NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Expected To Make Decision By Monday?

NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Expected To Make Decision By Monday?


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UPDATE (9:19 PM PST): According to Yahoo! Sports’ Marc J. Spears, Carmelo Anthony’s decision is not expected to linger late into the week:


After meeting with numerous teams including the Los Angeles Lakers this past week, All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony is expected to make his decision by Monday at the earliest according to USA Today’s Sam Amick:

A decision is expected from Anthony by Monday, though the ever-present fluidity of free agency means there is no definitive timeline.

While the Houston Rockets and Chicago Bulls offer Anthony his best chance to win his first championship, most believe he will ultimately re-sign with the Knicks — even going as far to say that LeBron James is more likely to leave now than him in free agency.

For the Lakers, the franchise is looking to quickly rebuild from the worst season since moving to Los Angeles. After drafting Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson, the team is looking to add one of the biggest free agents available in Anthony. With the team offering the All-Star a max contract at four years, $97 million, it will be interesting to see where he ultimately signs.

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If the Lakers are able to sign Anthony this summer, there is belief that Pau Gasol will eventually re-sign to form a Big Three of their own. Although Kobe Bryant was not able to make the pitch meeting on Thursday due to a schedule change, the five-time champion is expected to reach out to influence his friend to join forces with him in Los Angeles.
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  • vdogg

    bill simmons is just screwing with lakers fans. don’t believe his ass.

    • DeAndre

      Alright i don’t believe a damn thing anyone says until it’s official.What’s you’re stance on Carmelo Anthony as a player and the Lakers needs?I seen you and Independent another poster having tons of arguments with fans and i know you are not trolls but it seemed like ya’ll don’t want him or don’t believe he is signing with the Lakers?I respect you no matter your opinion i was just starting to get amused by the whole Melodrama lol.

      • kookiebuger

        Melo isn’t the answer and will make the team a 1st/2nd round exit at best with no bench.

        • DeAndre

          Yeah it’s too early predict for me but you do have a solid argument.All his career it’s been out in first or second round i know he had 1 WCF appearance that’s not promising.

          • Tune

            Prior success means nothing, Melo hasn’t had much to work with. With the Lakers we can have a solid team.

        • Jack Burton

          Kind of like Kobe was a 1st round exit with Caron Butler and Lamar Odom.

  • Andy L

    Wow… these endless regurgitated non-stories.

  • Cypressmurf

    Fuck Bill Simmons. Seriously ESPN needs to fire him already, the bias and rude remarks he makes towards the Lakers are unprofessional and annoying.

    • vdogg

      second. all in favor??

      • kookiebuger


        • vdogg

          haha, thanks. i was waiting for someone to chime in with that!

          • Dakota Friedman

            Him along with Steven A. Smith.

  • JohnSmith00

    Was wondering why the Lakers were trending…. man fuck bill simmons bitch ass mofo got my hopes up, here I thought Carmelo had chosen the Lakers. Well I’m now kind of hoping he’s telling the truth even if it means the Lakers have the smallest chance, because it means the Rockets are out. I for one would rather see the Lakers lose out on everyone just as long as the Rockets do too.

    • Jim213

      Likely aware of this post but per dumb Bill Simmons:

      “Hearing the Lakers made a MAJOR impact on Melo this week – it’s now a legit 3-way battle between LA/Chi/NYK to land him.”

      • JohnSmith00

        No Lakers fan is going to trust Bill Simmons, which is why it’s easy to assume that it’s BS. Luckily though Ramona Shelburne and John Ireland have both said it’s true.

        • Jim213

          Some will disagree, but out of the 3 teams the Lakers would present the best option for Melo to compete next season. Knicks will likely require a few years to surround Melo with a strong competitive team that could possible be considered a yearly contender years from now.

          Bulls will still need to load up their roster to take on the Heat if the big 3 happened to return next season. Melo will add instant offense to the Bulls but they’ll need more than him and a rookie (McDermott) to contend instantly tho Gasol possibly ending up with the Bulls could help make a quicker turn around.

          With #24, Melo, Randle, and Pau as starters that would be a competitive team for next season. As even if Pau decided to go elsewhere they could sign O Okafor to a one year deal ($5-6 mil? )and wait for Pau’s brother (Marc) to hit the market (UFA) in 2015/16.

