NBA News: Stan Van Gundy Agrees To Become Pistons Coach, President

NBA News: Stan Van Gundy Agrees To Become Pistons Coach, President


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One of the most experienced and successful head coaches available is no longer on the market, but it wasn’t one of the popular jobs that lured him away.

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ESPN’s Marc Stein reports that the Detroit Pistons and Stan Van Gundy have reached a deal to become head coach and President of Basketball Operations:

Stein also reports that the deal is for five years for an estimated $35 million.

Van Gundy was one of the most popular names in coaching circles and had been linked to both the Lakers and the Golden State Warriors. Instead, he will take control of a Pistons team with an elite young big man in Andre Drummond and a solid young core.

The Warriors had really begun to focus on Van Gundy after it became apparent that Steve Kerr was leaning towards taking the New York Knicks head coaching position.

With Van Gundy and presumably Kerr now off the market, the Lakers will have to focus their sights elsewhere. There are still a number of solid coaches to be had including George Karl, Lionel Hollins, and Kevin Ollie.

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The Lakers have said that they will take their time in naming a new coach. With a high draft pick, a big chunk of cap space, and the history of the Lakers franchise on their side, the Lakers job remains one of the premier openings in the NBA.
Top Lakers Head Coaching Candidates

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  • Josh

    That’s one loser coach off the market. Let’s see some others go before the Lakers hire one of them. Take your time Jim and Mitch; there are no proven winners available (unless you count B Scott), so find someone who will be on the same page as you…which I guess is focusing on quality bigs in a centerless NBA.

    • Mel

      You said B Scott is a proven winner. Thats funny!

      • Josh

        He’s accomplished MUCH more than any other candidate out there. Best playoff record of any of the other guys. He’s proven twice that he can build a team from scratch. I didn’t call him a proven winner, but I conceded that some might consider him a proven winner.

        • Sylvia Ross

          Josh, you are so right. Byron Scott, is a proven winner.!!

    • SoulChorea

      At first, I didn’t get the sarcasm lol…I think the Lakers are gonna wait until all the good coaches are taken by other teams, and then just settle with whoever is left (B Scott lol). JVG and Thibodeau should have gotten calls by now

      • Chris Park

        Thibodeau probably staying in Chicago.

        Assuming D.Rose can come back even 70%~80% of what he was + maybe even Melo coming in, no way Thibodeau would leave the bulls

      • cyborgspider

        Yeah, I hope JVG is high on their list. Seems to have the least downside among the candidates.

        G Karl – no defense, Antoni 2.0. Hollins – too old school perhaps, uncreative offense. B Scott – bad endings with his teams. Rest are unavailable or college coaches.

      • Josh

        Don’t misunderstand me. There are no proven coaches available, and Byron Scott is easily the best out there. The Lakers ought to wait because the most important thing for them is finding a coach who shares the same basketball philosophies as the front office. The worst thing they can do is hire another coach who is not on the same page as management. If Jim and Mitch still think they can build a winner around bigs, then they need to find a coach who shares that vision or else Gasol/Hill/Kaman/Sacre will happen all over again.

        The team is not allowed to speak with Thibodeau unless the Bulls give the okay. JVG hates the Lakers, and has led quality teams to 6 first- or second-round exits in 9 playoff appearances. Not the kind of resume I want coaching my Lakers.

        • SoulChorea

          LOL Goodbye

          • Josh

            If the Lakers aren’t allowed to talk to Thibs, and JVG has a TERRIBLE postseason record, who else you got? You think it doesn’t matter if the front office and coach are on the same page? You think it doesn’t matter if Mitch spends the team’s money on free agents and the coach doesn’t play them?

            You can try to dismiss logic and reason if you want; I guess that’s your right.

          • SoulChorea

            Ok I’ll take the bait lol….your first sentence called SVG a “loser coach”, and then you proceeded to say that the Lakers should just take their time.

            SVG WAS one of the best options out there, and by “taking their time”, they let him go to the Pistons, where he’s going to be successful. If they’re not waiting for Thibodeau or JVG (who is possibly a better coach than his brother), then what the heck are they waiting for? We’re not in the playoffs, so this IS the postseason and good available coaches are taking jobs now. Only reason to wait is because either they have their guy in mind, or they have no idea what they’re even looking for. My money’s on that second one.

          • Josh

            My take on SVG: Yes, he reached the playoffs every season in Miami and Orlando. However, that was in a weak conference, and Pat Riley didn’t trust him to get the job done after he lost to the Pistons with Wade, Shaq, Eddie Jones, and Mourning. In seven playoff appearances, he lost in the first or second round four times. He’s better than JVG, and is one of the better coaches anyone has rumored as a potential Laker coach, but I’m glad he’s off the board now. I don’t want to see the Lakers settle for any coach with a long record of postseason failure. Give me a guy who has proven he can build a contender out of nothing like Byron Scott, or hire a young budding coach who will run the team the way the front office wants it run. There is no rush for either of those options.

  • Kemba

    Stan Van Gundy is a good coach and he is a lot better than most people think.Good hiring by the struggling Detroit Pistons franchise.The Lakers just gotta wait and see what happens with the rest of the playoffs maybe a coach or two will get fired and we can get a great NBA head coach if not the NCAA has Kevin Ollie and Fred Hoiberg waiting to coach for big money in the NBA.

    • cyborgspider

      I’m glad SVG didn’t go to the Warriors, since I think he’s an upgrade over Jackson. However, I don’t see any coaches left in the playoffs that the Lakers could nab. Pop, Spolestra, Rivers aren’t going anywhere (well, Doc if the Sterlings stay, but that’s a long-shot). The rest (Stotts, Vogel, Wittman, Brooks, Kidd) aren’t Lakers-caliber. The team should just hone in on someone now, I hope they lean towards JVG at the moment.

  • Godfrey Uche

    My prayer is that Mitch makes the best decision and get the right coach for my Lakers, Now go Mitch go.

  • ra

    As I said, SVG is one of a ‘few’ Championship-Level coaches. He was the only one able to take DH to the Finals. He has energy, and intelligence.

    It is a big loss for the Lakers (Detroit ?????). I’m sure they never even spoke with SVG. The Lakers are going to let more coaches slip by, and we’ll end up hiring the leftover ‘dregs’. (not many Championship-Level coaches left – still hoping for Doc Rivers to bail Clips and come to the Lakers)

  • Marty Susman

    The Lakers better have already spoken to their next head guy or they will lose him…A lot of teams need a good coach & they are hiring them…NO one thought Kerr would turn down Phil & the Nicks, he did for S.F., that surprised me big time…Let’s not lose the coach we need by waiting, Mitch had better “chat” with his new man before he loses him…