NBA News: Matt Barnes’ Arrest Details Surface

NBA News: Matt Barnes’ Arrest Details Surface


When former Laker forward Matt Barnes was arrested last week for resisting arrest, it seemed to be the final chapter of Barnes’ time in Los Angeles. With the team not expected to re-sign Barnes and his contract up, it was generally anticipated that Barnes’ time with the Lakers was over.

Barnes was arrested at the end of July for allegedly resisting arrest and getting into an altercation with a police officer. Now, according to TMZ, some of those details may not have been what they initially seemed.

The police officer who arrested ex-LA Lakers star Matt Barnes waited in an alley for 2 hours … waited for Barnes to exit a restaurant, and then charged the b-baller with felony resisting arrest — even though Barnes never got physically violent … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

TMZ went on to explain that Barnes had a warrant out for his arrest for failing to appear after receiving a ticket for driving on a suspended license. Barnes had reportedly gone to the DMV to have his license reinstated, and thought he had cleared the issue up.

While some of the details still haven’t been leaked, it sounds like Barnes’ arrest may have been a misunderstanding. If indeed he wasn’t resisting arrest as the TMZ report indicated, it’s possible that the charges will be dropped.

  • Victor122296

    They need to resign the dude for the veterans minimum.. he was a scrappy defender and a spark off the bench. sign Barnes for a 1 yr deal. he can play the 2,3, and sometimes the 4 depending on the opposing lineup. let go of Morris and sign Meeks or barbosa. championship bound baby! Lakernation!!!!

    • Angela C. Robeson

      I totally agree with you Victor. But if we keep him, I’d like him to work on his shooting game which I thought was off last year.

      • Victor122296

        Yea I agree with you Angela… low risk high rewards. if he can become a knock down 3 pt shooter who can slash to the rim which he greatly does already we will be deadly. we shall see. Lakernation!!!!!

  • Angie Williams Collins

    Dang we need Matt Barns…. That ticks me of, when franchises play games like that!

  • Johnm7

    Nice to know there is still some integrity left on the force. :-(

  • Jamessearcy605

    Matt is a bruiser just like Metta,i like his game he just need to work on his 3 pt game….he’s a keeper !

  • George


  • Mel3dx

    got my lizenze at DMZ

  • Jon14

    Lakers nation must have kids write this shit, I have not once seen a decent or well written article on this site , and that dude Daniel is a fag with their twitter page

    • Radiofloydzep

      An annonymous person talking shit in the Internet? Amazing how some people grow balls when they can hide behind a screen. Why do people waste their time following things they dislike? Just I unfollow them and get your laker news somewhere else douchbag.

  • Lakersfanfromwayback

    What do you expect from these writers, they are not journalist; they are bloggers who
    are trying to get articles written so they can get on a real paper or magazine.
    They do not spell check or reread what they type to catch their mistakes. Heck
    even the Microsoft spellchecker makes mistakes!

  • Lakersfanfromwayback

    They better keep Matt Barnes because their bench sucks and besides, it was coach Brown not using him right that got his game off!

    • Eddie Quam

      I believe it was injuries that threw him off since be had the most minutes off the bench and was always the first sub in. Not Brown, watch the games yo not ESPN for your info

  • Jimmyj24

    First off.. Whoever wrote “Fag” regarding a writer should go jump rope on the 405 and post the results of your ass getting obliterated, you ignoramus.

  • RayRay

    My tax dollars go to pay the salary of a cop waiting in an alley for two hours to bust someone with a suspended license FTA??  

  • LobosoBoriquen

    Over all, Barnes has been a game changer for the Lakers and I will be sorry to see him go. I would not be surprised to read one of these days that the officer was waiting for an autograph, when the incident happened.The insecurity of the officer and the intolerance of Barnes probably caused the altercation.