NBA News: LeBron James Dismisses Lakers Rumors

NBA News: LeBron James Dismisses Lakers Rumors


The story that broke yesterday stating that the Los Angeles Lakers may make a run for LeBron James if he becomes a free-agent in 2014 caused a split reaction from most Lakers fans, but James himself if not ready to comment on the issue.

The Lakers and Miami Heat will both be battling for the 2013 title this upcoming season, and there is a chance those two meet in the Finals. It would not be smart for James to discuss the possibility of him leaving the Heat to join a rival, so he took the right path out of the mess. James spoke to the media after the Heat’s preseason win over the Detroit Pistons and he dismissed the rumors before they heated up even more.

“That story, I don’t know where it came from, but I understand why it came up because of who I am — it’s going to happen,” James told reporters after Miami’s first preseason home game. “But I’m not going to worry about it. I’ve got to continue to stay focused with these guys and make sure we’re ready for any challenges that come.”

The Heat will be title contenders until the summer of 2014, and if James decides to stay in South Beach, Miami will still have a chance to win more championships. At this point, there is no way of telling whether or not the reigning NBA Finals MVP would want to change teams again for a chance to add to his title count.

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As of right now, both sides will likely back off discussing the possibility. Both the Lakers and Heat have title aspirations and something like this can be a major distraction.

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  • Joelsky

    keep dreamin’ it will never happen.

  • Wat3ro7

    Keep his ass in Miami we won’t someone that can handle pressure an lead a team not someone who runs an hides in the 4th

  • D Deldo

    I would not want to see that happen. I hate the mans attitude on and off the court. Dont get me wrong, he is a superb athlete and has a dominant physical presence at almost every position. But at the end of the day i am a Lebron HATER!!!! He isn’t any kind of king on the court. He did win a championship last year and was the finals MVP. But let me ask you this: what did you honestly expect when you have at least 3 players on the same team that rank in the top 10 in the league, and 2 of them in the top 5. That’s fine Miami, spend over 250 million dollars on your roster. But always remember this one very important thing: anything you can do, the L.A. Lakers can and will do better!!! Anyways, on Lebron possibly being a Laker just straight up makes me wanna lash out and beat up anybody near me! Translation: not to fond of Lebron James. He has a lot more accomplishments and i mean a lot more to even be considered in the same league as the one and only Kobe “Bean” Bryant, aka (Black Mamba)!!! And now it just got a whole lot tougher for Lebron to win a championship when you have the starting 5 the Lakers have. And now it just got a little easier for Kobe to tie and then pass Jordan. So when it’s all said and done for Kobe, he will go down as the greatest and i mean greatest ever to play the game! No questions asked! And with that being said, enjoy your career Lebron for whatever and how ever many teams you play for (cause we all know you are a flip flopper)! We will probably WITNESS a couple more “DECISIONS”! What an IDIOT.

  • yeebuddy

    “That story, I don’t know where it came from, but I understand why it came up because of who I am — it’s going to happen.” … “because of who I am”? PFFTTT.. Bron needs to get over himself. 

  • kicka$$

    they should rather take kevin durant!