NBA News: Phil Jackson, Knicks Part Ways With Mike Woodson Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="248"] Phil Jackson has officially begun to make the drastic moves promised in order to change the culture of the New York Knicks. As expect [new_royalslider id="248"] Phil Jackson has officially begun to make the drastic moves promised in order to change the culture of the New York Knicks. As expect Rating: 0
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NBA News: Phil Jackson, Knicks Part Ways With Mike Woodson

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Phil Jackson has officially begun to make the drastic moves promised in order to change the culture of the New York Knicks. As expected, Jackson’s first major move was firing head coach Mike Woodson and his coaching staff.

According to Ian Begley of ESPN New York, Woodson and his staff have been relieved of their duties:

Mike Woodson has been fired as the New York Knicks’ head coach, the team announced Monday morning.

The move to fire Woodson comes as no surprise with Jackson looking to shake things up after a disappointing season in which the Knicks failed to make the playoffs. Woodson’s firing was rumored for quite some time with the team missing the playoffs basically sealing his fate in New York.

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With Woodson and his coaching staff now out of the way, the search for a new head coach begins with plenty of rumors swirling about who Jackson and company will target. Steve Kerr continues to get mentioned as a likely candidate with Jackson having great respect for his former player.

Kerr could be joined by many others that were taken under Jackson’s wing during his days as the head coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. Many anticipate Jackson will look to implement the triangle offense in New York and will be looking from someone like Kerr to make the change on the floor next season.

Although it appears that Kerr is the frontrunner moving forward, the Knicks could go after other potential suitors like Lionel Hollins or Jeff Van Gundy.
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  • Josh

    So tired of news about other teams being treated as Lakers news. I can read this on ESPN. Phil is gone; move on.

    • Laker4life

      Just keep scrolling next time! Not everyone goes to nba for news or at all for that matter!!

  • Jim Jackson

    Woodson gone and Adelman retiring, please please please I hope that means good signs that D’Antoni is out and gone as well.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Mike Woodson was a lame duck coach and he is now fired and unemployed.

  • comrade24

    What is taking the FO so long! hopefully we hear something one way or another today about Lakers coaching staff.

    • Josh

      What is taking so long is that Mitch already told us that they will not make any knee-jerk reactions. They will take some time off before they come together to discuss D’Antoni, the offseason, and the future beyond. There’s no need to make any decisions until we get closer to the draft, especially when the closest thing to a proven coach available is Byron Scott, who hasn’t exactly had any offers lately.

      • comrade24

        I would say Lionel Hollins.

        • Josh

          What has he ever won? I think he’s a good coach, but Lakers Nation will not accept an unproven coach if he doesn’t lead the team to contention immediately. Most of the fan base only knows Phil as a coach who won anything with this franchise, and really that kind of has been the Lakers way for decades. Build a quality team, then bring in a coach to play for championships.

          Every coach who has ever won a championship with the Lakers, won it in his first year. I never even realized that until I just looked it up, but that’s what the Lakers (fans) expect. It’s the Laker way!

          • Josh

            I think MDA is sticking around a little longer until we have a solid roster in place.

          • comrade24

            I don’t see Phil Jackson or Pat Riley stepping down from their perches to coach the Lakers back to glory and MDA just hasn’t worked out.

          • Josh

            If I were in the front office, I would roll with MDA next season. We don’t have a championship roster, MDA didn’t have a chance this year and lost all his guards last year when the team was finally playing well. In my mind, firing another coach before his contract is up just sends the wrong message to potential coaching candidates, especially when there are no experienced, quality coaches available–besides Byron.

          • nlruizjr

            Josh, you make it sound like it’s a new concept to fire a coach before his contract expires, that’s life in the NBA, ask M. Brown !!!!

          • Josh

            I’m just saying the Lakers are developing quite a reputation for firing coaches who don’t win championships immediately. If I were an NBA coach, I would not consider the Lakers job unless they had an all-star roster in place before I got there.

        • Joseph Apohen

          Hollins is good. Can’t understand why Memphis let him go.

