NBA Rumors: Celtics To Trade Rajon Rondo If Unable To Land Kevin...

NBA Rumors: Celtics To Trade Rajon Rondo If Unable To Land Kevin Love?


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After the rumors surfaced about the Golden State Warriors offering an intriguing trade package to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love, it may only be a matter of time before the superstar heads to the Bay Area.

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With Golden State willing to add Klay Thompson in the deal, the Timberwolves could pull the trigger sometime between now and the NBA draft on June 26. If Love does head to Oakland, the Boston Celtics will likely trade Rajon Rondo in the near future, according to Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald:

If the Celtics cannot get Love, they are planning to continue with the longer and more methodical rebuilding process, a process that would likely see Rajon Rondo traded. (An NBA source said they would also have a taker for Jeff Green if they chose to move him.)

Over the past few years, in the midst of the Celtics’ decline, Rondo has been mentioned in numerous trade rumors. Although GM Danny Ainge has been reluctant to pull the trigger on a deal to send their star point guard elsewhere, now may be the time to do so with his trade value likely not getting any higher than it is right now.

Rondo will almost certainly garner considerable interest on the trade market with plenty of teams needing a floor general of his caliber. The Los Angeles Lakers could be one of those teams if unable to get a promising young point guard like Marcus Smart on draft day.

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Another option for the Celtics could be sending Rondo to the Houston Rockets. If Houston can’t reel in LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony this summer, the team might go after Rondo in an effort to place him alongside James Harden in the backcourt.

With all the trade rumors that have circulated over the past few years involving Rondo, the writing might be on the wall in Boston. It could be only a matter of time before the four-time All-Star is sent packing with the prospect of making another Big 3 elsewhere.
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  • meep

    well if they do lakers cant do anything to get him, unless they want to do a sign and trade and take the 7th pick

  • Rangers

    I think it’s a real possibility of trading 7th pick for rondo. We can have elite pg in prime, while celtics can have back to back picks. Good move for both teams

    • vdogg

      have you lost your mind? rondo is not a great shooter and is coming off an ACL injury. NO WAY i give boston the 7th pick for him if i’m the lakers. no way. screw boston. rondo, pierce, kg, allen or anyone else from the celtics team wearing a laker uni would make me vomit.

      • Rangers

        Business decisions should take personal bias out of it. Rondo is not a good defender, he’s a GREAT defender (over 6 defensive winshares in multiple defensive years, 99 def rtg), one of, if not the best passer in NBA (over 40 ast%, 10+astpg multiple seasons), and a great rebounder. He gets to the rim well (solid fg%), but is a bad outside shooter, I agree.

        The 7th pick can get us Randle, Gordon, or Smart. They are all solid players, but probably not all-star level, especially in the next couple of years. Rondo offers that.

        • vdogg

          if you were worth your salt as a laker fan, you would understand that lakers/celtics is ALL ABOUT personal bias! besides, those #s were pre ACL injury. NO WAY should the lakers touch rondo. gross.

          • Tune

            And that’s the exact opposite of how you run anything in life. If anything, people that competed well versus you is good to recruit. That shows they’re great players and have your respect. Rondo would be an absolute perfect fit for Kobe.

          • vdogg

            you don’t understand celtics/lakers, buddy. i respect the hell out of larry bird, but seeing him in a lakers jersey — even today — would make me nauseous. besides, i don’t really come on to these boards for acquire life lessons. thanks for playing.

          • Tune

            Then please stay away from any team’s front office position.

      • disqus_bogdMePzji

        btw 3 of the 4 players u screw are not celtics players

        • vdogg

          i know. i meant that they were celts when kobe’s lakers battled them in the finals.

  • iEATcelticBabies

    ahhh !! the nerves….

  • H00zaah

    He’s a solid defender, he can run an offense, but needs to work on his J. I’d take him. One thing I like about this guy is his grit and fire. If Kobe gets in one of those “hero mode” or “black hole basketball” chucking up 40 shots and missing most of them and still keeps chucking it up, Rondo’s the kind of guy who during a timeout will walk up to Kobe and knock his ass down and go “MF’er, We are going to fight right now!!!!”. He would have the balls to stand up to Kobe, which nobody else on the team or even FO would dare.

    • vdogg

      no way you trade the 7th pick for this guy. i would rather draft smart, payton or even lavine first.

      • Joshua Duenas

        I don’t know why but you seem to have something against Rondo. Rondo is a great defender and the best pg in the league behind chris paul. Would you rather have marcus smart or randle instead of a proven star?

        Plus getting rondo would increase the likelihood of getting another star. It may also be enough to resign pau for cheap. What if Lebron thinks that rondo, kobe, lebron, and pau can win rings? Same goes for melo.

  • VillainKing™

    Those Boston trade rumors will not happen and Rondo will remain as Celtics..