NBA News: Kevin Love Visited Boston To ‘See What It’s Like’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_108571" align="alignright" width="258"] Click Here To Take The Quiz![/caption]For much of the season and especially in the past month, t [caption id="attachment_108571" align="alignright" width="258"] Click Here To Take The Quiz![/caption]For much of the season and especially in the past month, t Rating: 0
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NBA News: Kevin Love Visited Boston To ‘See What It’s Like’

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For much of the season and especially in the past month, the Kevin Love trade rumors have heated up as there is speculation the Timberwolves All-Star will not sign an extension to remain in Minnesota.

There are numerous teams who are expected to pursue Love including two of the most storied franchises in the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. Well, it looks like Love will be spending his weekend in Boston according to the Dirty Water News:

Right off the plane he headed to The Greatest Bar for dinner up in the mezzanine. He sat in The Greatest Bar with his to buddies for a couple hours and then Rumor has it he headed over to Rumor for a night cap!

When asked why he was in town he responded ” I’m here to just check out the city and see what it’s like”… Tomorrow (actually today as it’s 2am) he will be walking around the city checking out all the sights . We hear he is headed to Del Frisco’s in this evening (Sat. Night). Sunday he will be going to the Red Sox game.

Since arriving in Minnesota, it has been a frustrating experience for Love as he has failed to make the playoffs and has had many coaches in his young career. Most recently, Ricky Rubio recognized his All-Star numbers, but questioned his leadership.

While Love will become an unrestricted free agent in 2015, the Lakers are expected to pursue him with the seventh pick in this year’s draft as they look to quickly rebuild themselves into championship contenders.
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  • Andy McNutt

    Sullinger , Jeff Green & the C’s #1 pick along with Gerald Wallace ( for cap reasons ) for Love and a bad contract like ….Jose Barea.

  • Mitch

    Lakers strength coach Tim DiFrancesco is a Kevin Love lookalike.

    • Tune

      He’s the retired version of Kevin Love.

  • comrade24

    Nooooooooooooooooooo don’t go to the dark side, Kevin!

    • Dino Madness

      The Lakers are a desert of a franchise right now they have nothing to offer the Wolves and nothing to offer to Kevin Love in terms of a contender. Jim and Mitch have neglected the team with unwise trades like the Steve Nash trade and allow the Lakers to become a desert devoid of talent. All we have right now is an over paid Kobe Bryant and nothing else. At this point Kevin Love has come to the conclusion that the Lakers may need 3 to 5 years until they become a playoff team again! Just remember that Phoenix who had a good season was 14 games above .500 and did not make the playoffs. Dallas had to win 49 games to end up in eight place.

      • TheTruthKills

        I’ve been trying to tell people this for months but they refuse to listen. Love is not coming.

        • Tune

          Well, if you really reach for the future. We could have
          PG Exum/Smart
          SG Stephenson
          SF Durant
          PF Love
          C Sacre

          Stephenson can be gotten for discount I’m sure, Exum/Smart should be viable this draft, I can see Durant leaving if they don’t make it to the finals at least by the time his contract finishes since he consistently gets visibly upset with WB and even recently Reggie with him in the starting lineup. Brooks is honestly a poor coach and it will come down to Lamb/Adams development since nobody else on the team has potential to grow and the other good players (Butler, Fisher) are on their last legs. Just look at tonight’s game, 5 points from the bench since literally none outside Lamb at times and Adams when given good looks can score. Sacre claims he wants to be a top tier defensive C so there’s the potential for that. This would honestly be a dream and a huge stretch though. It’s possible, but I doubt our FO is capable of making it happen.

          • Nalin Shukla

            Sacre will lead us back to the finals =(

            Kelly and sacre.. =(

      • WestCoast323

        3 to 5 for playoffs??Where are you getting your Sources from?!?!! Fake Phychic Reader.. GTFO

  • Tyrone Von Gilyard

    Sign and trade gasol our 7th pick. sign and trade nick we can piece this whole thing together. Wolves will finally get a vet that plays.. And a young shooter in nick young. We get love and jj. Free agency we pick up loul deng bring back hill. We can atleast crack the 5th seed. Hopefully better but we gotta get back to the playoffs to contend.

