NBA News: Steve Kerr Accepts Head Coaching Job With Golden State Warriors Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="279"] Ever since Phil Jackson took over as President of Basketball Operations for the New York Knicks, it has been assumed that Steve Kerr [new_royalslider id="279"] Ever since Phil Jackson took over as President of Basketball Operations for the New York Knicks, it has been assumed that Steve Kerr Rating: 0
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NBA News: Steve Kerr Accepts Head Coaching Job With Golden State Warriors

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Ever since Phil Jackson took over as President of Basketball Operations for the New York Knicks, it has been assumed that Steve Kerr would go to New York and become the Knicks head coach.

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Both the Lakers and Golden State Warriors had given up in their pursuit of Kerr, believing that it was too late to get Kerr to budge. But after missing out on Stan Van Gundy, the Warriors went after Kerr again and Kerr relented, electing to go to Golden State instead of the Knicks according to TNT’s David Aldridge:

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the deal is for five years and $25 million.

As Aldridge tweeted, this move was a stunner. Kerr had seemed like a lock to go to New York, but despite having an offer from the Knicks, he continually held off on signing the deal.

After the news of Van Gundy’s deal came out yesterday, Kerr apparently wanted more than three years on his contract. The Knicks went up to four years, but the Warriors trumped them with five and now Kerr is headed to Oakland.

The Warriors boast one of the NBA’s best young players in Stephen Curry, along with excellent pieces in David Lee and Klay Thompson. The move also allows Kerr, who lives in San Diego, to stay relatively close to home.

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With Kerr and Van Gundy gone, and the team showing no interest as of this point in Lionel Hollins, the big name options are beginning to disappear for the Lakers. The team wants to wait at least until the NBA Draft Lottery next Tuesday, but at this rate, all of the top coaches available may be gone by then.
Top Lakers Head Coaching Candidates

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  • Chris Park

    Can anyone please explain to me why Steve Kerr was is so wanted?

    I know he did a decent job as executive in Phoenix but I don’t see why he would be wanted as a coach. Especially seeing that Mark Jackson was a great coach

    • Charles Barkley

      Its probably that PJ effect. He implanted in team’s heads that he was going after Steve Kerr, and so other teams were like ah man gotta go after him. LOL just a theory. But I guess that even without a coaching history, I think with his championship resume, the fact that he has played under Pop and PJ, and that he has managed the Suns, I think it is just his time to step into a coaching position. Just definitely not a coach for the Lakers though.

    • TheTruthKills

      He got the Phil Jackson stamp of approval.

    • Lakers4Life

      Steve Kerr:
      (1) Won 5 championships — 3 under Phil Jackson, 2 under Greg Popovich, two of the best coaches in recent NBA history. So we can safely say his coaching philosophies will be greatly influenced by these godly coaches.
      (2) He was a smart, high IQ bball player. Add his NBA analyst role to that and you have a coach who will know what to do at the right times, what types of plays to run in tough situations, how to motivate the team and balance minutes, etc.
      (3) He’s well respected and liked by those around him. So unlike Dumbtoni, we can expect him to get along with his players, personnel and fans.
      (4) Jason Kidd had no coaching experience (like Kerr) and yet he did a great job — or let’s say he did a better job than all these coaches with years under their belt — with the Nets this year. It means a coach doesn’t necessarily need to be a veteran to succeed in the NBA.
      (5) Kerr also experienced the GM side of things for a few years in Phoenix, so that’s just another dimension to add to his knowledge of the game and dynamics of the NBA which would only benefit the team if anything.

  • ra

    Good. Better them than us. Kerr is a ‘nice guy’, but not a Championship coach (or … a coach — yet ???)

    Also – PJ needs to ‘not’ mention who he might consider for coach. Practice the Law of Silence, Phil. The ‘public announcement’ strategy that is used to motivate players (e.g., Kobe, Lakers), doesn’t work well for ‘coach searches’.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Phil Jackson deserves a percentage of this contract.Phil took Steve Kerr from a announcer and gave NBA owners and GM the illusion that Steve Kerr is a hot coaching candidate it’s the power of the zen master prevailing once again.

    • Jim213

      Thank Phil, seriously doubt Kerr will be able to motivate the team as much as Jackson which goes with demeanor.

      • ra

        and, if Mark Jackson quits coaching and goes back to announcing, he can announce the GSW games (when they are on ESPN) and politely comment that the team has taken a dive.

  • Trevor

    Kerr made the right move. GS is the better job right now with them having a strong core of young guys to work with and build around, while the Knicks are a smoldering mess. On the other hand, why is Kerr so in demand given he has NO coaching experience ever? So what if Phil wanted him to be the coach? Since when exactly did a Phil Jackson assistant or ex-player become a successful or even ok coach? Some teams are really drunk on the Phil Kool-Aid thinking he knows everything when he himself is unproven as a GM/Pres. of Bball operations.

  • cyborgspider

    If the Warriors miss the playoffs next season (and it may happen if he loses the team or implements an incompatible system), the owners are certainly going to have egg on their face.

    • ra

      agree. Get ready for a GSW omelette next year. Kerr will be wearing the chef’s hat. Nice guy, but coach? No onions, please. Yes, cheese.

  • Lakers4Life

    A major, major loss for our Lakers as Kerr was the best candidate for us. Once again Mitch and the FO is too passive and we lose a great potential coach to the Warriors. What a sad day for the Lakers.

    • cyborgspider

      Are you being sarcastic? Kerr has never coached before, you have no idea how he deals with chemistry issues or drama within the team, nobody knows if he’s a screamer, tactician, motivator or innovator, he’s a giant question mark. “Well, what if he turns out great?” – you can say about any unproven commodity with good broadcasting skills who’s played for a championship coach. It’s absolutely absurd for anyone to be upset at the Lakers FO.

      • vdogg


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