NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers ‘Have Fielded Calls’ About Kyrie Irving Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="175"] One of the biggest teams to watch this off-season will be the Cleveland Cavaliers. After a disappointing season in which they failed [new_royalslider id="175"] One of the biggest teams to watch this off-season will be the Cleveland Cavaliers. After a disappointing season in which they failed Rating: 0
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NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers ‘Have Fielded Calls’ About Kyrie Irving

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One of the biggest teams to watch this off-season will be the Cleveland Cavaliers. After a disappointing season in which they failed to make the playoffs again, the team could have a different look next season.

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They were fortunate enough to win the NBA Draft Lottery for the third time in four seasons, giving them the top pick in the draft. But the future of star point guard Kyrie Irving is in question. There are reports that the Cavs won’t offer Irving a max extension, and Fox Sports’ Sam Amico is reporting that the Cavs have talked to teams about Irving:

The Kyrie Irving saga continues to unfold before everyone and there has to be some sort of surprise at how this is going. Irving is far and away the team’s best player and would seem to be the person they could build a team around, but that may not be the case.

Irving is a two-time All-Star and his numbers have been excellent since entering the NBA. The Cavs’ reluctance to extend him and seeming willingness to actually trade him would seem to point to inner turmoil in the organization.

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While the teams who have inquired about Irving are unknown, the Lakers are sure to explore the possibility of acquiring Irving if he is available. With Kevin Love possibly on his way out of Minnesota, general manager Mitch Kupchak will almost definitely be on the phones trying to bring in the next wave of Lakers superstars.
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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • Matt

    Lakers trade Kwame Brown+Smush Parker+Doughnuts for Kyrie Irving.

    • WestCoast323

      That’s right Bitch!!! Just how we get all. The players..

      • DensieMorrisou

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    • joey

      Post a comment actually worth reading or go back and watch paint dry.

  • Matt

    LeBron has hairline showing buy a wig bitch.

  • lakers_824

    NBA Salary Cap in 2014-15: $63.2 million

    Coach: Lyonel Hollins or Bryon Scott

    PG: Marcus Smart ($3mill), Steve Nash ($9mill), Jordan Farmar ($3)

    SG: Lance Stevenson ($6mill), Nick Young ($5mill), Kent Bazemore ($1mill)

    SF: Kobe Bryant ($23mill), Xavier Henry ($1)

    PF: Pau Gasol ($11), Jordan Hill ($4)

    C: Greg Monroe ($12mill), Robert Sacre ($1mill)

    Lakers Total Salary = $79,000,000

    • cyborgspider

      You had me until the Forwards… I know you have a defensive coach, but Gasol and Monroe aren’t stoppers. Pau’s too limited now, he should be the Center (or pick up Asik/Gortat). Or have Monroe replace him at the 5 and just have a fill-in at 4 (Kelly, other cheap pieces).

      Then next year you can pick up Love to fill the four spot.

      • lakers_824

        yea I agree we should either save for love or sign someone like gortat as you said but doesn’t gasol have bird rights meaning they can sign him even if they exceed the cap maximum without getting penalized

        • cyborgspider

          Yeah, you’re right, but I dunno, man. I love and appreciate Pau for his contributions, but I’m kinda sick of seeing his schtick (yelling everytime he throws up a shot in traffic, complaining to the refs when he gets dunked on instead of knocking the other guy on his butt). I just wanna see a new, nasty face down in the paint. Haven’t had that since Shaq (Vlade, Chris Mihm, Kwame Brown, Bynum was just goofy and immature). Pau’s skill outshined them all and won two championships but a new mindset is needed now… payback for being a laughingstock the past two years.

          Someone, who along with Smart and Lance, can just say “F YOU, we’re the Lakers” and whip some ass :)

          • Adrian

            Demarcus cousins is easily the first person who comes to mind but he’s not going anywhere or is he……

    • Al Haldie

      DREAM ON…

      • lakers_824

        Dream On? I was trying to be realistic….if u want me to dream on then my starting lineup would look like this

        • cyborgspider

          Haha if it’s a super dream we’d have Lebron off the bench ;)

          • VillainKing

            How about this starting 5 for the Lakers:
            PG: Marcus Smart
            SG: Lance Stephenson
            SF: Kobe Bryant
            PF: Luol Deng
            C : Greg Monroe

            Coach: Lionel Hollins

          • Will Adaros

            Pg: Irving
            Sg: swaggy P
            Sf: kobe
            Pf: Love
            C: Gortat or Monroe

            Loved pau but he’s just not the same player as when he helped won those championships. We need a blue collar center that can bang down low.

