NBA Rumors: Knicks, Mavericks Nearing Trade For Tyson Chandler Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="287"] Three years ago, Tyson Chandler was one of the major components of the Dallas Mavericks capturing their first NBA championship. Now D [new_royalslider id="287"] Three years ago, Tyson Chandler was one of the major components of the Dallas Mavericks capturing their first NBA championship. Now D Rating: 0
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NBA Rumors: Knicks, Mavericks Nearing Trade For Tyson Chandler

Three years ago, Tyson Chandler was one of the major components of the Dallas Mavericks capturing their first NBA championship. Now Dallas may be looking to re-capture that.

According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Mavs are in serious discussions with the New York Knicks about acquiring Chandler and point guard Raymond Felton:

The Mavericks have a ton of cap room this off-season so bringing in Chandler and Felton will not kill all of it. Chandler will also come off the books after next season, so it basically serves as a one-year rental.

In return for Chandler and Felton, the Knicks would be receiving a package centered on point guard Jose Calderon, according to Stein:

Dalembert has a team option so if the Knicks were simply to waive him, the Knicks would save more than $10 million in cap space and add a point guard very suited to run the triangle offense.

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The deal makes sense on both sides as the Mavericks would bring in a starting center to put behind Dirk Nowitzki, while the Knicks save money and upgrade at point guard.

With the Knicks trying to convince Carmelo Anthony to re-sign with the team, clearing up some cap room could help show him that they will be able to add some players around him.
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  • Lakers Rebuilding

    I don’t see how that’s going to help Carmelo stay in new york. Chandler is a good defensive big man and the knicks would be getting calderon and dalembert in return, it’s pretty clear that phil is desperate to keep melo in new york. Sure larkin is a good young guard but he most likely won’t develop into an all star and honestly if I was phil I would try and get a draft pick because the knicks don’t have a whole lot of those right now. But either way melo is most likely leaving the knicks and going to either Chicago or the lakers (mavs are possible too but unlikely). Phil is doing everything he can to keep melo with the knicks but it seems like it won’t be enough.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      My thoughts exactly on Melo/Chandler. This is not about keeping Melo; I think Phil will be more than happy to see him go. This is about getting and waiving Dalembert…probably to create space for Pau.

      • Lakers Rebuilding

        except pau wants to go to a contending team like the spurs and the knicks are quite away from being a contender anytime soon een if they do sign some players.

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          I didn’t say Pau would sign, but Phil clearly wants him. And Pau will at least consider it. Also, Pau want to be a key contributor on a contender, not a role player off the bench.

          • Lakers Rebuilding

            true as well as he would consider the lakers as well if you look at the lakers and knicks future through a 3-5 year window lakers have got the brighter future draft pick this year cap space and have that allure of attracting big time free agents. I’m not hating on the knicks but I just think the lakers have a better chance of being a contender sooner than lter

    • AC

      Dallas’ 34th and 51st pick are going to New York as well, along with Wayne Ellington possibly. I think Shumpert will be the next one that Phil will trade for a pick

      • Lakers Rebuilding

        well knicks may improve slightly but I don’t see Carmelo staying there he wants to win and contend for titles but if he stays with the knicks then he may think the knicks have a shot of winning a title soon which I on’t see happening.

        • AC

          Melo might as well go to the Bulls or Rockets. Calderon and Dalembert aren’t gonna improve the team by a lot and there’s a chance Dalembert could even get bought out. It also doesn’t help that both players are past their 30s. Phil might as well just trade Shumpert as well to possibly get a 1st round pick in the 20s.

  • cj

    dont get this trade for dal unless this opens up cap space to make a run at james and melo. other wise they are just getting worse

  • Swaggy C

    Its just steps and steps to creating the Lakers of the east. PJ already has LO, D. Fish, and I’m sure he’s going to try and dump more players and what not and see if he can get Pau to come to NYK. I know it may look like they don’t have much, but I mean I can see PJ utilizing Jose to try and talk to Pau. Right now it looks like a mess, but PJ probably has something up his sleeve.

  • Rob

    Phil Jackson is a great coach, but as of now, I think he is waaaaay in over his head as a GM/President of BBall operations.

  • numb1lakefan

    melo to la for sure dont know about lebron

  • Edy

    Ad least Phils making moves not like Mitch just scratching he’s balls and not doing jack shit and just crossing finger to luckily have someone interested in the lakers look at Houston all ready made cap to land melo or lebron u guys stop dreaming and get with reality there no chance melo or superstar would sign with the lakers

    • Jess

      Thing is, Asik actually has some value so Hou didn’t have to try and look hard for a willing trade partner. Who are we trying to trade? A broken down Nash? Even paired with the 7th pick it’s not as attractive.

  • Coach’em Up

    I said it way earlier that Gasol would either go to two places the heat is definitely going to target him to fill their need for a skilled 7ftr they been craving or New York since Pil got hired on but now that they got his buddy in J Calderon its pretty much a lock that he will be a knick

  • Cavs Should

    If I was Cleveland I make a run at solid free agents D Granger C Kaman and I would take the MCW and Thadd Young trade along with the 3rd pick and I would trade Kyrie irving to the lakers for the 7th overall pick and future pick and unload an unwanted contract and make the lakers eat that as well so the cavs would have a squad up and the lakers get a coveted PG

  • LouisaMorrisonuda

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  • Lakers4Life

    Mavs can take Chandler or Felton, but they probably won’t even make Top 3 in the conference, that’s for sure.

  • Bryant T. Jordan

    Phil Jackson should have followed the plan I laid out for him in my “Open Letter to Phil Jackson” (included as an appendix in “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book”) as the move he just made was Isaih Thomas-esque and a GARBAGE move.

    The trade does NOT help the Knicks re-sign Melo or any other free agent this year and actually adds a year of salary as Calderon’s contract is LONGER than either Chandler’s or Felton’s was …. BAD FIRST MOVE BY PHIL JACKSON!

    - Bryant T. Jordan
    Author of: “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book”

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