NBA News: Magic Johnson Refutes Reports Of Interest In Buying Clippers Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="142"] Following the first full day of the aftermath of alleged racial comments made by NBA owner Donald Sterling, reports started to surfac [new_royalslider id="142"] Following the first full day of the aftermath of alleged racial comments made by NBA owner Donald Sterling, reports started to surfac Rating: 0
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NBA News: Magic Johnson Refutes Reports Of Interest In Buying Clippers

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Following the first full day of the aftermath of alleged racial comments made by NBA owner Donald Sterling, reports started to surface about Magic Johnson and the Guggenheim Partners showing interest in purchasing the Los Angeles Clippers.

With Magic showing he’s more than capable of being an owner of a professional sports franchise, after taking over the Los Angeles Dodgers with the Guggenheim Partners, the former face of the Los Angeles Lakers showing interest in taking over the Clippers makes sense from a business standpoint.

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Although a verdict hasn’t been handed down from the NBA in terms of a punishment for Sterling, the consensus seems to be that he’ll be pushed out or forced to sell the team in some form or another.

Despite reports of Magic and the Guggenheim Partners wanting a chance to purchase the Clippers, the five-time NBA champion refuted the reports on Monday saying the following on his Twitter account:

Without a decision being made on Sterling’s fate, Magic making this comment is typical and expected. If Sterling is forced to sell the team or simply elects to sell Clippers after receiving punishment from the league on Tuesday, it’ll be interesting to see if Magic changes his stance.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver will have a press conference on Tuesday afternoon to address the Sterling issue and will likely let the NBA’s intentions be known.There’s been no indication of what the NBA might do with Sterling, but after the nationwide backlash, expect the punishment to be severe and swift.
Kobe Bryant Responds To Sterling’s Racist Comments, ‘Should Not’ Own The Clippers

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  • Jim213

    Magic and his partners will be the first one in line if the buss’s decide to sell the team down the road. #lakerlifer

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Donald Sterling Son-in-Law
    You’re A Racist And I Don’t Care If You F
    Donald Sterling’s son-in-law, Director of Basketball Administration for the Clippers who helps run the day-to-day operation of the team, tells TMZ Sports what his father-in-law did is ignorant and racist … and if that costs him his job … so be it.Here are the words of his son-in-law Eric Miller:”I find the statements and representations made by the Clippers’ team owner to be deplorable and disgusting. There is no room in sports or society in general, for racism.”Miller goes on: “I pledge my full support for the wonderful players, coaches and staff members of the Clippers organization. I have complete faith that Commissioner Silver will deal with this matter swiftly and severely.”And then Miller says, “If these comments should happen to cost me my employment with the team, it is but a small price to pay to speak out against ignorance and racism.”Donald Sterling’s daughter, Joanna Sterling Miller — who is married to Eric — says, “I am devastated and saddened by the cruel and insensitive comments expressed in these audio tapes.”

    Eric Miller son-in-law of Donald Sterling: “You’re a racist, and I don’t care if you fire me”

    • Jim213

      Don’t know if you’ve seen ESPN but there was a football/soccer game where a player from Barcelona (Alves) who’s mixed race (African/Brazilian) was going to kick a corner kick at their OWN stadium (Spain) when someone threw a banana on the field landing close to him.

      He picked it up and started to eat it (to show them up) and tho I’m not of any African descent that’s showing dignity as Alves later mentioned that he doesn’t pay too much attention to it given racism still exists. IMO, Adam Silver can send a clear message to all of Sports by his actions on Tuesday.

      However, it may still be difficult to get rid of Sterling and if that’s the case don’t expect the coach and some of the players to return to play for the clippers next season.

      • Zimmeredge

        Dani alves has no afro ties. He’s brazilian.
        We are given too much importance to that old fool. I don’t like (so to speak) racist people but what i despice equally is cry-babys. Have Some dignity. Fight. Proove people’s wrong. Be smart.
        To be horrified by one old dude for a week? Come on that´s a waste of Time especially if you Know that you worth more than what He’s said.
        Act clever do not over react.

        • Jim213

          ?! Dani Alves is from Bahia and has black Afro ancestry. Since the early/mid 1900′s different cultures in Brazil have meshed together. So cultures are mixed pretty good DNA wise as I’ve also seen a show (PBS) Black in Latin America that shows the mixture of cultures in Brazil.

          Aside of that (Sterling) disagree, it’s not that they’re giving too much importance to the dunderhead it’s mostly that the issue had to be addressed foremost. Don’t believe many will give too much attention to him now but for the Clipper players themselves they can likely move on for now until their season ends.