          • VillainKing

            I like your line-up but the defense is not very strong if Love, Young and Irving playing at the same time in the court..

    • Stan Heath

      Sounds like a great plan but can you explain exactly how are the lakers going to be able to go 16 million over the salary cap?

      • lakers

        Gasol has bird rights meaning his $12mill will not count towards the cap…..I may be wrong but that gives us $68 mill and we are over by $5 mill and we pay luxury tax.

        • michael

          why haven’t they signed kobe under bird rights? Or to be more precise, what are the rules for them?

        • Falcon4me

          if they were smart they would blow it up take it in the ass another year. Then acquire a bench and a find a new center piece to build on. #tankcity

          • Will Adaros

            Kobe isn’t going to go through another season like that and they have invested to much in him to tank another year. It’s now time.

      • lakers

        I dunno but if lakers wanna win they gonna have to blow that money!!!

    • Brandon Leinz

      I think that is a relatively realistic goal, and the money is about right (except Stephenson is almost certainly going to get more than 6 mil). Unlike alot of people I still think Pau can play the 4, but I’d rather see Pau at the 5 and Noah Vonleh at the 4. Gortat at the 5 I think is also a good option. There’s just too much redundancy with Monroe and Pau. Maybe another option is to draft Vonleh and take that 12 mil from Monroe and spend it on Kyle Lowry? I think Smart is too long of a project for the Lakers to take right now. He can’t really shoot, or pass well enough to be a point guard, and it’ll be years before he’s an impact player. Vonleh or Gordon I think will develop quicker and be able to help in Kobe’s waning years. The only way I see Smart being an option is if they do bring in Stephenson and smart plays off the ball most of the time (but he would still need to learn how to shoot). The problem with that option is the draft is before free agency, so its a big risk.

    • Tune

      I like it except for Pau at PF. Pau needs to play at the C to be effective. Either we keep him at C or we replace him. I’d rather we get Kaman back in there and keep Ryan Kelly and maybe find a second PF to develop.

    • Falcon4me

      Okay is their a reason anyone of these players would take a discount to play for a crazy ownerrs like the buses.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      PAu Gasol should NOT play PF anymore…. He is best used at Center…

      I would rather go for Deng as a twiner forward…

      Gasol Deng Stephenson Kobe Smart
      Sacre Kelly/Hill Young Bazemore Farmar

      Better yet get Gortat to man the starting Center and let go of Gasol.

    • Johnny

      That team would be worse than last years. Guess we have to wait tip Kobe goes away.

  • Laker Illuminati

    oh like that.. I see what you did there that ‘s nice … Yes

  • KrazyRedSwag

    I Favor byron scott to be the lakers next head coach.. then the roster would be

    Kobe Bryant
    Jordan Farmar
    Nick Young
    Kevin Love
    Jodie Meeks
    Kent Bazemore
    Loul Deng
    Kyrie Irving
    Pau Gasol
    Carmelo Anthony
    Jabari Parker

    Well this should be the roster if the laker want to win now. but realistic the laker gonna do some back to back magic to pull this roster off due to caps space. Its still a dream but its possible it could come true. Dream on; Dream on.

    • lakers_824

      LMAO too much 2k for you……LOVE (20mill) KOBE (23mill) MELO (19mill) those 3 players take up the whole cap

  • LakersOverEverything

    Draft smart, sign Stephenson and melo. Championship squad is as follows.
    PG Smart
    SG lance Stephenson
    SF Kobe
    PF Melo
    C defensive minded center
    Bench, farmar, swaggy p, and whoever else

    • Tune

      Doubt Pau will be going anywhere, him and Kobe have great chemistry.

      • LakersOverEverything

        Oops!! Guess I forgot him. Gonna go back and edit lol

        • Tune

          At best I think
          PG Smart/Exum (if we get lucky)
          SG Lance Stephenson
          SF Kobe
          PF Love
          C Gasol

          If we can get Love and Stephenson to take pay cuts, or Love a huge paycut.


          PG Irving
          SG Lance Stephenson
          SF Kobe
          PF Dario Saric
          C Gasol

          This one seems very possible honestly. We have the cap space to get this lineup and it’s a solid team as well unless Dario is a bust.

          • comrade24

            you only have 1.5 people who play defense in this lineup.

          • Tune

            Lance, Smart/Exum, and Kobe would be playing defense.

