NBA News: Metta World Peace Interested In Clippers Reviewed by Momizat on . It's been an interesting turn of events since Metta World Peace was amnestied by the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, and of course, we shouldn't be surprised. - It's been an interesting turn of events since Metta World Peace was amnestied by the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, and of course, we shouldn't be surprised. - Rating:
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NBA News: Metta World Peace Interested In Clippers

NBA: Preseason-Los Angeles Lakers at Los Angeles ClippersIt’s been an interesting turn of events since Metta World Peace was amnestied by the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, and of course, we shouldn’t be surprised.

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After World Peace was amnestied in order to save the Lakers about $15 million in luxury tax, rumors began to circulate about him returning to his Queensbridge roots with the New York Knicks.

However, Metta had different ideas in mind when speaking to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin and NBC LA’s Shahan Ahmed yesterday. World Peace informed them he has no interest in playing in the NBA if he doesn’t clear waivers and would like to go to China or play arena football.

Today is a new day and World Peace already has a new plan: playing for the Clippers.

According to USA Today’s Sam Amick (h/t SportsCity.com):

A person with knowledge of World Peace’s situation told USA TODAY Sports that he now has the Los Angeles Clippers atop his list of possible destinations. The Queensbridge, N.Y. native previously had his hometown New York Knicks as his preferred choice his list of favorites, but he is now said to be more interested in joining the new-look Clippers while being able to avoid relocating.

Assuming Metta does clear waivers, the Clippers would unfortunately be an ideal destination for him. While he would only receive the veteran’s minimum, the Lakers will still have to pay him the remainder of his contract which is $7.7 million.

For World Peace, avoiding relocating elsewhere would benefit him and his family. For the Clippers, it sounds like they are looking to play some small-ball and World Peace was decent at the ’4′ position this past season.

It’s going to be difficult possibly seeing World Peace in a Clippers uniform, but I’m sure all of us want Metta to make the best decision for him and his family.

In four seasons, World Peace averaged 9.4 points and delivered his best performance as a Laker in Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals in route to his first championship.


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  • ra

    I actually hope he joins the Clippers. That would be a kick in Jim Buss’ plans. Also, it would propel the Clips to the list of teams that might be able to defeat the Heat – Doc Rivers would find a way to utilize MWP in the best way.

    • regista

      Yes, Doc Rivers surely would. As opposed to our coach Mike Dumboni.

    • Paytc

      Doc Rivers is one of the best coaches in the league.
      That already gives the Clippers an edge on our Lakers in that dept.

    • Ransom Ballard

      Jim doesn’t care he cares about 2014.

  • ra

    I didn’t think of this before, but if MWP does sign with the Clips, there’s a chance that LO will do the same. They are childhood friends, and might want to play together again (that was another good reason for keeping MWP, if the Lakers wanted to sign LO). So, that’s not gonna happen now.

    • Paytc

      I do hope you are wrong because I want L.O. to sign with the Lakers.
      Keeping MWP made sense because of his defense,heart,and all out effort.
      MWP plays at home and on the road.

  • Sti1lmatic

    Wow, the Clippers squad is basically what our team was to be if it wasn’t for Mr. Stern.

    Of course it would be Kobe at SG and Pau probably at Center

    • Der

      We traded lamar for cp3…

  • Jim213

    Like I’d mentioned before should’ve amnestied S Blake…

    • Paytc

      Exactly…. That has been my position as well.
      Just who is Steve Blake sleeping with :)

      That is where we need the most help.I kinda like Farmar,but I never looked at him as an elite point guard.Nash is not young or athletic enough to give us the amount of quality minutes we will need.Nash can give us some quality mins and mentor someone.Farmar is better than Blake…So Shipping Blake out made far more sense.There really is not much difference in 5 and 7 million ,and only about 14 slots on the team to fill? We know MWP always comes to play.He could have played a valuable 6th man role.

      • Paytc

        Plus MWP can be used in a limited role as a defensive stopper.

      • Jim213

        Like I said both Blake and Gasol have the go with the flow type of play mentality. I’m for trading Gasol for a 3 team trade, possibly for Rondo. Trade Blake too as the Lakers have too many guards. It would be hard to try to acquire acquire Rondo though given that everyone is willing to give whatever to the Celts to make the trade happen.

        But if not Rondo#1 option, the league has some up and coming PG’s… Other than Rondo, Damian Lillard (R) free agent 2 yr / $6.27 million contractw/blazers has elite type of play. Since the Lakers are looking for the future this may potentially be it he was (Rookie of the year). From watching his play he has Westbrook type speed (paint) with the shooting ability of Stephen Curry.

        Funny that you mentioned S Blake b/c from watching his vid he play against the Lakers last year and made Blake look like a varsity player. This is a good example of what I’m talking about when it comes to Blake and gasol… both go with the flow just play the game instead of playing aggressively with a winning type of mentality.

        Damian is expected to make ONLY make $3.20 million next season as a restricted free agent. Don’t know why the Blazers didn’t offer him more but with the cap space available next season he should get serious attention by the Lakers. They should at least offer him (if possible) close to double the offer that the Blaze gave him though they can match any offer given to him (R) and that’ll be that…

        Jrue Holiday amd Kyrie other would be other options but other than Rondon, damian would be plan b+. Given that he has all the tools necessary to be a great player given that he could shoot lights out like S Curry too.

      • Ransom Ballard

        Yeah, but it’s a big different in the luxury tax.

    • Ransom Ballard

      Yeah, but Jim213 amnestying Metta saves the Lakers more money, and he had it coming for 2 years DEAL WITH IT!!!

      • Jim213

        LOL… who’s complaining, the pros’ and cons’ of business… you must have not read my other 100 posts. Got to stop watching thriller and the walking dead and get a reading… brah.

        • Ransom Ballard

          I do not need too because we all know that you’re a jackass.

          • Jim213

            Nobody is complaining that’s all… we’re all in the boat. Brah!

  • Matt Williams

    MWP is done with the NBA. He said so himself.


    im a basketball athlete and a big laker fan i hope and wish Mitch and JBuss resign SaSha VUJACIc! hes a championship player and know how to win and will be excellent 3 point specialist for lakers to win that other title!! so please mr. MITCH AND JBUSS SIGN SASAH VUJACIC AND MIX HIM WITH FARMAR, WESLEY, YOUNG!! WE HAVE LOTS OF WEAPONS TO GO FOR THE TITLE! BRING BACK THE MACHINE!!! THANKYOU!!

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