NBA News: Phil Jackson Meeting With Carmelo Anthony In Los Angeles Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="248"] The rumors have started to run rampant about the immediate future of Carmelo Anthony. The superstar forward will opt out of his deal [new_royalslider id="248"] The rumors have started to run rampant about the immediate future of Carmelo Anthony. The superstar forward will opt out of his deal Rating: 0
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NBA News: Phil Jackson Meeting With Carmelo Anthony In Los Angeles

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The rumors have started to run rampant about the immediate future of Carmelo Anthony. The superstar forward will opt out of his deal with the New York Knicks next month and intends to explore his options in free agency.

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With the recent rumor circulating that the Miami Heat might pursue Anthony, the pressure is on for Phil Jackson and company to keep the perennial All-Star in New York. Miami isn’t the only team that will be gunning for Anthony as the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls will also make an attempt to sign the superstar.

Jackson and owner James Dolan will try and sell on Anthony on the prospect of staying in New York during a visit with the face of the franchise this weekend in Los Angeles, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

The New York Knicks are sending a high-level delegation – including president Phil Jackson and owner James Dolan – to Los Angeles this weekend to sell All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony on a future with the franchise, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

At this point in time, there’s been no indication which way Anthony may be leaning with only a few weeks left until the start of NBA free agency on July 1. The Heat entering the race for Anthony’s services definitely makes things interesting and might draw out the process longer than expected, but New York may still be where he ends up signing when it is all said and done.

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As for the Lakers, there’s been mixed signals coming from the organization about their stance on pursuing Anthony. Over the past few months, rumors have surfaced about the team going after Anthony once he becomes a free agent and others saying the complete opposite.

With that being said, it remains unclear if the Lakers will show interest in the star forward, but it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see Mitch Kupchak and company throw their hat in the ring.
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  • Chippaz

    I’m starting to think Carmelo to LA is close to a done deal. Kobe said that he wanted Melo in LA back when he signed with NY. Him and Kobe are already good friends, Melo claimed that him and Kobe were the closest on team USA. If we can come away from the draft with Exum or Smart along with Saric somehow since he said he’s only coming to LA or Boston then we would be instant contenders.

    • Kevin

      This would make me happy and it’s doable.

      PG Marcus Smart/Kendall Marshall/Jordan Farmar
      SG Kobe Bryant/Kent Bazemore
      SF Carmelo Anthony/Xavier Henry
      PF Dario Saric/Ryan Kelly/Patric Young
      C Chris Kaman/Andrew Bynum/Robert Sacre

      Trade a future first round pick 2019 and second round pick 2015 for Bulls pick #16 and draft Dario Saric,then buy the 76er’s second round pick and draft Patric Young.

    • truth24

      Jeanie Buss will also be there trying to convince Melo to stay in NY.

    • Tom

      If the Lakers FO is dead serious about a pairing of LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony then this is what they must do.Trade Steve Nash and the seventh pick in the draft to the Sixers for 5 2014 second round picks the Lakers would get to draft at #32,#39,#47,#52,#54 that’s a lot of good cheap second round rookie deals that will fit perfectly in the salary cap and maybe they can be some contributors out of those 5 second round picks.Philly would do cartwheels if they got the seventh pick as a Lakers salary dump.

      Now the Lakers would need to pick up the team option for Kendall Marshall vet minimum also pickup the team option for Robert Sacre and pick up the qualifying offer for Ryan Kelly and Kent Bazemore.Draft very wisely like the Spurs do find some sleepers and a gem.First order of business top priority is fitting LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony into the $63.5 million dollars salary cap.Kobe at $23 million easy now sign LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony to $20 million dollars each per season.

      That’s $63 million dollars between Kobe,LeBron,Carmelo that works as long as the rest of the players are veteran minimum salaries and second round picks.It could happen if the Lakers FO plays their cards right.

      • vdogg

        reality called. it wants you to call it back.

        • Devon Samuels²⁴

          That what playing too much NBA2K will do for ya lol

  • Todd

    The Lakers are a top secret organization don’t believe a word you hear about players coming to the Lakers.It’s been years of this Carmelo and LeBron to the Lakers rumor and nothing is for certain.The Lakers are the top secret group that never leaks any information and they make big moves that are never mentioned.It’s the Lakers way.TOP SECRET FRONT OFFICE=LAKERS.

  • Todd

    The Lakers are a Class A+ organization and they can get any player they want.