          The Lakers brand has more appeal (business wise) as opposed to the Knicks and Bulls. When rumors spread at the start of last season that Melo showed interest in the Lakers it was brought up that his off the court business ventures factored into his decision in considering the Lakers in FA. No bigger brand than the Lakers (internationally) to take advantage of off the court business dealings.

          Aside of that the Lakers take care of their top talent and tho the Knicks can offer Melo a 5 yr deal he’d likely be leaving $8 mil on the table (if Lakers could match 5 yr deal) if Melo came to LA. But he’d make more $$ business wise (off court) than what both the Bulls and Knicks can offer aside of basketball.

          However, rather than wait FO best start to acquire some good defensive minded role players for next season even if Melo doesn’t end up in LA.

          • kookiebuger

            What? The Lakers are a few years from contention as well as the Knicks a team of Kobe,Melo,Randle,and Gasol would be nice from an offensive stand point defensively it will be awful with barely enoguh money to sign a bench. Realistically this team would finish 6th in the West and be a 1st round exit, if everybody is healthy.

          • kookiebuger


          • Jim213

            LOL, nah, what will determine if the Lakers are decent or not next season will be what FO places around the starters. Been saying it since last off season. acquire reliable players for the bench that can play D and seeing as they haven’t dealt for anyone decent yet for the 2nd unit that’s a big problem.

            If Melo didn’t come to LA, FO’s lack of decision making in acquiring reliable players to help the starters out is why they’ll either finish with a decent record next season (500 avg) or end up in the lottery again. #24 will still play D but not as reliably as in the past while Randle will help gasol inside being they avg close to a double double. That’s why acquiring defensive minded players to help the starters is the #1 issue.

          • kookiebuger

            Again I don’t see them finishing above 6th in the West, they’ll be playing OKC,Spurs,Rockets,Clppers, Warriors,Blazers,Mavs,Memphis,Suns, Pelicans (if they can stay healthy), and the Nuggets, all these teams can potentially make the playoffs. Kobe will want to guard the best Guard on all the teams which doesn’t sound like a good idea for him defensively/heath wise. Melo is an above averaged defender when he wants to be but the most part is just atrocious same with Gasol and Randle. The bench right now is up in the air but the Lakers will have 7 million dollars to buy a bench which honestly sounds like 1 or 2 good bench players and then bench warmers. From a rebuilding prospective the Front office is making a terrible decision by tying up 2/3 of the teams cap to 2 players (Kobe,Melo).

          • Jim213

            Seven mil?!… the cap will increase slightly as the tax level threshold will be somewhere in the ballpark of $77 mil. Close to $50 mil with #24 and Melo (IF?). However, Pau can be acquired with an over 36 rule contract.

            Acquiring Nash was what really hurt the franchise given
            they gave too much away while likely being able to utilize the picks to acquire younger talent under the salary cap scale. IMO, assuming Pau get an over 36 rule contract the Lakers still have somewhere around $18 mil to sign some solid pieces for the 2nd unit (as long as Nash gets also gets traded for another player and the new acquisition gets traded elsewhere for a pick(s)?

            Bazemore, X, Young (possibly) while pursuing a solid player like ex. Anthony Morrow ($3.5 mil) who can help at both ends of the floor while not needing the ball to make an impact on the floor. After the trade deadline is when they”ll be screwed but acquire solid pieces for now and wheel and deal them before the deadline to fall back under the cap.

            #enough lol

          • kookiebuger

            The maximum cap space is 63.2 million what you are talking about the luxury tax threshold which is different, The Lakers only have 28 million in spending money offer Melo a max is 20+ million probably 22-23 million that’s 2/3 (46 million) on 2 players and that’s not including Randle,Nash,Sacre,Clarkson, and Marshall ( it’s about 16 million) which puts the Lakers at about 62 million so they would actually have 1.2 to spend before going over which is hardly enough to get a decent bench which would make this team a 1st round exit and 6th best in the West.


          • Jim213

            The NBA utilizes a luxury tax system that is applied if the team payroll exceeds a separate threshold higher than the salary cap. If a team exceeds the luxury tax threshold, they must pay one dollar to the league for every dollar that they are over the limit. The resulting total is then distributed to the remaining teams that are under the tax threshold.

          • Barbara Long

            ESPN, Stephen A. Smith said that LeBron is in no hurry to make a decision.