    • TellAFriend

      I’m a Celtics fan here to troll. Awful Idea by the way, you fans need to stop being so desperate and realize that your owners and Front Office don’t know what their doing. Their is absolutely no rising talent on your team. You guys have nothing to offer.. Let me write it in spanish for you, “NADA!!”

      • LakersOverEverything

        I admit the troll was funny, but f*** dude

      • Lakers Realist

        If by NADA you mean you know NADA about grammar, then yes you’re right. No one cares about your trolling opinion. Front office will sort everything out. They’ve made good moves when it comes to acquiring players, they’ve just had David Stern and a Dwight-mare get in the way. This rebuild will not take long.

      • Dino Madness

        The Celtics troll is right the Lakers are DEVOID OF TALENT. All they have is an over paid Kobe and nothing else right now. Why would Gasol agree to a sign and trade to a team like the wolves that is going nowhere. Gasol was very specific that he’s willing to sign to a contender for less and the Wolves have not even smell the playoffs for a long time. I’m sorry but the Celtics troll is right a Gasol sign and trade to the Wolves is Awful and Delusional.

        • vdogg

          the lakers have THREE players on the roster right now. you think they are going to play 3 on 5 in the season opener??? step your game up, young lady!

        • justsaying

          how you ever dare to say that all we have is Kobe, we have a player that mostly would not able to be even a bench warmer in Nash for 9M$

          • Dino Madness

            Oh yes Nash giving us Lakers fans the finger. I guess the Suns have truly gotten their revenge on the Lakers. They are enjoying two number one picks and two number two picks and 3mil for the dead weight that is Nash.

      • Stephen A Surls

        Now you’re heading to the Cowboys site you !@#$!@# troll.

      • Nalin Shukla

        Hey celtics troll how are ya? You look pretty athletic…I have time machine that can take you to the boston marathon last year..care to participate?

      • Celtics Suck

        LOL Celtics troll what up?Lakers went about rebuilding the wrong way and they are devoid of extra draft picks and a sense of positive direction.It’s been major regression since the Dallas 4-0 ass whooping the Lakers got.Nothing seems to go right for the Lakers anymore.The best thing to happen lately was Mike D’ummytoni leaving.Other than that they don’t have any luck and the Lakers FO has no clue what moves to do to get back to being a good team.

      • Jacob Stein

        As much as I hate to admit it, this asshole is right. We (Lakers fans) have to realize that there are no realistic “quick fixes” and our front office has fucked this thing up so badly that it will be several years before the Lakers are contenders again.

        • TellAFriend

          You guys have Ryan Kelly, who I feel will be a pretty high solid stretch 4. If there’s anything the Lakers should do, is collect picks and build talent, being patient will bring the Lakers back. The Lotto pick is a start.

    • Tune

      Why would we get rid of Young? If we can get Exum or maybe Smart depending on how he looks in the workouts, I say keep the pick. I’d rather have a strong, athletic PG and Gasol than Kevin Love.

    • TheTruthKills

      Gasol and Nick Young would never agree to a sign and trade to Minnesota. Why can’t anyone accept that Love isn’t coming?

  • Edy

    What ever I can careless don’t wanna rent kevin for a year I rather wait until he’s free in 2015 an see if lakers can get him if not oh well I just see this coming up season just as bad as last season

  • white_nip

    There: when refering a place
    Their: when talking about something that belongs to more than one.
    They’re: They are

    It’s not that hard.

  • white_nip


  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    Interesting you guys talking about him like he on our team lol

  • TheTruthKills

    It doesn’t matter where he was. We never stood a chance of getting him anyway.

  • vdogg

    let them have him!!! he will play on a shitty team in a shitty climate.. exactly like he is doing NOW.

  • Celtics Suck

    I have zero confidence in the Lakers owners and front office,they don’t know what they are doing.

    • SierraM363

      Nash was a great addition.

  • magikwyrkz

    At this point I do not care anymore if Love comes or not. I use to care, even followed him in college because I liked him so much. And he may be able to rebound and score points, but where is his defense? Also, if he wanted to really be here he would be stating he wants to be a Laker instead of playing games and saying I might like it here or I might like it there. I was a supporter of his until lately. Just sick of the games. Go wherever the hell you want Kevin because I do not care anymore.

  • SierraM363

    Love going to Boston really shows how much he’s dead set on going to the Lakers.

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