          • Zimmeredge

            We are all at one point coming from africa that was my point.
            There’s too much hypocrisy in this story. Afro players Knew who was sterling and now they act like their are offended by private words… Rivers is the président and coach. He earns a lot of money. Griffin, Dj, Paul (and many others) are afro and they are winning a lot of money. The guy is a racist but… He is basically given all his money to black people? Weird and hypocrite right. It wasn’t bothering them 10 days ago to Know that sterling was a reknown racist and now all of sudden… They act like they didńt Know. Like they are destroyed and everything. Are you kidding me? Sterling will win in the end because of this nonsense debate and we should punish him for being such an asshole in private? You can’t punish foolish, silly thoughts.

          • Jim213

            Know this and it’s why I brought up black ancestry. But that’s more of a question for the former commissioner (Stern) to talk about (Sterling). He picked the right time to retire b/c then we’d also be talking about Stern pushing CP3 to the Clippers. But this is something that Kareem’s brought up too being Sterling’s past history. IMO, Stern and the other owners most likely looked the other way given the Clippers past history/performance.

            But success leads to more responsibility and with technology evolving quickly since the last decade and social media within the last 5-6 yrs everything gets scrutinized nowadays. Although, it was a private conversation this dunderhead represents part of the NBA so commissioner Silver had to to what’s best for the NBA brand (being kicking Sterling out) tho more so what ethically correct IMO.

  • LegendInMyMind

    Who cares what Donald Sterling said? Honestly. People’s actions speak louder than words ever could. Is he trying to ban minorities from Clippers games? No. He was even due to receive his SECOND NAACP lifetime achievement award until they withdrew it (which they did without any verification of the tape). Honestly, if I got this offended every time I felt like someone associated with the NBA did or said something racist against my race, I’d boycott the whole league. But I’m thick-skinned, and I enjoy watching talented individuals play this game.

    So how about we all take a deep breath, grow up, stop victimizing ourselves, and let people’s personal feeling stay where they belong. Not as if he did this in a publicized interview with the intention of hurting people. His private thoughts are none of anyone’s business, and to try and force him out of the league on those grounds, alone, goes against everything that we are taught to believe in as supposedly “free” citizens. The worst part of this whole thing is that even our President seems to be oblivious to this very basic and founding concept of the freedom to hold whatever opinion that we choose without reprieve. To attack the personal holdings of an individual based on their personal beliefs, NOT THEIR ACTIONS, sends a message of intolerance of a level that goes BEYOND that of what Donald Sterling is perceived to have purported. And it sets a very dangerous precedent as well.

  • Malik

    It’s nothing the NBA wants to associate with that being racism and the racist ignorant scumbag Donald Sterling.The mentality Donald Sterling has is scary and sickening he seems to think black people belong on a cotton field picking cotton as slaves well that kind of slavery mentality and racism can’t and won’t be tolerated in this day in age in the NBA and all the hate that Sterling displays is not needed in the NBA.This is not a place for people like Donald Sterling.

    The truth is that Donald Sterling is getting knocked off as a owner and the NBA is about to royally fuck the Clippers and Donald Sterling.It’s won’t be good for the Clippers and racist bigot jerk Sterling.The Clippers have a racist owner and that is the problem people are not going to stand for that.The NBA wants to make sure people feel comfortable coming to the games it’s a black league for the most part.

    The Clippers empire has now crumbled their is no coming back from racism it’s over for the Clippers and Sterling they are finished.The NBA is better off kicking them out of the NBA.Adam Silver must bend the Clippers franchise over.The truth is this is way bigger than sports it’s something no business owner should be like.Discrimination towards black folks is the ticket out of the NBA.Good riddance to Racist Donald Sterling and his Clippers.He won’t be missed that’s for sure.

  • MambaMentality24

    Change his stance? Read between the lines. If there is no owner then he will try to buy the team.

  • quickster007

    To me the woman is vindictive cause she knows Sterling wife is suing her for 1.8 millions. What better way for her to push Donald Sterling to say something racial. I wouldn’t be surprise if Magic have something to do with it. Magic and his partner wants an NBA franchise bad. There is always a double standard. Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton would say something racial and nothing happens to them. If other minority say something against blacks they always plays the race card. I was laughing at my co-worker that the Clippers is like a plantation and the players are the slaves. Wow, the players lives in mansion and earn millions of dollars. I told him where do I sign. I think Donald Sterling will sell the team. Magic Johnson will be the buyer because of the intense pressure his getting.

  • daniel

    It would be really painful to see Magic as a clippers owner. Please, don’t do that, you are a Lakers legend, just take your time, the Lakers will be sold eventually.

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