          • comrade24

            i was replying to

            PG Irving
            SG Lance Stephenson
            SF Kobe
            PF Dario Saric
            C Gasol

            Irving’s not a good defender, Lance is, Kobe’s not the defender he used to be, Saric will be a rookie who doesn’t have the bulk to guard most 4′s in the league, and Gasol… well, he just moves out of the way.

          • Tune

            I think if Saric bulks up, Kobe motivates Gasol, and Irving at least attempts to stay in front of other PG, we should be fine. Kobe has guarded 1-3 even last season, so it’s not like he can’t play defense anymore. Unless this injury is worse than people are speculating, I imagine he’ll have no issues guarding the 3 and some older SGs like Ray (if he sticks around), Ginobili, and etc. Only real SF to be worried about is LBJ, but we’d only see him in the finals. Ridiculous to expect Kobe not to play defense in the finals.

  • Otis

    Coah Lionel Hollins Lakers 2014-2015 Team Extreme

    PG Kyrie Irving
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Thabo Sefolosha
    PF Ryan Kelly
    C Pau Gasol

    • Tune

      I’d rather see Stephenson at SG and Kobe at SF. We need to preserve Kobe and Lance is solid on both ends of the court and we really need athleticism to make up for the rest of the team. Need Sacre to truly become a defensive player like he claims to want to be, Henry to come back and develop more, and Kelly to develop since he has promising features. Our bench is solid no matter what in my opinion since we have such a wide arrange of players to choose from our current roster to sign for cheap with huge upside potential. I also wonder about the possibility of Duncan and Pop retiring and us possibly landing Kawhi Leonard, that’d be huge.

  • Matt Williams

    Coach: L. Hollins
    PG: Smart, Nash, Farmar
    SG: Bryant, Young, Bazemore
    SF: G. Hayward, X. Henry
    PF: Monroe, Kelly
    C: Gasol, Sacre

    • snuka

      Nice lineup man.This is mine dude.Stretch provision on Steve Nash waive.

      PG Marcus Smart/Jordan Farmar/Kendall Marshall
      SG Kobe Bryant/Lance Stephenson/Kent Bazemore
      SF Luol Deng/Xavier Henry
      PF Greg Monroe/Carlos Boozer/Ryan Kelly
      C Pau Gasol/Robert Sacre

      Coach Lionel Hollins

  • Badazztj12

    Why is everyone in love with Smart?

    • snuka

      Because he is a top rated player from the college ranks and we need a PG.

      • Badazztj12

        rather have lowry

    • Matt Williams

      Because he plays defense.

    • numb1lakefan

      smart + bazemore = excellent back court

    • numb1lakefan

      smart is freakish athlete who can bully other pg’s with his size and strength,competitive like kobe,good offensive,crazy defense,can eventually be a lebron type of player at the pg position

      • Badazztj12

        Ok I know he good but LeBron type player? Hold on he hasn’t even played a min in the Nba.

  • Falcon4me

    The Lakers don’t have anyone to trade! stop it lakers fans your just embarrassing yourselves.Your gonna suck for as long as you pay kobe 23 mil a year.

  • kobe Fan 24

    Pg kyrie
    Sg kobe
    Sf swagy p
    Pf love
    C Pau

    • comrade24

      0 defense in this lineup

    • michael

      Why is everybody on this pau train? He’s a shadow of himself

  • Arnold

    Kyrie Irving is getting traded no matter what might as well be to the Lakers…

    • comrade24

      Especialy if we hire Byron Scott, this could become a possibility. Our main goal this season needs to be playoffs or bust. We have to prove to free agents that we can make the playoffs (particularly Kevin Love). If we can make the playoffs without him, i think we’ll be more likely to land him in FA.

  • Stanley Jordan

    You people are all on PCP!!! No way i Draft Marcus Smart at 7. Doug McDermott is 6’8 with probably the best jumper in the draft. He can pull up from 30 easy. His only down fall is his defensive foot work. But at 22 he can get better. He would be a steal in this draft at 7.

    • vdogg

      a STEAL??? you have no idea what you’re talking about. mcdermott is going to be a defensive liability at the next level. he is not quick enough to guard SFs and not strong enough to check PFs. get a clue.

  • TheTruthKills

    Please stop posting Kyrie articles. There’s some fans out there dumb enough to think we can trade for him.

    • numb1lakefan

      i cant see kyrie leaving the cavs after getting wiggins as a weapon and still having waiters around

  • Pelon

    The biggest concern i always had was what would happen to our Lakers once Jerry Buss died.Well that is now reality Jerry Buss is dead and the Lakers went 27-55 his first year not owning the team and the first year of new ownership ya i am looking at you Jim Buss.Lets see what happens without Jerry Buss,our Lakers need Jerry.

