NBA Rumors: Cavaliers Leaning Towards Jabari Parker With First Pick Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video The news of Joel Embiid's stress fracture in his foot threw the entire draft into a flux. Embiid was expected to be Please enable Javascript to watch this video The news of Joel Embiid's stress fracture in his foot threw the entire draft into a flux. Embiid was expected to be Rating: 0
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NBA Rumors: Cavaliers Leaning Towards Jabari Parker With First Pick

The news of Joel Embiid’s stress fracture in his foot threw the entire draft into a flux. Embiid was expected to be the top overall pick in Thursday’s draft.

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However, this injury, coupled with his back issues that ended his only season at Kansas, has forced the Cleveland Cavaliers to put their focus towards someone else with the top pick according to CBS Sports’ Ken Berger:

With Joel Embiid’s foot surgery, and the reported 4-6 month recovery that comes with it, the Cavs are said to be leaning toward Duke’s Jabari Parker with the No. 1 pick. Parker is more NBA-ready than Andrew Wiggins, who would go to the Bucks at No. 2.

Parker would be able to slide in seamlessly in the Cavaliers starting lineup. With Luol Deng likely to leave via free agency, the Cavs have a huge hole at the small forward position. With Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson already there, the Cavs could have a very solid young core.

The question now becomes how far does Embiid fall. His agent apparently would prefer him to land in a big market, and the Lakers are open to selecting the big man if he falls to them with the seventh pick.

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Philadelphia is a big wild-card as they own two picks in the top-10 of the draft and have already been a part of numerous trade rumors. They were expected to take Wiggins, but he is now unlikely to still be there when they select so everything is up in the air right now.
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  • nash gots to go

    who the fuck gives a shit who the cavs pick.

    • Tune

      Because it affects the rest of the draft.

      • A Fan

        Eh… not really. I feel like it’s a foregone conclusion that Parker, Wiggins, and Exum are amongst the top 4 picks. What will affect the lottery part of the draft is whether or not Embiid is selected in the top 3 (no way Orlando selects him since they’re after a PG)

        • Tune

          Yeah, but let’s say Exum goes 3rd and 76ers take him. MCW becomes up for grabs since having both is useless.

          • cj

            or exum goes second which is more likely

          • Tune

            Why would he go second? Makes no sense.

          • cj

            the buck could draft him and that does make sense.

          • Tune

            There’s no way Cavs and Bucks pass up on Wiggins and Parker for Exum. I’m guessing Cavs take Wiggins and Bucks take Parker.

          • A Fan

            Looks like it does depend on who the Cavs pick. I have them taking Parker over Wiggins because he’s said to be more NBA-ready and the Cavs want to win now.

            If they do take Parker, Milwaukee will most likely draft Exum because I keep reading that Brandon Knight is more comfortable playing off the ball. I don’t see the Bucks taking Wiggins because they already have Antetokounmpo.

          • cj

            the cavs are taking parker. hes the most nba ready of the 3. the bucks want to move knight to the two which is y its being said they are going after exum. if the cavs draft wiggens then i agree the bucks will draft parker but the bucks dont want wiggens because he cant shoot.

          • comrade24

            The Sixers have been tossing around trading MCW for months now. I think they’ll take Exum at 3.

          • Tune

            Exactly what I think, I just wish I knew how teams like the Magic are thinking. If Exum is taken, then they still need a PG. That opens up the possibility of them nabbing MCW instead I think, unless they value Smart more. Unless they go for Embiid instead. The way I’m looking at it, we either get MCW, Smart, Embiid, or Gordon at this point. MCW if Magic don’t want him, Smart if they take MCW, Embiid if Celtics pass up on him, Gordon if they take Embiid.

  • Jim213

    Per Mark Medina: “Lakers are hoping to retain all role players on one-year contracts on
    relatively inexpensive deals to maximize financial flexibility for high
    caliber players, such as LeBron James in 2014, Kevin Love in 2015 or
    Kevin Durant in 2016.”