  • showtime818

    Take notes Jim Buss

  • Insider Luca

    New York Times wrote a huge article about a possible trade involving Carmelo Anthony for Kobe Bryant.Yes you can google this article PER William C. Rhoden.It would need to be a sign and trade meaning Carmelo Anthony signs a full max deal then he gets dealt to the Lakers for Kobe Bryant.Phil Jackson has a unconditional love for Kobe Bryant and he wants him very badly on the Knicks and Jim Buss has his own style of play in mind and Jim Buss has a deep love for Mike D’Antoni and his fast pace style of play actually Jim Buss would pick Mike D’Antoni over Kobe and he has all but said so publicly through his mouth piece Mitch Kupchak.Lakers would then pursue heavily LeBron James and they would create the monster known as LeBron and Carmelo on the Lakers perhaps a new big 3 involving Chris Bosh also for the Lakers.

    Yeah you all heard it here first from the Rhoden article.Phil is a savage and if he wants Kobe he will get Kobe.Keep in mind Kobe is turning 36 and he is a triangle offense lover because he is old and can’t run and keep up in a Mike D’Antoni run and gun offense.This trade is much more likely to happen if Carmelo agrees to play for the legendary offensive genius Mike D’Antoni.Imagine all the haters changing their tune once Coach Sir D’Antoni has LeBron and Carmelo running his elite offense.Best team in the world led by the great Coach D’Antoni.

    • Josh

      Melo hates D’Antoni…

    • comrade24

      Kobe is a Laker for Life, has a no trade clause in his contract, and would not agree to be traded to that mess. Melo didn’t exactly like playing for D’Antoni the first time. Too many logistical errors and I think the real Lakers fans would riot seeing Kobe play in a different jersey.

    • Levels

      First you are asking us to read an article by William Rhoden, whom writes outlandish things and says them on Sports Reporters, and this is the most ridiculous of them all. 1, lets get the obvious out the way Dantoni “offensive genius” you may not remember this “genius” in New York coaching Melo and things falling so far apart, prompting Melo helping push the “genius” out the door… so a reunion in LA, ain’t happening.. 2, Even the Mention of Bosh whose owed 16.5 million, Lebron at least 18+ and Melo 17+ Lakers couldn’t afford to pay them all, even if they wanted to without the repeater tax killing them to a tune of nearly 90 million dollars, lets me know that Rhoden doesn’t do his homework, (not shocked). 3, MDA will be gone by the time July 1st hits if not sooner… and Lastly and more importantly Kobe has a no trade clause in his contract that was lined in his contract after the flirtation with the Bulls and Clippers, which has been a part of his contract since then..
      and what makes this article even more ludicrous, You can’t trade an unrestricted free agent nor could the Knicks absorb Kobe’s contract when they have no cap room, only your own (Melo) could not hurt the Knicks cap.

    • http://www.gofuckyourself.com/ BestxInTheWorld

      This shouldn’t have even been entertained. smh.

  • Insider Luca

    Jim Buss will do just fine and this bold statement is not so bold since it’s Jim.

  • hookedonnews

    Having someone in the FO dictate the offensive system to be used strikes me as unusual to say the least. I don’t see an experienced coach being comfortable with that.

    • Josh

      Exactly why he is apparently targeting Steve Kerr.

      • hookedonnews

        I agree.

  • Brain Shaw

    As much as I want D’Antoni out ASAP, why make the move when exactly there is not much out there. Yeah theres the Van Gundy brothers, theres B. Scott, theres Rambis, Jerry Sloan, Hollins, George Karl, and many others, but to do something drastic right now when there can be a whole lot more coaches gone by the end of the playoffs. Who knows what could be out there by the end of the playoffs!?! What if coaches like Thibs are out, M. Jackson, Hell what if Vogel is out because he can’t get Pacers out of the the 1st round this year, Im not saying well go after those coaches or that those coaches will get fired, but I would rather have the FO be patient but be aggressive in whomever they bring in next year.

    • Josh

      I’m starting to think Derek Fisher could be a great candidate. Kobe respects and will listen to him. We know he is great in the locker room and a leader. Besides, there is not a coach available who has ever won anything; the Van Gundy brothers and B Scott have gotten to the Finals, but Jeff did it with Pat Riley’s team, and Stan and Byron did it in a very weak Eastern conference; combined they won 2 games in 3 Finals appearances.