  • Lakers Rebuilding

    Phil should just accept the fact that Carmelo is going to leave the knicks. I mean melo probably wants to go to a team that can contend right away (or is close to contending) and the knicks sure aren’t that team right now and they won’t contend for another 3-5 years. So honestly if melo was in it for winning he should just leave and go elsewhere and leave the knicks behind because they are stuck for a while no draft picks and no cap space to sign anyone. But if he is in it for the money then he is staying in NYC and the knicks would have the same result as last season. Melo would probably end up going to Chicago or Houston (no way he goes to Miami it won’t work out) but I do give him a chance of coming to the Lakers since he wants to play with Kobe and the Lakers are a great franchise as well.

    • Victor

      Yeah Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony are inseparable when they are around one another.You could put 1000 people in the same room and Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony will be attached at the hip.They are very close friends perhaps BFF.Yeah it’s a good solid bet to say Carmelo is coming to play for the Lakers.

      • Lakers Rebuilding

        plus there’s the fact that the lakers actually HAVE cap space and a draft pick this year that could attract melo to the lakers and they are a few core pieces and solid role players away from being in the playoffs and contending for a championship again

        • Victor

          That’s true.Lakers have the cap space to get it done.

      • Victor

        Plus LA LA and Vanessa are close friends the wives.

  • Will

    See the reason i like the Lakers draft is Marcus Smart is because he is a Point Guard that can also play Shooting Guard meaning that is Kobe Bryant has any injury problems where he needs games off then Marcus Smart can play Shooting Guard while Kendall Marshall plays Point Guard.Lakers FO is high on Smart.

  • TheTruthKills

    I think Melo is going to Chicago or Houston. He’ll only come to LA if he can convince LeBron to come with him.

  • numb1lakefan

    melo= show time lakers nuff said

  • j.thekidd

    F*** LBJ.Get Melo

    • Devon Samuels²⁴


    • TheTruthKills

      You get one of them and the other will follow.

  • Raul

    Lakers smack dab in the middle of some crazy free agency stuff cool beings.

    PG Kendall Marshall
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF LeBron James
    PF Carmelo Anthony
    C Noah Vonleh

    Waive Nash use a 5 year stretch on him.Hire a coach the players approve of.

    Lakers 2014-2015 NBA Champions!Lakers Nation lets win a championship.

    • Derek Clark

      Nash is unwaivable, lol inventing new words. Can’t use the stretch because he played over 10 games last year. And come on man, Carmelo AND LeBron?? No more 2K for you

      • hookedonnews

        Actually the 10 games was about a medical exemption not about waiving him. He could still be waived, but there’s no indication that they want to stretch his salary over 3 years. And you’re right about Melo AND James. Not close to enough cap space for that dream to come true.

    • peter

      Why you want lbj so bad. And carmelo and james play the same position. Carmelo is not a power forward. And Kobe james and carmelo are all ball dominant player. So put them all in the same team won’t allow the ball to move

      • LakersOverEverything

        Yeah just like wade is/was ball dominant, and we see how that worked out for them….

  • McShan

    Man I do not get the love fest with Melo, he is so overrated. And unfortunately LBJ would go to CLE, NY or stay in MIA before coming to LA. Melo would be a poison pill for LA. He would cost too much. We could sign Kyle Lowry at PG for around $8M, he’s a true PG who had a career year in points & assists p/game. They need to sign either Deng or Ariza…Ariza might be cheaper and he’s actually younger an played well with Kobe already on a title team. You could both of them for less then melo would cost. Then you can either draft a big man or maybe trade the pick for a veteran like Horford or Aldridge (doubtful). Or…whats wrong with Greg Monroe? True big man can play C or PF, probably wont cost a max deal. I meen 3 pieces are better then 1 (Melo). Oh an I real;y think Nash needs to retire he a money grabber openly and thers no way Kobe can like that, he hurts us.

  • McShan

    Oh an of course we need Gasol back if he’s willing to we need him to take like reasonable 2 year deal

  • Paul Blundell

    I don’t know why the Lakers are always gunning for celebrity ball players, who are expecting max money, but do not play defense. You cant expect max money when you are only playing on one side of the court. I am afraid we are going to pay max for one of these scorers and have to wonder out loud. with Stu Lantz and Bill McDonald, on what it is going to take for these guys to get back on defense.

    • hookedonnews

      I don’t think they are this time. These rumors have no basis.

  • hookedonnews

    I don’t see the Lakers spending the kind of money on Melo it would take to get him here. Anyone who has been watching the Finals knows what it takes to build a championship team. You need unselfish players who are willing to sacrifice for the good of the team. Don’t see Carmelo falling into that category plus he’s injury prone and not a great defender. I don’t believe the rumors that the Lakers are interested in acquiring him.

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