kobe is the general and a huge reason we are so less attractive to this league.

  • Old Dirty G

    I’d be “freaked out” if he was signing with my team. He’s a chemistry killer people. A black hole. A dream killer. Pray he doesn’t set up shop in your locker room .

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