      • hookedonnews

        Derek Fisher has zero coaching experience. Kobe is not going to listen to him anymore than he has listened to anyone else. There’s no way they would bring in an unproven coach while they are continuing to pay Brown & D’Antoni. Fisher may be a leader in the locker room, but coaching is another story. I agree that there are no guaranteed championship coaches out there. That’s the reason it makes no sense to fire MDA while you’re rebuilding. He’s good at working with young players, and the major personnel changes won’t come until after next season. If he bombs with a healthy roster next season he can be fired then. The FO realizes that coaching was not the problem this season. Only the fans believe that a new coach would be a silver bullet. This team needs players, and they won’t be getting them until 2015/2016.

        • Levels

          The Lakers aren’t paying Mike Brown anymore and they only owe MDA for 1 year. There is no such thing as “guaranteed championship coaches” And how does that make any sense: you rebuild with a lame duck coach, you are going to build a team, then fire MDA and bring in a coach with the possibility of bringing in a coach who may not mesh with the players… no when you “rebuild” you do it with a new coach whom can institute his system… MDA system doesn’t work, not in this NBA and please don’t compare MDA to POP, Rick A or Rick C… MDA had a few decent non effect years with the Suns, that’s it. And after to watching MK, he did not say that major personnel changes won’t come until after next season, so I have no idea of where you got that from. And if the FO “realizes” that coaching was not the problem, which it was, Mitch would have said that MDA would be back without a doubt, Mike would have said he would be back without a doubt, that’s not the case, in fact there is more doubt about MDA future more now that Utah and NY fired their coaches. No a new coach would be a “silver bullet” but he could come in and give some stable and confidence to the FO, Players and the fan base that MDA can’t. I get it, you like MDA and that’s fine, he’s seems to be a good guy and guys like the run and gun style all the while you don’t have to play defense.. we all know MDA’s defense philosophy is to out score the other team by shooting more and more and more 3′s…. Yes, MDA deserves to be fired, Yes he deserves to be coaching, just not this team… there is no factual stories that say he’s good with working with young players, yet if you believe that then maybe he shoot be looking at coaching college kids..

          • Josh

            The Lakers have never hired a top-tier coach and then built a roster for him. Since the beginning of the franchise, the team has always built a roster, then hired a coach to lead them to a championship. Everyone who has EVER coached the Lakers to a championship did it in his very first year with the team.

            John Kundla – Hired in 1948 – Won in 1949
            Bill Sharman – Hired in 1971 – Won in 1972
            Paul Westhead – Hired in 1979 – Won in 1980
            Pat Riley – Hired in 1981 – Won in 1982
            Phil Jackson – Hired in 1999 – Won in 2000

            I imagine the Lakers don’t really care who the coach is next year unless they think the roster is good enough to win a title…which it will not be. Might as well keep MDA.

          • Levels

            The Lakers never had to “rebuild” they always “reloaded” hence never having a top 5 pick since J. Worthy in ’82… and E.J and A.B they weren’t in rebuild mode. Yes they do care who the coach is if that was the case they would have kept Brown… yet, well see what happens with MDA in a few weeks..

          • Josh

            Did they “reload” after Magic retired? They care who the coach is in the sense they don’t want the coach running their players into the ground in practice [insert Allen Iverson quote here]. That’s why they got rid of Mike Brown, coupled with losing every preseason game and 4 out of 5 to start the season when he got to have an offseason and a say in the final roster.

          • Levels

            We’re talking bout pre season games, really??? Yes they reloaded… they didn’t draft Shaq, Horry, Harper, Shaw, Kobe, Fox, Gasol, Rice….if you want to say that drafting a kid in 1996 by the name of Derek Fisher rebuilding…okay….
            and to use your own point, they Fired Mike Brown for losing every pre season game and 4 out of 5 games to start the season…. and you want to keep MDA because of his splendid 3 years with the Lakers. We’ll see what happens in a few weeks…

          • Josh

            It took nine years to go from Magic to winning again. If that is how you define “reloading” then the Lakers will reload even faster this time around.