    Smh, if this rumor is true just shows more ineptness from FOs part tho jim would be gone after the 2016 season. LJ may consider the Clipps given the close bond with CP3 and their current roster. Kevin Durant has invested within the community there and OKC would likely trade Westbrook first as opposed to letting Durant go elsewhere.

    K Love is possible down the road but nothing is guaranteed. If they keep a majority (7-9?) of the current players #24 wouldn’t take to kindly to this move as what would be the point of paying Kobe $48 mil for two year’s since he’s being under utilized with a roster who’s failed to play basic fundamentals.

    This is probably why the former coach would’ve been retained given FO is more focused on 2015 as opposed to next season. They’re in fantasy land! Thankfully the former coach resigned/QUIT given he wanted the 4th year on his contract to be picked up. IMO, expect a 40 game winning season at most if this rumor proves true.

    Rather than spend $15 mil (@ minimum) to improve the starting rotation by signing 3-4 PRODUCTIVE players this off season Fos willing to bring back close to the whole roster as last season? Doltish move IMO if rumors prove true given that they’d be delaying the rebuild by gambling/day dreaming in believing players like LJ< Durant, as well as K Love would want to come to the Lakers and wait for FO to put something together down the road after they'd decided to join the team.

    Players want to win/compete now not now the road. LJ and a few older players would be at the end of their prime waiting for FO to place a competitive product on the floor as opposed to focusing on improving their starting rotation just as the Spurs have successfully managed to do time after time by surrounding their main players with fresher legs and reliable role players. Some reliable players available this off season who've managed to outplay their contracts this past yr.

    • YoUsaYwut?!

      You always post here like you know better than the Lakers FO. You always blame Jim, and want him gone?! LMAO.. It is so amusing to read all your comments purely based on the reports that you only want to read. How about the interview on Jim? Have you ever read it? How about Mitch saying all the good things about him how he worked hard, Jim and Mitch work together closely. How he learned it ALL through his father. Bow about the fact that he traded for CP3 only to vetoed. The supposed CP3-Kobe-Dwight idea…Do you know that?! Jim did that and now you are blaming him because it didnt worked out? I bet that when that trade happened you jumped into joy and say all the good things about the FO. Now you are saying that he is incompetent, idiot. I can see one word that can describe that attitude.. It is hypocrisy at its finest.
      It’s a shame that your avatar is Lakers and yet your hate towards the FO doesnt fit at all. You dont like our FO? Then go cheer for other team, go to the Knicks, Phil is there right? Go there and me and other die-hard Laker fan who supports this team from top to bottom will continue to support the FO decision. I will not base my support to all the other so-called “i-know-better-than-Lakers-FO” fans. Because in your case, what did you contribute to this team aside from whining and bitching when things are not going well? NONE.. Bandwagon fan maybe. Yeah i guess you are one of the many bandwagon fans here.

      • Jim213

        Nah, been saying this since last summer (vfy for yourself) but blame goes to FO who put the product on the floor douche. Good that you read real posts and not day dreaming blogs. Blamed Kupcake even more than Jim if you read my posts a year ago being he’s the GM and Jim pay’s the bills as the owner tho both make the decisions being heads of basketball operation lol.

        Expect a competitive team from the brand retard not moves that lead to shitty season’s given past bad moves. What you have mentioned is old news as it’s been argued far as management’s been around the organization for decades which goes for Jim as he has stated. Don’t whine stupid but given you don’t have balls to post like a man you just look like the dumb ass bitch.

        Could care less about Phil too but waiting build build a good/solid rotation first (even for cheap) with bang for your buck players as opposed to holding on to a dream of landing LJ or Love is a bad way of thought. The contribution is the difference of opinion different view stupid something your dumb ass can’t seem to do being contribute to the conversation. Keeping things real as opposed to rolling with the flow. Thanks, for the post even if it’s stupid given ypu don’t seriously add to the conversation aside of whining about an opinion lol.

        • truth24

          See yo point but fo best get they shit right now.

      • Devon Samuels²⁴


    • comrade24

      agreed. What’s the point of maximizing cap space to land a free agent that won’t want to come here because he’ll be coming to a team full of d-leaguers or no team/coach already in place like we have now.

