NBA News: League Fines Phil Jackson For Tampering With Derek Fisher

NBA News: League Fines Phil Jackson For Tampering With Derek Fisher


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Ever since Derek Fisher’s season ended Saturday night with the Oklahoma City Thunder’s loss to the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Finals, people began to ask about his next move as many believe Fisher will now retire.

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Fisher has been linked to both the New York Knicks and the Lakers head coach openings, and Fisher recently spoke about the decision he will have to make. Phil Jackson has also spoken on the possibility of Fisher coaching the Knicks, and unfortunately for him, will now pay for his comments according to ESPN’s Marc Stein:

The fine comes from Jackson’s comments last week in which he named Fisher as someone who would be on his list of coaching candidates. Jackson went on to detail how he and Fisher have been through many battles together and that he prefers to have a prior relationship with whoever he hires.

Since Fisher was actively playing in the playoffs at the time of Jackson’s comments, he was not allowed to speak on Fisher as a possible head coach.

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Fisher does seem to be emerging as the front-runner for the Knicks head coaching position ever since Steve Kerr decided to take the position with the Golden State Warriors. Unfortunately Jackson’s mouth got him in trouble before he could even talk to his potential candidate, and now he has to pay the price.
VIDEO: Derek Fisher Ranks Kobe Bryant On His List Of Teammates

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  • ChitoDog

    Phil Jackson up to his old media, mind tricks again LMAO. 25G ain’t squat to him. Said what he had to say and Fisher got the message.

    • Christine

      Let the man say what he has to say.

  • RL de la Paz

    Phil Jackson has to drink the “shot up juice” lmao

  • Dana

    That fine is just stupid. That’s not tampering. Good grief.

    • Evan

      According to the rules it is. You’re not allowed to openly speak about acquiring a player who is under contract with another team. Its a public way of recruiting, and considered tampering. Fine is stupid (25k to Phil Jackson? Lol), but that’s the rule.

  • Buckwheat

    Thabo Sefolosha Uncertain About Future With Thunder

    Jun 02, 2014 6:15 PM EDT

    Thabo Sefolosha expressed frustration about his limited role in the Oklahoma City Thunder’s final four games of the postseason after starting at shooting guard for five-plus seasons.

    “It was very frustrating,” Sefolosha said. “It’s never easy. I would say the last month has been a little frustrating. It’s just tough. You’ve got a lot of questions, like, why and what is the thought process necessarily behind it? Things like that. You just stick with the plan, stick with your teammates.”

    All signs seem to point to Sefolosha’s departure from the Thunder via free agency and the veteran guard admits he is uncertain about whether he will return.

    “I have no clue,” Sefolosha said when asked if he expected to be back. “I’m going to have to take some time to think about a lot of things.”

    “I like winning. I want to be in a good place with a chance to win something, and that’s definitely something that we have here. So definitely the system is a big part of it. You want to be happy and be able to play to your strengths. But at the same time, it’s going to be a lot of questions going on in the summer and (we’ll) see where it takes me.”

    Via Anthony Slater/The Oklahoman


  • Buckwheat

    I hope we sign Thabo..

    • M$$H33

      WHAT!!?……………NO NO and HELL NO

      • LegendInMyMind

        Don’t be so quick to dismiss that, he’s a scrappy defender with a workable outside shot. That’s 2 tools, not just one like “Swaggy P”. Fuck Swaggy P, his game is shit.