          • Levels

            I do define reloading being through free agency… when you rebuild it is usually through the draft, get said draftee accumulated to the NBA, travel, a 82 game season and practice… when Shaq was traded the Lakers didn’t rebuild, they brought in guys (reloaded, i.e Odom, Gasol)… this time around yes it will be faster, with fee agency and a draft pick and how quickly that draftee picks up on the world of the NBA… I look at a guy like Demar DeRozen and this guy is starting to turn it on…

          • hookedonnews

            I read yesterday that they have to play Mike Brown one more year. And MDA is not necessarily a lame duck coach. No one knows how successful he can be because he hasn’t had a fair shot (according to Kobe) because of the injuries.

            I don’t know what NBA you are watching, but the D’Antoni system in one form or another is widely used. Let me guess–you like the twin towers offense. Eric Spoelstra said the Heat offense is built on the D’Antoni system.

            What I call a championship level coach is someone like Popovich or Doc Rivers–people who have actually won championships. I don’t really consider Spoelstra on that level. Having LeBron can make you look better than you are. It remains to be seen how good a coach he actually is, although he appears to be pretty good. None of the guys available right now have appreciably better credentials than D’Antoni. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that no coach could have done better with a team decimated by injuries like this one.

            D’Antoni had more than “decent” years in Phoenix. His only other HC experience was with the Knicks. They were a horrible team with a bad owner who took the team out from under him when they traded for Carmelo Anthony. He did take them to the playoffs for the first time in 9 years, but trying to make it work with Anthony proved not worth the effort. If you have been watching since he left you should know that MDA was far from the problem there.

            Mitch Kupchak has said more than once that coaching was not the problem, and that D’Antoni was doing a good job under the circumstances. He has also said fans need to be patient because it’s going to take at least a couple of years to get this team back to where they can compete for a championship. 2015/2016 is when all the good FA’s will be available. There has been plenty of discussion about this, and there has been no indication that any major acquisitions will be made this off-season. They are going to try to keep Gasol, but they haven’t shown any interest in players like Anthony. They are probably going to try to keep some of the guys they have now at least for the short haul.

            Your description of D’Antoni’s defensive philosophy may have been accurate in 2005, but it’s not his philosophy now if you’ve heard anything he’s said in the last 2 years. He asked them to bring in Nate McMillan to coach the defense when he first got to LA. That shows a commitment to defense. He also asked them to bring in Rambis after McMillan was offered a better position in Indiana this season.

            All the young guys on this team love playing for D’Antoni. Kelly and Marshall have improved light-years since the season started, and Farmar, Henry, Johnson, Young, and Meeks have had career years. He also was developing a lot of good young players in NY when they decided to trade them off for Carmelo Anthony. This is common knowledge, and not something known only to me.

            What will provide stability is a healthy roster. Until they have one you have no idea what MDA can do with this team. I don’t believe he’s the best coach in the NBA, but I do believe he’s a good coach who deserves a shot with a healthy group of players. If he can’t cut it under those circumstances, he should be fired.

            As far as the fan-base goes, the irrational reaction to D’Antoni has been so far beyond the pale that it is ridiculous. Fans need to calm down and try to be realistic for a change. This team was predicted to finish 12th in the West assuming everyone was reasonably healthy. When you have 319 games missed due to injury you’re not going to win a lot of games, especially when most of those injuries were to your best players.

