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NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Narrows Choices To Knicks, Bulls

One way or another, Phil Jackson will have history with the franchise Carmelo Anthony chooses to sign with in NBA free agency.

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According to Bleacher Report’s Jared Zwerling, Carmelo appears to have narrowed his options to two teams:

Over the past few weeks, the rumors have run rampant about Carmelo’s decision in free agency. Although many anticipate the superstar forward will simply re-sign with the Knicks, things have changed after the perennial All-Star met with all the teams interested in his services.

The Los Angeles Lakers made a big impression on Carmelo when he met with the team last week. The Lakers brass appealed to Carmelo for many different reasons, but now the Chicago Bulls appear to have pushed Los Angeles to the side with the prospect of winning now likely being the selling point.

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No teams have been ruled out of the Carmelo sweepstakes at this point, but all indications point to Chicago or New York being the top two destinations.

Now that LeBron James has decided to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Carmelo’s decision will likely be made soon. Unfortunately, that decision probably won’t happen on Friday, according to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports:

Although Carmelo is still weighing his options and possibly just waiting for the Bulls to clear cap space, there should be more movement on the free agent market with LeBron now in Cleveland.

Other notable unrestricted free agents still available are Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Luol Deng, Ray Allen, Trevor Ariza, Paul Pierce, Nick Young and Pau Gasol. Notable restricted free agents left on the open market consist of Isaiah Thomas, Greg Monroe, Eric Bledsoe, Gordon Hayward and Chandler Parsons.
Kobe Bryant On Pau Gasol’s Free Agency and Lakers Rebuild

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  • Todd

    The Lakers plan A is gone.

    • wangkon936

      They never had a chance. I said that two weeks ago. Plan B should have been our plan A from the very beginning.

      • Jim213

        Need to look up that word ‘chance.’ They got their pitch in while being considered as a top 3 candidate over the other 2 Texas teams.

  • LakersOverEverything

    The source is a bleacher report guy?? Wtf? Why even waste time with this bogus article and source?

  • joe23

    make up your decision man… you ain’t gonna win any championship any way.

  • Ralph

    Mitch better get on the ball and make moves or else end up with trash.

  • LakerSpartan117

    Fuck him… we have to move on now.

    • LakersOverEverything

      Sad thing is, kevin love is likely going to Cleveland, so if we don’t land durant in 2016, it’s pretty much a wrap for us getting a star for a very long time.

  • rival

    Melo is still going to take his time so that he doesn’t look like he was on Bron’s nuts.

    • Redemption Rain


      • rival

        Told me what?

        • Redemption Rain

          Don’t play stupid with me. I told you Melo was not coming to LA, you were living in your fantasy. Look at your comments last week.

        • Jeff

          What happened??? I thought you said the lakers were just waiting to announce on Thursday that melo is coming??? Ha

          • Redemption Rain

            The the delusion ends with this clown LOL

    • Edy

      That’s so true lol

  • Redemption Rain

    I fricken told all of you so! Should have signed some players and have a coach by now. Its good to see this “Melo drama” end and finally REAL Lakers fans can move on with Plan B

    • LAstory

      Yes, if plan B is Jeremy Lin…. from what Houston is trying to do..

      • Redemption Rain

        Lin is Plan C. I see him being the most productive off the bench.

        • LAstory

          I agree with that plus its an expiring contract…

        • Edy

          Productive in getting 15 mil from the lakers

          • Redemption Rain

            Umm no, the Rockets want to trade him to free cap space for Bosh. Lin for 15mill? LOL I’ll get Eric Bledsoe with that kind of money.

          • LAstory

            It’s for one year… Lin comes off the books in 2015

  • AC

    Plan A is gone, now time to move on to Plan B….PLEASE!!!!!

  • sena

    just u know why kobe,love and melo played at ucla?let me answer it coz they are our future big3

    • Yaya

      Never happened. Love wasn’t there, and kobe definitely wasn’t there. Said it himself. Melo probably wasn’t there either.

    • Spade

      Love will be in Cleveland by the end of the Summer. Melo will be in NY or Chicago. It’s over man.

      • LakersOverEverything

        If we don’t land durant in 2016 we are done. That’s out last chance to land a star for a very long time, and it’s probably not happening. Smh sad isn’t it

        • Spade

          That’s why we need to stock up on draft picks starting with the Lin deal. No stars are guaranteed anymore.

        • Jeff

          What dude? Love and Durant are not the only stars the lakers could get in the next 2-3 years. Quit being a baby

    • Christopher Callaway

      Stop. That’s stupid

  • Badazztj12

    Lol fuck this clown. Lets go get Lance Stephenson before its too late

    • wangkon936

      We should have tried for LS A LOT earlier. A LOT.

      • Spade

        Yup. All of a sudden the Pacers look up and they can actually get out the east. I think they will dig deep and give Lance whatever he wants. The East is wide open.

    • Redemption Rain

      Hey Badazz, what time is the summer league?

      • Badazztj12

        6:00 ET

        • Redemption Rain

          I hope I’m wrong, but the real test comes when he plays against NBA caliber players.

