NBA News: Kurt Rambis Joins New York Knicks As Assistant Coach

NBA News: Kurt Rambis Joins New York Knicks As Assistant Coach


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While all the focus was on the Carmelo Anthony meeting for the Los Angeles Lakers, one of their potential head coaching candidates has decided to head elsewhere. According to ESPN New York’s Ian Begley, Kurt Rambis will be joining Derek Fisher’s coaching staff as an assistant:

Kurt Rambis will accept a position as an assistant coach under new Knicks head coach Derek Fisher, league sources told ESPN New York.

Rambis will be the first addition to Fisher’s staff. Fisher said at his introductory news conference that he hoped to add some experienced coaches to his bench.

Since Mike D’Antoni’s resignation, the Lakers interviewed numerous potential candidates and Rambis was considered one of the favorites for the position. However, the team has taken its time and it appears Byron Scott is now the front runner for the head coaching position after two interviews.

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For Phil Jackson and the Knicks, they get an assistant coach who has years of experience with the triangle offense and should help Fisher in his first season. With both franchises are hoping to land Carmelo Anthony this summer, it will be interesting to see what rosters they have on opening day.
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  • Brandon A. Benitez

    Not THAT big of a deal but still sucks I wish he stayed with the Lakers

    • cyborgspider

      It’s unfortunate to lose a member of the “family” but he wasn’t all that effective last year (probably due to Antoni), wasn’t good in 99 as an interim coach, went 32-132 (!) with the Wolves, and benched Kevin Love in his early career. If the Lakers intend to chase Love next season, probably better he’s not there… Wish him the best of luck though

      • Chris Park

        Lakers aren’t going for Love after the drafting of Julius Randle.

        Unless Randle is
        1.injury prone
        2.bust (relates to no.1)
        3.Develops into a SF (which I doubt 99%)

        we shouldn’t expect Lakers to go for Kevin Love anymore.

        • LegendInMyMind

          If he’s available and they’re in a financial position to be able to offer him a contract, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t. Julius Randle actually CAN play 3 positions, and Love can play 2.

          • Chris Park

            Julius Randle isn’t really suitable for center nor small forward.

            I can see Kevin Love playing the center but that would be really weak interior defense

          • LegendInMyMind

            Randle has underrated potential on the interior defense with a 7′ wingspan, grit, and an almost 9′ standing reach. I could see him playing SF, though. He’s athletic as hell and he actually has a nice shot, just was confined to the paint at Kentucky. It’s a good thing that he’s so proficient there, whatever position he plays. The key to basketball is getting the ball inside, after all. And Love is a great scorer, period.

            If they get Melo, then there’s no way they’d even be in a position to try and get K Love, though. For one, they’d sign Pau with Melo, so bye bye cap room. If they don’t, and they lose Gasol, then I’d have to think they go to Plan B, which is to save cap room in pursuit of Kevin Love next summer. Team defense is what LA needs. There’s no one player that’s gonna come in and lock things down. Howard showed that.

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    • lkrpr

      Glad he’s gone…. don’t have to worry about him being LA’s coach…now we need someone to make B Scott an offer and we can focus on getting a real coach

      • Brandon A. Benitez

        Makes sense I respect it

        • roycektetreault

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    • BULLY

      not a all lol .. hes going to an off branch the Lakers have located in New york lmao

  • $112966624

    Maybe Phil will sign Bynum, Pau, Ariza, Farmer, and Sasha too and try to relive his final glory days of coaching through Fisher lol

    • A Fan

      Don’t forget Odom. Signed him on a non-guaranteed contract on the last day of the 2014 season

  • daniel

    Men, o men. I think Phil is just too scared to go out of the bubble. That looks like the Lakers a few years back. Either he needs some people that he can influence so he can coach behind the scenes, or he is trying to get people mostly loyal than anything else, that is sound of weakness. it is not the same to coach than manage basketball operations.
    In any case, good luck to all of them

  • Jim213

    Good luck to Kurt but last year’s season was tough tho NY will have a better team than the one Kurt was on last year.

  • Brandon A. Benitez

    So apparently Melo’s been trying to recruit Gasol to the Knicks for the past few hour or so… Safe to say Melo’s decided to stay in NY? I mean there wouldn’t be any reason for him to do that unless he decided not to go for LA

    • LakersOverEverything

      Not neccessarily. Lebron tried to recruit bosh to Cleveland at the last minute, and we know how that ended.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kurt Rambis is a good guy and a wealth of information last year was super rough and yes he is best off just taking a job with Derek Fisher his services were no longer needed with the Lakers IMO.Best of luck to Kurt.

  • kliff richard

    jeff van gundy or george karl and mike woodson and mark jackson next new head coach LA Lakers right now please

  • Lakers4Life

    Not really an issue since Rambis was never a serious candidate for the Lakers. He fits Phil’s system in NY anyway. I suppose Luke Walton will end up with GS now.

    On the contrary, once we land LeBron and maybe Melo, the Lakers need to settle on a coach like Jeff Van Gundy. A bright future awaits us my fellow Laker fans!

  • Ray-Marcus

    Phil Jackson trying to make NY Lakers East lol