          • Levels

            Due to the deal with the Cavs that Mike B, signed I relieves the Lakers partial payment of the final year. When you have a final year of a deal, and your boss has to sit with you to discuss if you are or aren’t coming back for that final year, that is the definition of “lame duck”. No, MDA did not have a healthy roster, the issue is that he was unwilling to coach to the roaster he had. The “system” you say that is widely used in the NBA Today is the system that the Spurs run, where an inside presence is used periodically and more so during the playoffs, has we saw this past Spurs win. Then you nullify your own point saying that Coach Spoe uses MDA system with the Heat, has won 2 chips and then not even consider him a “championship coach” saying it’s because of Lebron, then I can say that the system that they run is only successful because they have Lebron running it…with an inside presences of UH and CB, and not always looking to shoot the 3. And yes, MDA had “decent” years with the Suns… no finals appearances ever, and I believe 1 WC appearance which he lost, has far as credentials of other coaches I think Byron Scotts 2 Finals appearances shows that he can get a team to the finals, the same treatment you want to give MDA you have to extend that to Byron as well. MDA “asking” them to bring in Nate doesn’t show commitment, it shows that he doesn’t even have a philosophy of his own to incorporate with Nate’s. Whom took another asst coaching job… and like I said previously yes, of course the young guys like the run and gun and play no defense .. if you look at every player that played this year the knock on the with their drafting team was their ability to play defense, Johnson in Minn, Young in D.C, Henry, Marshall, Meeks (though he improved) MDA system doesn’t allow for transition D to happen because again if they trade 2 points for 3 MDA says they will win…you don’t score 135 pts in a game and then lose that same game by 15 pts, you just don’t… and that happened on more than one occasion. What players was he developing in NY? Don’t say J. Lin because he was going to cut him the final cut down day until Melo said “just play whats it’s going to hurt” now that’s common knowledge and J. Lin succeeded because MDA doesn’t push defense, and that’s why J. Lin is 2nd team behind Patrick Beverly who’s a hell cat on D… and OF COURSE the fan base are irrational, I am guilty of that myself sometimes, as Lakers fans we all want the same thing, and some have differ opinions how to get back there and who should led and who should be lead (players).. it’s just my opinion, I won’t be shocked if MDA is let go, fair or not, unfortunately it’s a result oriented business. where coaches are hired to be fired and when players, er Kobe stops listening and Mitch “needing to sit down” with a coach that has another year on his deal, doesn’t look good for that coach, MDA isn’t the long term answer, imho and I wont be shocked when he is let go… but we shall see on all points in just a short few weeks…

          • hookedonnews

            Obviously you’re not a student of NBA history. MDA’s Suns went to 2 WCFs his first 2 full seasons in Phoenix, winning 62 (most in the NBA) and 60 games in those 2 seasons. That 2nd season Amare Stoudemire played 3 games. It would take too long to explain the history of the Suns in the 4 years MDA was in Phoenix, but most people believe those Suns teams could have easily won a championship with a little bit of luck. There were suspensions of Stoudemire & Diaw after Robert Horry slammed Nash into the scorers table that flipped the momentum of one series which had been clearly in the Suns favor. There was also the fact that Tim Donaghy was involved who was an admitted game-fixer.

            My point about Spoelstra in no way takes away from the success of the D’Antoni-based offensive system. I didn’t say they weren’t a good team. I just said I don’t know that they would be winning championships without LeBron. Popovich has said he was influenced by D’Antoni, and it’s widely repeated that the D’Antoni system transformed the NBA. Most teams play some hybrid of his offense.

            Apparently your definition of lame duck and mine are different. Giving him the opportunity to fulfill his contract with a healthy roster doesn’t make him a lame duck. It makes him a coach being given a chance to prove he can do the job. Every coach faces that situation every year. Look at Mike Woodson and Frank Vogel. Barring a miraculous resurrection, Vogel is going to be in the unemployment line this summer along with Woodson.

            Byron Scott has a lower career winning percentage, even though he coached in the East for a large part of his career. His teams at their best never won the # of games MDA’s Suns won. He’s not an upgrade and certainly not enough to justify burning $4 million.

            Your comments on the defense of Young, etc. just bolster the argument that you have to have good defenders if you’re going to play good defense. You’re making a lot of statements about MDA & defense that are purely opinions. Most teams have a defensive assistant. That doesn’t mean the head coach has no defensive philosophy. D’Antoni coached on Team USA with McMillan and wanted him on the staff. The FO chose to stick with the assistants they had last season except for adding Dan D’Antoni, otherwise McMillan would be an assistant coach with the Lakers. I heard Chuck Persons (one of the assistants last season) talking about MDA’s defensive schemes. I know it’s a common belief that D’Antoni doesn’t care about defense, but the facts show otherwise. GS plays a similar offensive system but ranked 3rd in defense in the West. They’re taking plenty of 3 point shots. Yes, you can play transition defense and take a lot of 3 point shots. Where the Lakers fail in transition defense usually comes from turnovers on the offensive end. I also think you can see the difference in the talent level between GS and the Lakers roster for most of this season.

            Obviously MDA turned Jeremy Lin into a star and made him a boatload of money. GS and Houston both dumped him, so let’s not pretend that his talent was obvious for all to see. He succeeded because of D’Antoni’s system, just like Kendall Marshall has been able to succeed somewhat in LA when he couldn’t get out of the D-League. The Knicks had traded off their PG to get Carmelo. If you want to know who the young players were that MDA was developing, google the trade that brought Melo to NY. As soon as he was gone and the new players arrived the Nuggets immediately improved.

