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NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony To Re-Sign With New York Knicks

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UPDATE (1:31 PM PST): According to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, Carmelo Anthony’s agent says a decision has not been made between the Lakers or Knicks:

The speculation has kicked into high gear with many anticipating decisions from superstars LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony on Wednesday or possibly Thursday.

According to Frank Isola of New York Daily News, Carmelo may have already made that decision:

A person close to Anthony told The News on Wednesday that barring a last minute change of heart Anthony will re-sign with the Knicks after “agonizing over this” for the past week.

After Carmelo met with the Los Angeles Lakers last week, the consensus was that the Knicks and Lakers were the frontrunners for his services. Anthony had apparently not ruled out any of the interested teams, but did have Los Angeles and New York atop his list of destinations.

Of course, Isola’s report is still only speculation with the source being a supposed friend of the superstar, but it wouldn’t be all that surprising if it turned out to be true. The Knicks were always considered to be in the lead to land Carmelo, but so many questions surround the immediate future of the squad in New York with Phil Jackson and company having little to work with in terms of upgrading the roster.

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On Thursday, teams around the league can make deals with free agents official. LeBron James and Carmelo will likely announce their intentions either later today or at some point tomorrow.

LeBron is without a doubt the biggest name on the free agent market, but Carmelo is also considered a game-changer and a player that the Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks and Lakers were hoping to bring in.
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  • nash gots to go

    Bron spotted chatting privately with Coach K in Vegas.

    My BOLD guess on the important transcripts of the chat:
    Bron: Hey Coach, I got myself, Melo, and Kob. You want to coach the Lakers?
    K: I don’t want to leave Duke Bron.
    Bron: I’ll make Jimmy offer you $75m five year contract.
    K: Let’s do it.
    Bron: Let me call up Kob and Melo to tell them the great news, don’t leak the information to your loved ones.
    K: Fine.

  • jreed88

    Im thinking let him go wherever. But Carmelo pissing me off. Why would kobe say “Carmelo is worth the wait”, if he didn’t know something we don’t? Is he saying that to say the right thing since Melo hasn’t decided yet, or did he say it cause they been in contact? Also, Melo playing games like he’s won a chip before. All he is is a scorer, no D, just a scorer. What, he gone go back to NY where he just had the worst season and 3yrs of NOTHING. Or the Bulls who wouldn’t win a ring cause you can’t depend on Drose knees, which would leave him taking the scorers role by himself as rose did. Or play with us, with your homie kobe his last 2yrs, randle, and pau who he wants to play with. Plus we gave him coach pick as a recruiting tool. But all this waiting he doing is making other fa’s go elsewhere. I heard Parsons going to Dallas. Right now im just loojing forward to seeing my fav player(kobe) take the floor. Also seeing what Randle can do. I mean, kobe’s won chips with worse. He just needs to decide and quit acting as he has a ring already and some super great player. The knicks aren’t designed to win even if he takes the money, but we would be. I also think, if those reports today were true about him staying with the Knicks for the money and phil, why hasn’t he just came out and said he taking the money? He holding shit up. But if he doesn’t sign with us, im sorry to say I will hope he never wins a ring just like when Dwight Howard played us. Like we don’t have a history of winning. If your not about the Lakers, KISS MY ASS, PERIOD

    • Jaime Mata

      I get the frustration with having to wait and having FAs sign elsewhere, but it’s about his “future”, he can take as long as he needs…….

    • fuck nash man

      well Lakers can start by paying someone to beat up Nash so he cant play anymore. That fucker screwed us up.

  • lakersforlife24

    dont believe this bullshit its a lie he’s deciding tomorrow some retarded knicks reporter said this.

  • Dr. Rasheed

    It’s not over until the fat lady sings…
    despite loosing so many games, Lakers still made plenty of profits compare to other teams.
    Western conference is getting younger and better.
    FO messed up,damage control is in process but factors are not favorable, unfortunately. Some decisions take eternity to get fixed.

  • Lakers4Life

    If Melo joins the Knicks, it only proves that, at the end of the day, this is all about the money, not championships (for Melo). And without LeBron and Melo, I doubt the Lakers will be able to build a championship team in the next 2 years while Kobe remains active.
    It’s sad, but true.

  • Shauntē Mordecai Woodard

    chicago newspaper said that he has sign with new york


    What major free agent wants to come and play for Jim Bust after his last two hires and total disregard when it came to his players input in finding a new head coach.Thats why Dwight left (smart move) plus I’m quiet sure he spoke with Melo and James about playing with Kobe and as to why he left. Then you push Jerry West, Magic, Kareem and so on out the picture to run your own program only to fail miserably. Magic told us Laker Fans that no free agent will come to play for the Lakers because the team is in disarray, Jim Bust could not even address his fans after the Clips destroyed the Lakers this past season, he had to send Jeanie out to do damage control in which she also failed in defending her brother and the team. This Laker organization is no where near what the great Dr. Buss R.I.P. had when he was alive Jim’s ego is the problem. Jeanie gave Kobe that contract to be the spokesperson for the Lakers lets face it his career is at its end !!! We will witness the rise of the Knicks and the Fall of the Lakers If Jim don’t change and swallow his ego he will inherit the title of being the James Dolan of the west !!!

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