    • magikwyrkz

      Mine too. But unless we have someone on payroll who can talk to the dead that is not going to happen. :) I miss Jerry as do most of us true Laker fans. My dream would be to have Jeannie running the team since her brother is not doing quite the job so far. I mean look at all the good tips she could get from Phil while sharing the same bed. :) Then maybe this team would again amount to something. However, I do not see us really competing for another couple of years.

      • Pelon

        Ya i agree with you senor.That is why i amour Jerry Buss he was always letting us fans relax while he did all the decision making.Nowadays it seems like a lot of Lakers fans are trying to steer Jim Buss in a certain direction,he should steer us in the right direction but fans are instead trying to steer him in the right direction.Jerry Buss always steered us in the right direction and we just applauded him and said thank you we agree with you Jerry.

  • Bucky Gilmore

    Deng orArtest &Ariza
    GASOL hill
    henry marshall Kelly and draft pic

  • Bucky Gilmore

    You retards stop putting Irving and the draft pick in the same lineup. We not getting irving without trading the pick…..unless the cavs are stupid and take marshall&SACRE

  • Bucky Gilmore

    Nash Mvp for the lakers this year recruits Dirk clipper fans immediately hop back on lakers nutz. Cuban banned for life for racist comments recorded from privacy of home

  • rik

    lakers trade nash, marshall, and no.7 pick for irving and tristan thompson.
    PG: Irving/ farmar
    SG: Kobe/ henry/ bazemore
    SF: Deng/ young
    PF: Thompson/ hill/ kelly
    C: Gortat/ sacre
    Coach: Hollins or scott or both with scott as an assistant.

  • Chic Rock

    Doug McDermott another Adam Morrison?

    • Chic Rock

      trade down the 7th pick to Chicago or Phoenix for 2 1st rd picks to draft TJ Warren and Elfrid Payton?

      • ncfinest919

        I agree with that expect I would draft lavine & Tj warren

      • ncfinest919

        I agree with that but I would draft lavine & Tj warren

  • Matt

    Inner turmoil? How about the fact that Kyrie is not actually worth a max extension. He is incapable of being a leader, has gotten progressively worse in terms of efficiency rating each year, and is a diva that believes he is way better than he actually is. He will never be the focal point of a championship roster.

    Don’t get me wrong, he is a very talented individual. I like to compare him to Carmelo Anthony though. His individual success on the court is actually detrimental to the team. If the Cavs were smart, they would put together a package to get another lottery pick in this year’s draft for him. Maybe Milwaukee or Philly would be dumb enough to trade #2 or #3 for a player with guaranteed talent.

    Fun fact, the Cavs had a better win percentage without Kyrie than with him this season.

  • Bucky Gilmore

    Coach scott fisher assistant
    line up
    Forwards Gasol hill
    SF kobe ariza
    center BYNUM SACRE
    Sg lance swaggy p
    Pg irving Nash
    Marshall or farmer & henry kelly
    trade pick for irving sign love next year

    • BULL

      Ariza left for more money, doubt he will be back.. would love to have him but highly doubt that move!

  • Bucky Gilmore

    Fck y’all I should be GM

  • numb1lakefan

    kyrie has horrible defense smart is our pg should available at #7..smart and melo this summer lets make it happen

    • BULL

      im sorry but with the no guaranteed from Love situation, wouldn’t it be best to draft a big man.. I wanted Smart also, but if Pau can resign, and we are able to get Gordon, Vonleh or Randall, I mean, the Lakers front court would be dominate again! I would love to see how Vonleh or Gordon play along Gasol! man we can try and pick up Deng if we can and try and get Lowry or Stephenson it would be perfect!

  • Im About Chips

    If they have the pick, they’ll go big, they’re the Lakers they win championships, PGs are not necessary. LOL Mario Chalmers starts for the Heat, and don’t give me Tony Parker. The Spurs build almost perfect rosters and frequently perform better the less Tony Parker is handling the ball. Why do you think they like Vonleh most at 7. Besides Aaron Gordon is probably the best defender in the draft, he can guard 3 to 4 positions on the court, if you just want defense, plus he’s a high flyer.

  • rex o

    Let’s see.
    Trade our 7th pick and sacre for kyrie. Yes, I know wishful thinking.

    PG kyrie
    Swingman swaggy p
    Swingman deng
    Low post/elbow Kobe! (Unguardable in these 2 spots)
    Paint asik

    Bench meeks, blazemore,hill, Nash

    I with this formation and lineup we have potential running deep in the playoffs.

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