NBA News: Ricky Rubio Believes T-Wolves ‘Need A Different Leader’

NBA News: Ricky Rubio Believes T-Wolves ‘Need A Different Leader’


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With Kevin Love reportedly telling the Timberwolves that he plans to exercise his early termination option after the season, it is beginning to look like Love’s time in Minnesota will be ending soon.

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Now it sounds like Ricky Rubio is ready to take over the leadership role for the team whether Love is there or not. According to Bleacher Report, Rubio acknowledged Love’s greatness, but also called into question his leadership:

He’s a special player, the numbers he puts up are incredible, but we need a different leader. He’s our leader in points and other things, but vocally he’s not the type of player that wants to be, or that can be the leader. There are different types of leaders. It didn’t have to be him. It could have been Kevin Martin, who has a bit more experience, or I could take a step forward and be the definitive leader.

These are strong words from Love’s longtime teammate. There is no question Love is talented, but many wonder whether he is someone who can truly put his team on his back and lead them to the playoffs and beyond.

Timberwolves fans witnessed Kevin Garnett get the team to the playoffs for years with a lackluster supporting cast, yet Love has been unable to get the Timberwolves over the hump.

The leader of the team is not always the best player. Kobe Bryant was obviously at the head of the Lakers last two championship teams, but Derek Fisher’s presence was invaluable. He was just as much of a leader, if not more, than Bryant.

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Love will have a number of teams lining up their best trade offers in order to acquire him. But if there are some leadership issues, it changes the type of team you have to put around him.
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  • what

    How can Rubio say anything about Love what in the world has he ever done besides not live up to the hype he came into the league with he has no scoring talent what so ever a straight out disappointment he can want to be the leader all he wants but the bottom line is you can talk the talk all you want but if you can’t walk the walk you just have flapping gum I’m say this and I’m not sure he’s right for the Lakers but on the court he flat out performs the same can and won’t be said about Rubio

    • MarcellaWise710

      The “hype” you are talking about was completely over-exaggerated, like most hype is. This kid averaged something like six ppg, and three apg in Europe. And I say “kid” because he is still only 23 years old. He has finished in the top seven in assists, two out of his first three years in the league. The year he finished out of the top seven, he finished in 11th place…. so, please, rethink your statement. Has he not lived up to the hype, or has he surpassed the hype?

    • Jim213

  • daniel

    How about sending Kobe for Love, and a bunch of high round picks?

    • comrade24

      about as much chance of that happening as the Lakers signing Smush Parker and trading him straight across for Love. What is with the lack of loyalty here in Lakers nation? smh

      • Devon Samuels²⁴

        he not a Lakers fan to began with just one of them typical Lakers/Kobe hater

      • Jim213

        Gotta ignore the kooks.

    • lakers4life

      sending kobe for love is blasphemy! How dare you speak in that tongue about kobe or the lakers …kobe is lakers and lakers are either ride or get off..choose one

    • CJ

      first this is just doesn’t make sense, second you cant send kobe, kobe has a no trade clause in his contract, you would have to ask him to remove that and I doubt kobe would do that to go to MIN

    • nlruizjr

      Because Love is no Kobe, remember what has Love done…….nothing !!!!!

    • Nashir Mohammed

      kevin love is unproven in the playoffs, not to mention the finals and he injured himself for a whole season doing pushups and you want to trade him for kobe? stop trolling.

    • Matt Williams

      You’re an idiot!

  • comrade24

    These are the last things you want to hear if you’re the Timberwolves. These comments by Rubio only further Minnesota’s problem. Good for us though.

  • Adrian

    Don’t worry Rubio will take love and here on the lakers he won’t need to be that kind of leader when u have kobe and even steve nash too.

  • Javier

    Truthfully Kevin Love is a good player that puts up huge numbers on a bad team.But Kevin Love never has made the playoffs and he is not a leader at all.Kevin Durant is way more of a leader than Kevin Love.Come on now Blake Griffin has made the playoffs 3 out of the 4 years he has been in the NBA.Kevin Love has zero playoff games under his belt just zero.Kevin Love is a bad leader and he can’t carry a team into the playoffs,Kevin Love has Rubio and Nikola along with other decent players like Dieng and Brewer and still no playoffs ever for him.Kevin Love is a major stat padder he pads his stats and plays no defense.

  • jhernandez1981

    Obviously he’s not entirely wrong. I dont think that’s a slight against Love though. Its an under performing franchise with a few under performing or overrated players and a great PF. One man has never carried a team to a title, and they never will.

  • ra

    .. or.. maybe buddy from Spain, Pau Gasol, would be a good leader.

  • Lakers4ever

    if Timberwolves is in the east, Love will be in the playoffs

  • cov

    Kevin love is the best power forward in the game that’s playing on a real bad team it’s not his fault that his team is really bad his numbers speak for itself

  • kebs hags

    I think Kevin Love is one of the greatest PFs today. It’s too bad he’s in a loosing team. He’s a good leader but not great. He’s a good leader in a sense that he leads his team towards the top 10 in the West. West teams are strong teams man! Anyway, a great leader doesnt have to lead the team in scoring, rebounds or assist. It’s about LEADER qualities, it’s just like another coach out there. I believe Ricky Rubio is a great leader someday, fact is, he already showing it now. He want’s the responsibility, Let him have it.

  • Sti1lmatic

    No point in wasting time discussing how the nba seems rigged at times. Hopefully the suits can pull a rabbit out if the hat with the #7 pick