            I don’t know if MDA will be retained or fired, but most people around the league understand that what happened in LA this season wasn’t his fault. As for Kobe, he doesn’t listen to anybody as Phil Jackson has explained in his 2 books. Getting fired is a part of being an NBA coach. I just believe that there should be a reasonable expectation that you’re getting a better coach when you do that, and that a bad season can be laid at the coach’s door. Appeasing fans is not a reason to make a coaching change. If it was you would have a revolving door in LA because fans tend to expect more than any coach can deliver.

          • Levels

            Really not a student by going off memory of how many WCF the Suns went to and as I said “I believe it was one”… Your whole first paragraph is filled with excuses… as to why MDA didn’t get it done… okay, I’ll let that go…still he did not reach the finals ever while coaching the Suns.. Again, you proved my point, “NBA teams are playing a hybrid” of that system, why??? because it at some point have to be slowed down to get the ball inside and MDA refusal to do so is the reason why he wont be the coach by the draft lottery. Vogel loses he should be, for ne he was never Bird’s guy, he want Jim, not Frank, MW isn’t Phil’s guy, who can’t run the triangle system that’s to be somewhat instituted. And as you’ve said yourself, MDA isn’t Jim Buss’s nor MK nor Jeanie’s guy…it was their father’s choice. Mike Brown was fired 5 games into the season so please let’s not use MDA having the opportunity to finish out his contract our debate will go so much smoother. And you state that it’s a misconception that MDA doesn’t focus on defense… then you use a totally different team to prove your point (GSW) and negate MDA supposed defensive focus… please enlighten me with MDA’S defensive stats and philosophy and not another teams that runs a “hybrid” of MDA’s “system”. Yet, I love how you say that MDA made J. Lin a boatload of money in his system and that his talent was ignored or unseen, hell I’ll say even untapped, yet he (J. Lin) plays behind PB, because he plays defense( team and on-ball)… and yet you refuse to see MDA having any responsibility on this season is the reason why MDA will be gone, he also believes he has no responsibility in this Lakers season… Phil wrote a book years ago about Kobe and that is what you’re going to use as reference to keep or wanting– hoping to keep MDA, that’s laughable. AND WHAT people are you talking about saying that MDA has no fault in scoring 135pts in a game yet lose by 15… that’s more of the blaring examples and we both know that they’re more…yet again it’s not MDA’S fault not one iota of responsibility are you giving MDA… you give him excuses.. and you really want to compare a coach who has NEVER coached in June (finals) to someone who’s been there twice.. MDA has been coaching longer and obvious would have a better %… yet again he’s never even gotten to the finals, I don’t care nor want to hear about other coaches because we aren’t discussing the shortcomings of others, we’re discussing MDA’s… Byron Scott is respect by the Lakers FO, Kobe and will be the right guy going forward. And appeasing fans who see MDA for who and what he is, a decent coach just not a Laker coach… and I have read your comments before saying you can’t believe such and such yet you are wanting to hear and believe these “people” around the NBA that say positive things about MDA, which none I have hear nor seen speak to his coaching ability or style…yet say he is a good guy… and just to touch on Kendall you say he couldn’t get out the D league, please google how long he was there… I wouldn’t exactly use the particular verbiage in describing his stay in the D- league. Yes, I understand you aren’t a Laker fan, but yes we want to win championships, so if a coach can’t deliver… or in MDA’s case compete, even with the roaster he had (some nights no fight in them) that lies at the feet of the coach, period… and again we…will…see..what happens in just a few weeks… concerning MDA’s “future” as head coach of the Lakers.

          • hookedonnews

            The Chicago Bulls are not likely to be in the ECFs this season because of the injury to Derrick Rose. Is that an excuse or a simple statement of fact? The Lakers weren’t going anywhere in the playoffs last season because they were missing Kobe, Nash, Meeks, Blake, and MWP. Same question. I was simply giving you some history since you aren’t familiar with it. The absence of Stoudemire in 2005/2006 and the suspensions of Stoudemire & Diaw were just as important to the Suns as the loss of Rose has been for the Bulls.