        • Matt Martini

          is D.Kane going to be playing? I really like this kid and think he can help us. kanes got game

      • Badazztj12

        I will give you the link later

  • MambaNation

    Fuck melo. move on LakersNation.

  • nash is a thief

    Screw melo, all signing him will do is tie up cap space without winning titles. He’s being the equivilent to a 5 yo girl about this, I’m sure he’s been thinking about this all season so at this point he should have a better idea that flip flopping like Obama over photo ops. We should move on, let him go, wish him the best of luck, and chase guys like: Thomas, Parsons, ariza, Monroe, blatche, Deng, Jordan Crawford, and re-sign hill, Kelly, young, bazemore, then sign Kane and Ross from our summer league roster. If we can nab Thomas, and then get ariza or Deng with a overpaid 2yr contract, then get Monroe we can have a decent roster. Oh and deal Nash for whatever someone will give….. Really, anything at all lol

    • meep

      we arent going to get parson and sign him for 15 mill a year. he going to be a either a rocket or mav,

  • orpheusdagawd

    Fuck this guy. The FO needs to start making moves.

  • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

    wow.. okay. Thanks for wasting our f*ckin’ time, Melo.

  • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

    GO AFTER LANCE STEPHENSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • meep

    lol so many mad laker fans. if this is true and he not coming to la then forget him and lets move on. lakers can now use the money for young players or cheaper vets. i think lakers should get ariza and thomas and resign Henry,bazemore and kelly

  • BigGreenPundit

    Don’t believe any rumors. Chicago is not an option unless they can clear cap room. If you don’t see a Bulls trade first Its not happening. If he was going to NY, he would have gone already. Lakers are still in it.

  • Lakers Fan

    The Lakers need to move on. Like NOW. They can build an actual roster if they don’t sign Melo. LeBron is gone back to Cleveland, and the best chance Melo has at winning a title is with the Bulls. The FO has to start looking elsewhere. The dominoes are beginning to fall, and if the Lakers don’t wake up they will be on the outside looking in.

  • nash screwed the lakers

    The fuck, Lakers about to get Jeremy Lin?!

  • LakerDev

    Can we go after Lance please? Him and Randle can grow together to beast together.

  • LAstory

    I am hearing Jeremy Lin????!!!!

    • Spade

      Yeah. Take his contract plus a draft pick or 2. Mitch sees the writing on the wall now. Time to stockpile assets for the rebuild.

  • Spade

    Now that the pipe dreams are officially dead can we get started on the rebuild now? It’s the only option on the table now.

    • ra

      agree. Melo can duke it out with LBJ now, I think. The East is the Least Easier to get to Finals, but there will be West champions for years and years. Melo won’t get there with ChiTown, or NY KvetcherLosers. LeBron. I don’t know if he will get there either. He needs ‘bigs’, period. That’s not happening in Cleveland (KLove is a defensive liability, so even that isn’t a great prospect).

      Anyway — time to move on. Whew. Glad all this is over, and we can look to the future.

  • meep

    the heat today got worst and the NBA as a whole got better. lebron to the cavs makes the NBA alot better. i know wade bang up but i wonder if he would want to be a laker and move him back to PG.

  • Badazztj12

    I heard Lakers trying to get Lin on espn

    • Spade

      It’s a good move. We get some much needed draft picks and Lin is in the last year of his contract. Mitch is finally starting the rebuild.

  • meep

    Sources say Houston Rockets trying to trade Jeremy Lin to the Los Angeles Lakers. Report now on @SportsCenter. wouldnt be a bad get but i dont like his price tag

    • Badazztj12

      I’m about go check out his hightlights. Is his defense good? I know he a great finisher and can shoot the 3

      • Brandon A. Benitez

        The guys slower than molasses so I doubt it

  • Redemption Rain

    Lin would be nice! Re-hire Mike D’Antoni NOW!!!! LOOOL

    • Badazztj12

      I’m checking out highlights. He has good foot speed to keep up on defense. Can and shoot and work off ball. I bet Bryon Scott could develop him

      • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

        You never seen him play before???

        • Badazztj12

          I seen him play but haven’t been watching him play last year

          • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

            Oh lol
            Yeah, he was pretty good last year, but he fell off during the playoffs.

      • Redemption Rain

        Not going to lie, I like Lin more then Marshall =/

      • Spade

        Lin is only going to be here for one year. What we’re really after are the draft pick attached to the deal. No need to develop Lin.

    • johnkim

      R u fcking kidding me? ur retarded

      • Redemption Rain

        Are you retarded? Do do you not understand sarcasm or jokes?

        Oh and I can’t resist
        “I TOLD YOU SO”

        Peace out delusional Lakers fan

  • JOHNK1m

    Lakers are waste of time. While others picking up other people to show guys like lebron and melo they will have help but lakers stood still with kobe nash and randle and clarkston and marshal they dint pick up anyone who wants to come here with just those ppl. waste of time even i wouldn’t want to go lakers.

