NBA News: NBA Bans Donald Sterling For Life, Fines Him $2.5 Million

NBA News: NBA Bans Donald Sterling For Life, Fines Him $2.5 Million


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In the wake of the controversial comments made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, there has been a lot of discussion about what the punishment will be for the longest tenured owner in the NBA.

The comments spurred a large amount of backlash as Laker legends such as Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have spoken out against Sterling. Lakers owner Jeanie Buss also released a statement on the matter.

The NBA, and new commissioner Adam Silver called a press conference today to discuss the matter, and has decided to ban Donald Sterling for life:

In addition to the lifetime banishment, the NBA has also decided to fine Sterling the maximum amount allowed, $2.5 million and will attempt to force the sale of the Clippers.

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A number of sponsors, including Kia, Red Bull, Mercedes-Benz, State Farm, and Virgin America have all severed or suspended their ties with the Clippers organization.

This incident has undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on the Clippers players and coaches. The team hosts the Golden State Warriors tonight in a crucial Game 5 of their first round series. Point guard Chris Paul also serves as President of the NBA Player’s Association and had to deal with this on that front as well.

Sterling has dealt with discrimination charges in the past. He was sued by former Clippers general manager Elgin Baylor in 2009 for wrongful termination due to his race and was accused of housing discrimination in both 2003 and 2006.

Commissioner Silver does not have the power to force Sterling to sale, in order to force a sale of the Clippers, the Board of Governers must come to a vote, needing a 75 percent approval of all owners to force the sale.
Kobe Bryant Responds To Sterling’s Racist Comments, ‘Should Not’ Own The Clippers

  • Omari Holman

    We are Bless to have had an owner like Jerry Buss …..Class Personified

  • Earl

    Adam Silver did the right thing in banning that racist scumbag Donald Sterling LIFETIME BAN!No place for racism in the NBA.Clippers are finished,Sterling OUT!

  • Baron

    Donald Sterling is a racist shit.The NBA and the City Of Los Angeles must force the Clippers out LA doesn’t stand for racism.GTFO of Los Angeles!

  • Marisa McDowell

    Alright Board of Govs – force the sale! I am proud of the NBA today!

  • Lakers Fan

    Idiot of an owner. I’m glad my team is owned by individuals who are not racist or hates those of a different skin color. It’s sad we still have people out there who hates those who are not of the same skin color. I’m not talking about just whites, but blacks and other nationalities as well. I’m glad the league has bonded together during this time, because it will help us grow as a nation. Great job Adam Silver. I commend you.

  • Gabriel Gabremadhih

    That’s why we LOVE the LAKERS! I love the city of L.A- GO LAKER NATION!

  • $20509373

    I commend Adam Silver for doing what had to be done. I guess now either Chris Hansen or Magic will buy the team. My bet would be Magic’s group.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I think it was a good first step in getting Donald Sterling out of the NBA.The NBA and Adam Silver made a example out of racist bigot Clippers owner Donald Sterling.Banned for life is great but now it’s time to force Sterling to sell the team and allow the players and coaches of the Clippers freedom.The Clippers are now a crumbling franchise and this is the end of Donald Sterling racism is bigger than the NBA and Sports it has no play in the work place of the NBA.Racism,Discrimination and Hate,Bigotry are the what describe Donald Sterling.Now the NBA and Adam Silver must do a lot more to clean this big ordeal up.#FORCE OUT

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Everyone is outraged at The Racist Donald Sterling.No toleration for racism in NBA!

  • 3339

    Great job by Adam Silver.
    Now If only he would ban dantoni from coaching the lakers

  • Alejandro

    Their is no place for Donald Sterling and the NBA took the right stand today.Racism is very powerful and the players are not slaves and Donald Sterling this is not a place for slavery.GTFO Sterling LIFETIME BAN!

  • Eddie Adams

    With no uncertainty, I’m sure that none of the players, coaches, managers and owners of other professional teams has never made a racist derogatory remark about individual(s) of another ethnicity. So with this decision, protected private speech that was illegally taped recorded and revealed for financial gain, is now ok. I hope this decision applies across the board to other offenders of any race and doesn’t become a hypocritical knee-jerk reaction!

    • michael

      you better listen again to that tape.

  • purp& goldpride

    Bring back the supersonics….Seattle would realllllly appreciate a team. Or if they decide to keep the team in California, it’s officially time for the clips to get their own arena

  • Lakers4Life

    Awesome decision by the NBA and Adam Silver. Now let’s move on to having the Buss family also get rid of that idiotic clown Dumbtoni from our Lakers organization.

  • J Lee

    Adam Silver did the right thing, and it’s about time.
    Donald Sterling always is a racist but David Stern did not do anything, instead reward him Christ Paul after snatched him from the Lakers. The Lakers turned up side down since then and Christ Paul lead the Clips into a contender. Thank to David Stern and the NBA , Clipper’s tickets are sold out every game, Sterling’s pocket getting deeper, his Clippers’s value gone up and if he is force to sell the Clippers there’s more money will go into his already deep pocket.