            When I brought up GS I was simply giving you an example of a team that shoots a lot of 3 pt shots and still manages to play defense because of your previous assertion that those things were mutually exclusive. The difference? GS has some good defenders, and their lineup hasn’t changed constantly because of injuries.

            Pace is not necessarily the difference in the Miami and Phoenix systems. Put LeBron & Wade on the Lakers and the defense will improve immediately. Same with Ibaka and Noah. The Lakers have no defensive presence in the paint or great perimeter defenders. That has to do with personnel not the system.

            I brought up the fact that Lin was overlooked by every team he had been with because of your statement that MDA was going to cut him. He was able to showcase his offensive skills in the D’Antoni system, but everyone was aware of his defensive deficiencies which were simply a matter of ability not the system in which he was playing.

            I’m not sure why coaching longer would give you a better %. Actually Scott has been a head coach longer than D’Antoni. Most fans who want him to be hired are making that decision based on his history as a Laker not on his history as a head coach. I see people advocating the hiring of Rambis who had a horrible record as a HC in Minnesota. Scott got to the Finals in the East mainly because of Jason Kidd. The point is that his record is not better than MDA’s. He’s mentioned mostly because of his connection to the Lakers. I’m sure Scott is respected by a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean he’s the right coach for the Lakers. If he’s hired it’s possible he could come in and do a great job, but I wouldn’t count on it based on his resume.

            I don’t have to look to reports or NBA pundits to know that this season was about injuries and not coaching. I watched it myself, and unlike some people I’m able to be objective about what has gone on.

            Kendall Marshall would still be in the D-League if the Lakers hadn’t brought him to LA. He might actually have a chance at an NBA career now. His exposure to Steve Nash and MDA will certainly help him.

            Your assumption that I’m not a Laker fan is a bit arrogant. Not sure how you came to that conclusion unless you believe that anyone who doesn’t believe D’Antoni should be fired couldn’t possibly be a Laker fan. Yes, I’m a Laker fan, and I want a championship as much as anyone, but I’m able to understand that even great coaches can have 20 win seasons (Popovich) when they don’t have the players to get the job done. I don’t agree that this roster didn’t play hard. I’m sure you’re aware that some nights they barely had enough players to suit up the minimum # of players. I don’t care who the coach was. This team was over-matched and under-manned and no coach was taking this team anywhere with this roster. Anyone who can’t see that isn’t looking.

          • Levels

            Again, you rely on other teams stats to bolster MDA’s career and fail to use his stats…The Bulls are in the playoff’s despite DRose injury, not really a good example to get your point across. And I find it arrogant of you to assume you’re educating me on something that you continually fail to even realize, MDA system doesn’t work, you said it yourself others run a hybrid of it… you bringing up other teams stats to prove anything just proves that MDA can’t run his own system… so again stop using/bring up/ referring to other teams stats.. use MDA’s stats. don’t be afraid… numbers don’t lie.. it’s actually sad to see you blame everyone but MDA… you can’t even admit that the Leader/ Head Coach of the team can take a bit of responsibility of this season… and what makes me doubt your IQ and basketball acumen even more is the fact you said Byron got to the finals mainly because of Jason Kidd, which is a back handed compliment, yet MDA had better teams, according to you and hasn’t gotten to the finals at all, and you may not understand that yes, having all-star players kinda help you get far in the playoffs hey even the finals, it kinda worked for POP, Pat, Phil, Byron, Doc…you know what name isn’t mentioned… so maybe I’ll take some time to figure out your point on that one. And you don’t listen to NBA pundits yet, you just said that “people” around the NBA, and that you mentioned, don’t blame MDA for this season, so which is it…don’t listen when it’s against MDA and listen when it’s sympatric, you’re not objective you are at best an apologist for a guy who couldn’t get his team to compete… saying that “small ball should be called skill ball” reconfirms he should be fired… and your Kendall point, really bro… okay IF the NBA doesn’t draft Wiggins, Exum or Parker I guess they wont play.. what are you talking about?? Of course a NBA team has to pull out guy for him to get out the D- League, Danny Green has done well and I’m sure Kendall will without MDA… and your right short/hurt/ decimated roaster doesn’t change the fact that MK showed no reassurance that MDA is coming back when he easily could have during his exit interviews. And didn’t even want to comment on it and will “let you (to the media) if anything changes with the coaching personnel, yeah, that doesn’t sound like a lame duck coach… lastly, cause I’ve been warned on here that you like to have the last word without having facts behind your statement, on more than one occasion… you stated on one hand that coaches such as Scott, ES only get to the finals or win because of the players and POP, Riley and Phil got there because of the coaching acumen… whats Mike Dantoni’s excuse because I am sure you will have one for me at some point. And as I said and for your benefit I’ll say it again, we will find out soon what will happen with the coaching situation for the Lakers which I had hoped that you could understand that you have ever right to want him and I not. Again, I want you to remember that when you’re the head coach of a team, any team the coach has to take some responsibility, I know you are unwilling to do that about MDA and that’s fine, though your passive aggressive post are entertaining… and since some people on here have told me you like to have the last word for sake of having it.. this will be my last post on this subject, yet I look forward to debating you on others… blessed night.