    • JOHNk1m

      Oh THEY DONT EVEN HAVE A COACH TOO WTF lakers are doom…… same team as last year

  • NYLakersJ

    Lin to Lakers, baby! Monroe and Lance to follow…

  • Lakers

    CHI will have to move some unwanted pieces in order to make CAP room to sing Melo as a FA. I don’t see anyone (Knicks/Lakers) taking back Carlos Loozer via sign and trade to offer Melo more $$ and help CHI at the same time. Although I believe Melo might really want to go to the Bulls, I really don’t see this happening. At the end of the day, Lakers/Knicks are the only REALISTIC possibilities, unless he wants to go play in Texas.

    • Redemption Rain

      No Melo is making the decision of money or wins. Chicago is realistic, Melo wants to win so he could consider a cut and Boozer will be amnesty to get him in to the roster. NY can offer more money then LA because they have his bird rights and can sign him for 5 years instead of 4 years like the Lakers. If Melo wants money its going to be NY, if he wants the best team available to win a ring its the Bulls, if he wants to play with Kobe well he has us. Its that simple.

      • Lakers

        Amnesty of Boozer alone is not enough though… CHI is at $70.9 MIL payroll and that would only remove $16.8 MIL leaving them at $54.1 which only leaves around $9 MIL to offer Melo??? They would still need to trade Taj Gibson + Mike Dunleavy which would clear up another $12 MIL to offer Melo a total of round $21 MIL..
        If they make this happen, props to them though.

    • Spade

      They’re going to amnesty Boozer. Melo is going to the Knicks or the Bulls. It’s over man. Just accept it. We’re rebuilding now.

  • APrince66

    Oh well laker fans, we can always hope for next years FA. Ugh.
    Houston will be the team to beat I’m afraid. f’n Howard.

  • Dragon

    Melo isn’t that great anyhow we should make run for someone who is good at defense. I say go with Thomas or Monroe. Lets forget about Melo his name is how he plays very mellow with no energy are aggressiveness.

  • Wayne Griffin Jr.

    Wow, everyone’s panty’s are in a bunch. Everything is a rumor until the actual decision is made. If I lived with this much speculation and I worked for Wall Street I would be broke. People need to quit tripping until decisions have been made quit listening to these reporters that know very little.

  • phillip ford

    plan b,plan a;aint trippin on melo or james.we got the black mamba,pau will be bak,we will get Jeremy lin,randle will have a awesome rookie year and will pick up a tall defensive rebound to help ypau.i say 3rd or fourth sedd.ance ur in the playoffs anything could happen,thats why they are the lakeshow.kobe is still the competitive beast he was 5 or ten yrs. ago.calm laker fans kobe gots this.

  • Edy

    I wonder how kobe feels and thinks about he’s good friend melo not wanting to join him

  • Edy

    Plan B Mitch will suck off Jeremy Lin when he becomes a laker and plan C . Mitch will suck off boozer when he also becomes a laker

  • J King

    Fcuk him. It was a risky plan in the first place anyway.

    Let’s move onto plan B. Get rid of (or assassinate) Nash, and bring back Ariza.

    Forget Monroe (he is just an average dude), and I will shoot you if you mention the following names: Bynum, Ramon Sessions, Jordan Hills, and Caron Butler since you’re not a Laker.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      That’s a lot of hate for all those former Lakers. I’d be alright with a minimum contract for Bynum. Maybe he could come in for 10 minutes a game every other week.

    • BULL

      only think I agree with is an Ariza or Deng not both .. same position but I think that’s what u meant.. and I wouldn’t mind hill back but we already have Randal and Kelly so that’s a bigggg maybe.. Randal and Monroe plays the same position .. no need to waste no more time there.. Lin will be a good and I mean good pg for a big .. just hope Gasol will come back to this rebuilding team that’s looking ok .. just need to fill Small forward and Center position .. we will be good

  • esco

    Lance Stephenson is FA too

    • BULL

      you bet to belive Mitch is on that

  • esco

    even more notable than some ot the mentioned

  • ɢᴏᴅ ᴄʜʀɪϟϟϟ✞

    Amnesty of Boozer alone is not enough… CHI is at $70.9 MIL payroll and that would only remove $16.8 MIL leaving them at $54.1 which only leaves around $9 MIL to offer Melo??? They would still need to trade Taj Gibson + Mike Dunleavy which would clear up another $12 MIL to offer Melo a total of round $21 MIL..
    Meaning CHI can only offer around $84MIL X 4 YRS when NYK can give $129MIL!!

  • Steven Mena

    Chicago is not a win now team Wtf. I wish Melo would hurry the Fuck up so the Lake show can move on from this and start grabbing some free agents..

  • LegendInMyMind

    Hope that doesn’t mean anything definitive for Pau.

  • That guy

    We got news that Melo will sign with the lakers this weekend

  • jhernandez1981

    This the same source that claimed he already signed with the Knicks before Jackson said he hadn’t even heard from him? I’m guessng until this dude is seen signing somewhere no one knows what’s going on with this guy.

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