NBA News: Opponent Blames Kobe’s Shooting for Lakers’ Struggles

NBA News: Opponent Blames Kobe’s Shooting for Lakers’ Struggles


Kobe BryantThe Los Angeles Lakers’ biggest problem according to some people around the league is Kobe Bryant, yes, the 34-year old that’s leading the Lakers and the league in scoring.

Bryant and the Lakers are currently 12-14 and the team is surely not living up to expectations thus far into the season. The Lakers are having trouble adjusting to the new offense and some players look lost while on the court. Mike D’Antoni was hired as the new head coach earlier in the season, and he is still trying to get his players to perform as a cohesive unit.

Bryant seems like he has adjusted to the new offense, but even though his numbers have not slipped, some people believe the five-time champion is the reason for the Lakers’ struggles. According to Chris Broussard of an opposing assistant coach believes that Kobe’s shooting and his tendency to dominate the ball are two of the main reasons as to why the Lakers are sitting below .500.

“Absolutely, Kobe’s shooting too much. When we played them, we told our guys, ‘Look, we don’t necessarily want Kobe going for 50. I mean, we’re going to guard him. But we’re not going to double him, and we’re not going to try to get the ball out of his hands.’ Our main concerns were not to let [Antawn] Jamison hit a bunch of 3s and not to let Dwight [Howard] go crazy down low. There’s no question they would be a better team if Kobe shot less. Why do you think [Pau] Gasol struggles? He’s going to struggle in any offense where he doesn’t touch it.

“At the end of the day, it has nothing to do with [Mike] D’Antoni and his system. It’s all about what Kobe will allow to happen. When you play the Lakers, it’s like they don’t have a system. It’s whatever Kobe chooses it to be. If he wants to take all the shots, he’ll do that.

The Lakers have gone 4-11 when Bryant takes 20 or more shots in a game; however, the team is 8-3 when Kobe attempts less than 20 shots. According to the statistics, it is clear that the Lakers play better when Bryant dominates less and allows his teammates to contribute too. It seems as though Bryant does not fully trust his teammates, something that has to improve in order for the Lakers to make a deep playoff run.

Los Angeles will get back to full strength very soon as Steve Nash should return to the lineup in the coming games. Nash will certainly help Bryant on the offensive end and if there is one scorer Bryant is willing to pass the ball to, it’s Nash. The Lakers are currently riding a three game winning streak, and if Bryant wants to see that number rise, he has to be open to letting his teammates operate on the offensive end.

  • G

    As much as it pains me to say this….the coaches are right..

    • Jordan Kellogg Wallace

      You obviously don’t watch the Lakers play

    • Randz7

      yeap Kobe starts shooting more when his stupid team puts them down 20 points
      in the 3rd quarter. He’s always trying to pass the ball in the first
      half, but his team always hands the ball back to him.

  • James Cruz

    I love how these coaches,gm’s,scouts,or whoever make these comments, but are afraid to put their name to em. Put your big boy pants on and put a name to these comments lol!!

    • Roberto Raider Ortiz

      I know right…they know hell go off on their teams lol

    • Lakerfreak

      I was going to say this but saw that you did. I’ve got no problem with people wanting to share their opinions. And sure blame Kobe. Plenty have for 17 years now. But at least be a man and say I said this….
      I wish they would cause Kobe would embarrass the heck out of them the next game

      • Lakerfreak

        And it makes me wonder who it is. Most coaches or GM’s focus on their own team. And people like mark Cuban who pay attention to everyone and love to say things like this are normally man enough to own their comments

  • Laker James Brooks

    Oh its totally all kobe’s fault, I mean cmon the whole lakers squad definitely plays top of the line defense and shoots the highest free throw% in the league. Not only that, none of their allstars are injured. Wait…

  • Jay Dayuday

    Did they get the statistics of Kobe’s number of passes and teammates’ number of missed field goals?

    Kobe tends to dominate the ball whenever Pau, Metta, and the other guys are not shooting well. That’s when Kobe hugs the ball. I can’t blame Kobe for wanting to win and carrying his team when all others are too lazy to step it up.

  • Crystal

    Kobe hates to lose so he does all that he can to keep his team in the game. If you’ve watched past games, in the first half, Kobe passes the ball to his teammates and tries to get his teammates involved but then those shots don’t always go down so by halftime the Lakers are facing like a 12, 13 point deficit.

    Then, Kobe goes off in the second half trying to bring his team back. I don’t think Kobe’s doing this intentionally to hurt his team because we all know Kobe HATES losing! If he’s expected to score less, then EVERYONE needs to contribute and be efficient and consistent, night in night out. Kone’s just playing like the BEAST that he is.

    • Crystal


  • Rasheed

    Kobe should read this article…by now he probably read it. Looking for change from him? not really. Kobe is going to be Kobe although last 4 games have been interesting. Whole world is watching. Everyone comes up with same explanation/analysis, what an irony. Maybe all of them are idiots like me or maybe they don’t understand the basketball game…
    I see a bus hitting a boy, obviously I am going to try to save him because I see it. I wish Kobe could see it as well. Otherwise the bus is going to run over this year chance of winning championship.

    When we make comments like this. We are idiots. We don’t know the game. But when an opposing assistant coach says it, the validity goes up. Discrimination 😛


    Pure and simple: Kobe is not the reason the Lakers are struggling, that’s just absurd… If a certain Laker would match his game/effort to his salary, Kobe would rarely feel the need and pressure to jack up desperate shots late in ball games… For the Lakers to be successful, that certain player needs to earn his time and salary somewhere else, until then, the Lakers are doomed to struggle.