NBA News: Houston Buys Out Derek Fisher. Could Miami Be Waiting?

NBA News: Houston Buys Out Derek Fisher. Could Miami Be Waiting?


According to Adrian Wojnarowski, of Yahoo Sports, the Houston Rockets have agreed to a buy-out with long-time Lakers guard, Derek Fisher. Although Fisher’s stats may say otherwise, many contenders around the league would love to have his leadership and playoff experience this upcoming postseason.

As many of you know, Fisher was traded at the last minute of last week’s trade deadline for power forward Jordan Hill, in what was the most surprising move of the day. A lot of Laker fans have been grieving and remembering all the good times that Fisher brought to Lakers Nation.

To be clear, the new collective bargaining agreement that Fisher actually was a part of the negotiations for, will NOT allow Derek to get bought out and come back to the Lakers until July 1st, 2012.

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What that means is that Fisher will be looking for a contender to join, who will need his experience to show them the way to the promise land.

A few summers ago, when Fisher was a free agent, there was the story of LeBron James picking him from the Miami airport in an attempt to lure him to the Heat.

Now that Fisher’s a free agent, does that mean Miami is the place he wants to be?

How will that affect the way Lakers fans view his legacy?