          • LakersOverEverything

            Yeah and players will definitely come to play with melo, kobe, gasol, and randle. I could seriously see us starting the season as a top 5 team.

          • Jim213

            Most importantly star players will likely want to team up to play with Melo when Kobe calls it quits thus keeping the brand competitive another 5+ yrs.

          • LakersOverEverything

            Right! Landing melo is more important for the team’s future than most fans realize

          • kookiebuger

            Yeah, I’m sure players will be eager to play with a 32-33 year old Melo.

          • LakersOverEverything

            Sarcasm noted. Yeah they def would tho

          • kookiebuger

            I doubt it.

          • LakersOverEverything

            Not really. If melo signs, others will come to play with a core of melo, kobe, gasol, randle. We could legit go into the season as a top 5 team.

  • Buffy

    Oh it’s Bill Simmons lol okay Mitch is talking to Billy in private oh ya sure.

  • GOD CHRI$$$ ✞

    bill simmons… this dude doesn’t know sh*t about basketball. This stuff he says on air is non sense and doesn’t even make sense basketball wise half the time. He’s salty we actually have a chance to get melo and his celtics aren’t doing sh*t to get better.


    And guess what? His decision WON’T BE the Los Angeles Lakers!

  • VillainKing™


  • Kobe Gagnon

    This is just a pointless article

  • cxt7

    Over the hill kobe…always injured gasol and ball hog anthony more like three stooges then big 3.

  • Jim

    Everyone one is just acting like Randall isn’t there. If he comes out strong and you know Kobe is coming back with a vengeance for last year. Just with Kobe and Randall I think we will be a contender, it all depends on how Kobe comes back that will determine what chances at a ring we have. I hope Melo comes it will work out to everyone advantage Melo wants his first ring Kobe wants at least one more to add to his collection, and Randall if he comes out in beast mode and gets a ring his first year in the NBA will boast his career major.

    • Chris Park

      Okay, lets be real here. I like Julius Randle and I hope he becomes a great player but Kobe Bryant + Julius Randle will not land Lakers a ring next season.

      • NukleUp

        No they won’t, Jim seems like he hasn’t been watching the Western Conference the past few years, our Conf. is a monster. You need more than Kobe and a rookie to come out the west!

    • ssw265

      What are you drinking 90 proof Kool Aid the Lakers are not contending for any Championship with or without Melo, your statement is delusional, look Buddy get yourself a few cups of Black Coffee you need it, the only way the Lakers will contend for a Championship this year is if all the true contending team in the West are kill in a Airplane accidents than they can get in by default.

      • Nexzen

        One lesson you haven’t learned in sports yet, never count out Kobe.

        • ssw265

          You don’t know at this stage in Kobe career what you’re getting back after sitting out most of the season with this type of injury and his age will play a big part in it.

  • Sohail

    What has Melo done to earn a Max deal? Sure he is a pure scorer, however if he is worth Max dollars, then he could have at least led the Knicks to even an 8th seed this past season in one of the worst Eastern conferences in history.

    He is a great player, but I think I can count the number of playoff series he has won on one hand. What do you all think?

    • Nexzen

      It’s a team sport. Melo never had a championship contender team.

  • ssw265

    Melo is staying in New York so that Phil Jackson can built a team around him, I just don’t get why Lakers Fans would want to see Kobe and Melo together it won’t work two iso players on the same team it would turn into a disaster, this team would be worst than when you had Dwight Howard and by the way what coach other than Phil Jackson would be able to milk both Kobe and Melo ego. This pairing would become heartburn on the fans and the players once they don’t win. What about Kobe are you getting the same Kobe back, or are you going to get the Kobe coming back after major surgery and a year older. They won’t beat the Spurs, OKC, Clippers, or Golden State none of these guys are athletic none of them play defense Kobe use to but can’t now. The Lakers should try and add little pieces and wait until next year’s free agents that can enhance the team chances of competing for a Championship because Melo and Kobe together won’t get the job done.

    • Nexzen

      None of these guys are athletic….. Lmao

      • ssw265

        You should be LMAO just take a look at Miami and the Spurs series the team that was Athletic was the Spurs they ran circle around the Heat they faster than the Heat.

  • nash gots to go

    when the fuck is he going to make up his mind. fuck i can’t wait.