NBA News: T-Wolves Owner Says Kevin Love Won’t Be Traded By The Draft Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="196"] With the NBA draft lottery on Tuesday, Kevin Love rumors have started to heat up again. Since there are reports that Love intends to [new_royalslider id="196"] With the NBA draft lottery on Tuesday, Kevin Love rumors have started to heat up again. Since there are reports that Love intends to Rating: 0
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NBA News: T-Wolves Owner Says Kevin Love Won’t Be Traded By The Draft

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With the NBA draft lottery on Tuesday, Kevin Love rumors have started to heat up again. Since there are reports that Love intends to exercise his early termination option and become a free agent in 2015, many feel the Minnesota Timberwolves are under pressure to trade the All-Star forward.

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Before the Lynx’s home opener on Sunday, Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor addressed these rumors and said the team will not trade Love before the NBA draft in June according to StarTribune’s Jerry Zgoda:

“Not by the draft,” Taylor said before Sunday’s Lynx home opener at Target Center about such a possibility.

While Minnesota is hopeful a new coach and adding players will convince Love that the future is bright, it appears that both sides will eventually part ways either through trade or free agency.

With numerous teams interested in his services, the Lakers have acknowledged they are willing to trade the lottery pick and Love is likely the prime target. Depending on what pick they get on Tuesday will determine what course of action they will take.

On Tuesday, the Lakers have a 6.3 percent chance of landing the first overall pick and a 21.5 percent chance of landing a top-three pick in this year’s highly anticipated draft that features Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid, Dante Exum, and Julius Randle.
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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Okay whatever happens happens i am prepared for anything good or bad.

    • comrade24

      agreed. I’m fine with keeping the pick and having an exciting new draft pick or acquiring Love. The real way i’m going to judge this summer is whatever OTHER moves the FO makes. Can they bring in quality complimentary players to play around Kobe and draft pick/Kevin Love? Can they bring in a Gortat? a Monroe? A Deng? A Lowry? I believe these moves are really what’s going to define this upcoming season. Kobe and Kevin Love with a bunch of d-league players may be good enough for a 1st round playoff exit, but it’s not enough to put us back in the Western Conference elite.

  • kookiebuger

    Thank god, keep the pick/player.

    • Cedric Hudson

      I think trading the pick is our best move. I think adding a young established player like Love is better than drafting a player who will have to develop. And adding one of the free agent point guards Kyrie Irving or Kemba Walker we’ll be good for years to come.

  • 3339

    best case Kevin Love scenario for Lakers is hoping Minnesota keeps Love, trying to convince him to stay only to see him walk in free agency to us.
    If the Lakers stay where projected in the lottery (#6) I really don’t see that being even close to enough to trade for Love. The pick is really the only trade asset we have. If we get into the top 3 you absolutely can’t give away that player. those players at the top will be stars. We could form a big 3 with Kobe, Love (or another big FA), and the draft pick.

    • comrade24

      yeah, it’s looking like the most likely destination would be Golden State too. We definitely don’t need that. They have the best assets to offer and their starting lineup would be SCARY. Hoping we can land him at the trade deadline without losing whoever we draft.

      • 3339

        If I’m the Warriors I tell the Wolves that they can take their pick of anyone outside Curry and Thompson.
        If the Wolves can draft a good player they might keep Love and try and convince him to stay.

    • Jim213

      Nope, Wolves will not let him walk (UFA) for nothing. Best case scenario is if the Wolves wait until the trade deadline to ship Love out. By then the odds would be in their favor IMO given the team’s of interest would likely sweeten their deals more to land Love. Lakers would’ve also have signed some bait (FA) to sweeten the pot if they decided to keep their draft pick (tho there’s a better scenario depending where they land draft wise).

  • TheTruthKills

    Our one draft pick isn’t enough to get Love. We don’t have enough. Accept it. Embrace it.

    • Jim213

      Correct, currently they don’t have enough value to make an equal trade for Love as aside of #24 (Nash and Sacre) are the only ones inked today.

  • ra

    yeah, why would Minny trade Love before the draft, i.e., for a draft ‘pick’. Instead, let the teams pick their draft, and trade with the team afterwards.

    Here’s what Minny would want from LA: whatever the draft produces, plus and sign and trade with Pau Gasol (i.e., PG signs w/ Lakers, traded to Minny). I don’t think that will happen – Pau wants to stay with the Lakers.

  • Aaron

    Realistically speaking if the Lakers get Kevin Love in a trade then what will the Lakers front office do to round out the rest of the lineup?I hope this can be truly a possible lineup for the Lakers to contend for a championship with Kobe and Love.I am assuming the expiring contract of Steve Nash gets traded to the Wolves along with our lottery pick.So that Nash being traded helps out the cap space.Love makes $15 million plus Kobe makes #23 million dollars per that’s $38 million dollars leaving $25 million dollars to fill out the roster plus $5 million dollars mid level exception that is $30 million dollars total in cap space after Love and Kobe salaries are counted.

    PG Eric Bledsoe $15 million dollars+Marshall veteran minimum+Farmar minimum
    SG Kobe $23 million dollars+Kent Bazemore veteran minimum
    SF Luol Deng $7 million dollars+Xavier Henry veteran minimum
    PF Kevin Love $15.7 million dollars+Ed Davis $2.5 million+Ryan Kelly minimum
    C Marcin Gortat Full Mid Level Exception+Emeka Okafor minimum+Sacre minimum

    Lakers are allowed to sign veteran minimum players to fill out spots once they reach the salary cap limit of $63.5 million dollars.So they can go over that number as long as it’s veteran minimum contracts and the full mid level exception.Yes the Lakers can field a very competitive playoffs team if Kobe is still the Kobe Bryant of old and still has the health like he did in his championship days and also they better hope The Phoenix Suns say no to paying Eric Bledsoe the max at $15 million dollars.As we all know Robert Sarver is the cheapest owner in all of pro sports so this is in the Lakers favor of course.

  • VillainKing

    Thank you very much!!!That sounds good!!!!!Keep the pick LAKERS!!!!

  • Alexandra Taylor

    This whole Kevin Love trade/draft is the Dwight Howard trade/draft scenario all over again. I say pass on Love it looks like trouble now. There are too many places that he wants to be all of a sudden.

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