NBA News: Klay Thompson Has The ‘Right Attitude’ About Trade Talks

NBA News: Klay Thompson Has The ‘Right Attitude’ About Trade Talks


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Trade rumors have started to heat up with less than a week to go before the NBA Draft. Kevin Love is the biggest name on the trading block, but Klay Thompson recently emerged with talk of the Golden State Warriors potentially sending him to the Los Angeles Lakers in a three-way deal.

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This is the first time Thompson has been mentioned in trade talks and his father, Mychal, thinks his son is handling it well, according to Diamond Leung of Inside The Warriors:

“He’s got the right attitude,” Mychal said. “He’s not getting personally offended by his name being rumored to go someplace. He understands that unless your name is LeBron James or it’s Kevin Durant, anybody could be thrown into a trade or talked about in a trade.

“So he’s got a professional approach about it, and if he ends up with the Lakers, great. He’ll make the most of it. He’ll be thrilled to be (in Los Angeles). But if he stays with Golden State, then he’ll be happy to stay up there with those guys. If he got traded to Minnesota? I told him, ‘Hey, you get to play with Ricky Rubio, the best passer in the game.”

With the trade talks stalled at the moment due to the Warriors’ reluctance to include Thompson in a deal for Love, the future of the sharpshooter remains uncertain. It seems as though Golden State is intent on acquiring Love, but Thompson may or may not end up in Los Angeles.

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Although rumors have surfaced about the Minnesota Timberwolves wanting to trade Love before the NBA Draft, the superstar forward may very well end up playing another season for the struggling franchise. Love will continue to be mentioned as a hot commodity of the trade market, but there’s no telling when or if he’s traded before becoming a free agent next summer.
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  • Lakers Don’t Need No Klay

    Mychal Thompson needs to shut the F up and stop acting like he’s the Lakers GM.

    • Spurs Fan Ring #5 For Timmy

      I agree tbh.Yep Mike Thompson screwed it up for the Lakers tbh.

    • Tune

      What are you talking about?

    • Daryl Peek

      Mychal is a Dad first. Some people are so disrespectful?

    • courtney harris

      you need to shut the hell up honestly. clearly he hasn’t told his dad to stop talking to the media, so why does your opinion matter? this is a dad who cares immensely for his son, and is trying to keep his spirits up. klay is probably is letting the noise get to him, and [his dad] is doing everything he can to keep his spirits up . he’s also letting other teams know that his son will still play hard for any team he may end up on.

  • meep

    Dude dad talks a lot.

    • edogg

      He a laker fool , he telling his right. haters

  • Spurs Fan Ring #5 For Timmy

    The more shit that leaks the more i say Lakers trade that pick for Cory Joseph.Lakers FO has no idea what they are doing leaking all this fucking shit out.Mike Thompson is leaking ya’ll valuable information that stops ya’ll from getting great players i almost hope your team sells the pick for money.

    • Tune

      What are you talking about lmao. You do know information literally leaks 24/7 right?

    • ‘James Edwards

      Do 7 even know what your talking about

  • Spurs Fan Ring #5 For Timmy

    The Lakers have a mole in the inner workings that’s why nothing good has happened for the Lakers in years.Someone is leaking information to the media and that hurts the Lakers chances of improving or getting great players.Their is a mole within the organization that sucks for the Lakers loyal fans.Bunch of crap.Hopefully Mike Thompson stops this Bullshit ya’ll.

    • Tune

      Nothing has worked? We almost got CP3 and we got Howard.

    • Al Haldie

      Hurry some one call the FBI- oh that’s OK that only a SPURS fan – he should go to the SPURS NATION ….

  • ill will

    could be the Lakers trading partners with the mole, no?

  • Nope Nopee

    I find funny how the responses went through:

    Los Angeles: He’ll be thrilled

    Golden State: He’ll be happy

    Minnesota: (No response from Klay)…..only the fact that he at least gets to play with Rubio.

  • LAL

    Personally, I prefer MCW deal over Klay Thompson because MCW can score + assist + rebound + steal whereas Klay can only score. Plus, the Lakers already have a volume shooter – Kobe and if Nick Young resign, we have another one.

    • Tune

      Klay can play perimeter defense. I still prefer MCW.

  • VillainKing™

    Keep the 7th pick Lakers the draft day is nearly approaching..

  • $20509373

    I don’t really see how Klay Thompson is worth the 7th pick. He’s an awesome shooter and a great young talent, but he’d be stuck coming off the bench until Kobe retired. The immediate thought would be to move Kobe to the 3, but I’m not confident that he can hang with the other SF’s on the defensive side. The trade rumors just show that the FO is desperate for a quick fix to our current predicament. It’s admirable that they want to turn things around quickly, but they’re better off keeping the pick.

    • Tune

      Kobe can’t hang on the defensive side at SF?

      • ‘James Edwards

        Just ignore them b to lol they play alot of 2k and think that’s how life works lol

        • $20509373

          Just my opinion. Sorry if you don’t like it.

    • Al Haldie


    • Computer Networking

      Not necessarily. The lakers are setting up for life after kobe. Because the lakers don’t have a first round pick next season, they will have to get a first round pick in return this year. Because of that, I think trading the 7th pick for klay and a lower first rounder would be worth it. At the same time I believe that the rumored trade for Michael carter-williams and the 10th round pick would be better.

  • Xdelarkins 24

    Draft Aaron Gordon, please

  • ejavin808

    He s the dad nothing wrong wth it… leave them alone. it’s a dad and son talk. He is just trying to bring positive thought to his own son and it is just right.

  • Kb24

    I can still remeber that klay said he can easily say NO to kobe…event on that time is about paul george going to lakers or sign long term with pacers