      Our goal this season should be to acquire valuable role players (like Deng, Ariza, Gortat etc… just examples) so that we can field a competitive team capable of making the playoffs WITHOUT a Love/Lebron/Durant. If we can do that then FA’s will look at our situation more favorably and think “They can make the playoffs without me, I could make them a contender” but there’s no point in doing the one year contract thing again. It made some sense last season because the draft was so loaded that if we tank there’s an upside, but next year we’d have to tank REALLY bad to get a pick (our 1st round is going to Phx unless top 5). This just won’t fly with Kobe either. Hope this isn’t true. We have the potential with cap space, draft pick, and *knock on wood* kobe returning healthy to begin building a championship team. Can’t screw this up FO.

      • Jim213

        Agree, but another reason why trading down slightly (IMO) should be considered to pick up a few more players given the salary cap scale in place. Thus, giving FO more leeway to spend a little more on FA this off season for the starting rotation.

        Looking at it now don’t care about Nash’s final year being his salary will be off the books next season. But FO seems to forget that #24 is on the roster and rather than place a competitive product on the floor they’re more focused on 2015 FA.

  • Zimmeredge

    la: thad young, mcw (from sixers)
    sixers: nash (from lakers), thompson (from lakers via warriors)
    warriors: love (from wolves)
    wolves: 7 (from warriors via lakers) and lee (from warriors)

    win-win for every body.

    • Bruce

      Looks like Philly is the sucker in this scenario…

      • LAL

        I might be wrong but I think the sucker here is Wolves. An All-Star for 7th pick and 32 year old? Not a good deal for me.

        • Zimmeredge

          hell no. they have 7, 11, Dieng, muhammad, Rubio as young assets and they still have vets like martin, pekovic, lee, brewer, barea, budinger, mbah amoute. so they are either trade bait or experienced players. they have a good core of players.

      • Zimmeredge

        after this trade philly might have 25m of cap space.

    • A Fan

      I heard there’s a rule wherein you can’t trade 1st round draft picks for consecutive years so if LA’s gonna trade their #7 pick, they have to get a ’14 1st round pick in return. And btw, it’s not a win-win. Philly and Minny would be complete suckers to take this deal imo.

      • Zimmeredge

        when i say 7, it’s the player that we have drafted.
        we draft the player the wolves might want in exchange for love.

    • VillainKing

      I think that 4 teams trade scenario will not gonna happen so it’s better for the Lakers to keep the 7th pick..

    • comrade24

      if i could click like on this more than once i would.

      PG- MCW/Farmar/Marshall
      SG- Kobe/ N. Young
      SF- Deng/Henry
      PF- T. Young/Kelly (maybe Hill if price is right)
      C- Gasol???/Sacre

      This lineup is a great, affordable building block for a potential championship team. If we could acquire a top tier FA and we’re in business the following season

      • Zimmeredge

        nick young behinh deng and bazemore behind kobe. henry might stay. meeks is long gone. he worths more than we can offer him.
        we definitely need someone behind gasol to cut his minutes a little bit. Okafor probably on a vet contract?
        mcw kobe deng/ariza young gasol
        farmar/marshall bazemore young kelly okafor
        then we hire d-league players.

  • 3339

    If Parker/Wiggins go 1-2, the more interesting question is what Philly does, because that will have a huge impact on us because our more realistic targets start being picked.

  • Pelon

    I like da other vato Andrew Wiggins more than pendejo Jabari Parker.Si senor Corey gracias for this article it was muy bueno senor.Damn these NBA vato’s have hot senoritas.Tell the Lakers FO to hire more hot senoritas to be dancing as Lakers girls next season.Los Lakers Por Vida.

  • comrade24

    Wiggins may end up going to Cav’s. Read that Parkers workout went poorly, he showed up weighing 255 (11% body fat), not shooting well, and was nervous. Just didn’t have a good showing overall. In the last week before the draft little things like this can greatly sway a teams thought process.

  • Bruce

    Parker going 1st to Cavs is a no brainer, no surprises, but afterwards is what gets
    more interesting. Wiggins might be going 3rd after Dante Exum, then Joel Embiid drops to 6th to Boston.

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