          • hookedonnews

            I am not using other teams stats to bolster MDA’s career. I was giving you examples of what happens to a team when they have injuries. Obviously the loss of Rose is not comparable to the 319 games lost to injury that LA suffered. If they had a comparable # of injuries they probably wouldn’t be in the playoffs either, although making the playoffs in the East is easier.

            I think you’re missing the point when you dismiss a hybrid as something completely different or different enough to be irrelevant to D’Antoni’s system. They all use the same basic principles. Even MDA varies his system according to personnel. You seem to believe that any variation means that the system is flawed. I don’t think others see it that way, but it’s not important. Every coach is going to put his stamp on his offense. The point is that the league changed the way it played because of his system.

            Well, I don’t know who is advising you about my comments although I have my suspicions. They obviously have their own biases. I try to base my opinions on facts and on what I hear directly from coaches and players. Of course, everyone has an opinion. I’m not different, but I try not to operate on emotion.

            I never said that Pop, Riley & Phil were successful because of their coaching acumen while coaches like Scott only win when they have great players. I made a statement about Jason Kidd which I think is a true statement. That doesn’t mean that other coaches like Phil were able to win without great players. That has been my point since day one–it takes talent to win games, and no coach can win without a healthy group of very good players. I think Greg Popovich has proven he is the best coach in the league right now, but having Duncan, Parker, Ginobli & Leonard doesn’t hurt.

            You seem to believe that I think MDA is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and I’ve never said that. What I have said is that he’s a good coach who hasn’t had a real opportunity in LA because of the injuries. That’s no more than what Kobe has said. There were other factors last season, but injuries eventually ruined both seasons. Now maybe you think injuries are irrelevant. That’s an odd point of view, but you’re not the only one who thinks that way.

            Passive aggressive? I’ve only responded to your comments. Maybe you should go back and read them. You’re the one who questioned my IQ and basketball acumen.

            As I said, I believe that Kendall Marshall would still be in the D-League and now has a shot at staying in the NBA. Would that be the case if he hadn’t come to LA? I don’t think so, but anything is possible I suppose. Your example about Danny Green is the exact opposite of what happened to Marshall. Of course Green is better with Popovich for a coach. Who wouldn’t be?

            There are pundits and there are people who have coached or played in the NBA. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t said that D’Antoni didn’t have a team to coach this season from Stephen A. Smith to Jeff Van Gundy, etc. That’s one thing they all pretty much agree on. It’s really a no-brainer. Smith believes he should be fired, not because he’s done a bad job, but to please the fan-base.

            I’ve never assumed to know what D’Antoni’s future is in LA. But I can tell you that if he’s fired it won’t be because the FO holds him responsible for the won/loss record this season. Mitch Kupchak has made too many statements to the contrary. Sometimes coaches are fired for other reasons (George Karl, Lionel Hollins for example). Has he been perfect? No, but I would like to see him have one more season to see what he could do with a roster not decimated by injuries. I’m not going to lose any sleep if MDA is not coaching next season. Stuff happens, and coaches are fired all the time. I’ve just got my doubts that there’s a coach out there who’s going to be that much better. Now maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. I guess we’ll find out if D’Antoni is fired. If we could get Pop I would escort him out the door myself.

            I don’t always have to have the last word, but I’m not going to leave a misstatement of what I’ve said out there without replying. I agree that we’ve pretty much exhausted this subject.

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