NBA News: Phil Jackson Believes Lakers Can Make Post-Season

NBA News: Phil Jackson Believes Lakers Can Make Post-Season


The Los Angeles Lakers are currently 15-20 and if the playoffs started today, the team would be watching the postseason from home.

No one expected the Lakers to struggle to this extent before the season started and the chances of the team making the playoffs is slowing decreasing. Los Angeles needs to turn its season around very soon or else it will be on the outside looking in come April.

However, former Lakers coach Phil Jackson told the Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times that he still believes the Lakers can make the post-season. Even though Jackson is not with the Lakers on a daily basis, he still has faith that the team’s stars will be able to guide them to the post-season.

Jackson was once considered a coaching candidate for the Lakers, but the team decided to hire Mike D’Antoni instead at the last minute. So far, the Lakers have not played well under D’Antoni and if the Lakers miss the playoffs, many will look at their choice to reject Jackson as one of reasons for the Lakers’ struggles.

The Lakers will face off with the Oklahoma City Thunder Friday night, but they will have to play without Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol and Jordan Hill. Things certainly aren’t getting easier for the Lakers and they need to find a way to snap this five-game losing streak.

  • hstock

    I do believe the lakers can make the place off, but they need to start playing as a team, they need to play with heart. And most important Kobe need to better select his shot. Last game it was a very poor shot decision, what turns into turnovers. I’m a great fun of his forever and ever, but I didn’t like the shot he make in the last game

  • Arlene A LeBeauf


  • lakers 24-88

    even i believe they can still pull this off but they need to learn how to play with each other.., Mike D’Antoni is a great coach but he’s not equip with the LAKERS.., they should hire PJ i mean come on he’s the only guy who can make the LAKERS more aggressive in the D and more percentage in the Offense

  • Crystal

    D’Antoni is not the RIGHT coach for the Lakers. His method of coaching incorporates no DEFENSE whatsoever. Management passed on Phil when he was more than ready to jump on board. This Laker fans is KARMA and I hate that the team is now suffering because of managements’ screw up :(