NBA News: Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer To Buy The Clippers Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="280"] The Donald Sterling/Los Angeles Clippers saga finally looks like it will be coming to an end. According to the LA Times, former Micro [new_royalslider id="280"] The Donald Sterling/Los Angeles Clippers saga finally looks like it will be coming to an end. According to the LA Times, former Micro Rating: 0
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NBA News: Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer To Buy The Clippers

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The Donald Sterling/Los Angeles Clippers saga finally looks like it will be coming to an end. According to the LA Times, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will buy the Clippers for $2 billion:

This is a huge move and will bring an end to what could have been a long, drawn out process for the NBA.

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Ever since Sterling was banned for life from the NBA because of racist remarks that were captured in a recording with his mistress V. Stiviano, it had seemed as if Sterling would fight the ruling.

He didn’t help his own cause in an interview with Anderson Cooper in which he attacked Magic Johnson, claiming he was not a good role model for children.

Recently there were a number of conflicting reports regarding the possible sale of the team. It seemed as if Sterling was set to sale the Clippers, allowing his wife Shelly to handle it, but in the meantime Sterling hired an anti-trust lawyer and threatened to sue the NBA.

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Sterling’s lawyers then wrote a 32-page report to the NBA, detailing what was wrong about Sterling’s punishment, even using Kobe Bryant as a reference point. But none of that matters now that this sale is set to go through.

This is not Ballmer’s first attempt to join the NBA. He was part of an ownership group that tried to keep the SuperSonics in Seattle in 2008, and also tried to purchase the Sacramento Kings in 2013.
Magic Responds To Donald Sterling, Says He’d Rather Own The Lakers, ‘Not The Clippers’

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  • Glen

    Oh ya this is about time they get rid of that douche bag Sterling.Good riddance.

  • Glen

    Damn call him the Paul Allen of the Clippers.

  • Bronson

    As long as it was not Magic Johnson i am happy.FUCK THE CLIPPERS

  • Buddy

    This dude Baldy Ballmer is from the move to Seattle group.Seattle her we come.

  • Jim213

    50 Cent has taken over Nick Young’s thrown.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Really makes me wonder why celebrities keep agreeing to throw out these first pitches. If you throw it over the plate, no one cares or will remember. Miss the plate by 50 feet, and no one will ever forget.

  • frynite

    Dude, check your source. He submitted a bid to buy the team for $2bil; but that doesn’t mean he’s going to get it. Why do you jump into the conclusion and post the news that He’s going to buy it. Is it a final deal and approved by all parties? Come on now, this is bad media/journalism.

  • ChitoDog

    I don’t trust this Ballmer guy. Anybody associated with the Sterlings in any possible way should not be trusted. Who knows if behind closed doors they made their own deal. Nothing the Sterlings say should be believed or anybody the Sterlings say they will sell to should be trusted.

  • Starbucks Yummy

    Seattle Clippers or is going to be Seattle Supersonics?Ballmer=Clay Bennett 2.0

  • LAstory

    He has tried Twice to get Seattle a team..he tried to buy and keep the Sonics in Seattle and then tried to by the Kings and relocate them to Seattle… well Clippers.. it’s been real..see you guys in Seattle… Lakers vs. Supersonics… lol

  • Guruba

    Move it to seattle… LA is lakers territory.

  • TheTruthKills

    Ballmer will find a way to backdoor the Clippers to Seattle. When he starts asking for tax payer dollars to build the Clippers their own arena it will set the wheels in motion.

  • ra

    not a done deal, by any means. He’s just a bidder. Also keep in mind that one of the possible purposes of putting up the team for bids (without going through the NBA) is for the Sterlings to create a ‘perceived’ value of the Clippers, either for future lawsuits or some other purpose, possibly to drive up the selling price.

    Latest team ‘purchase’ was for $500M. The Clippers will not make it to $2Billion. Ballmer’s bid will drive up the price for other bidders, the way it’s done in auctions. The way it has been done on eBay, for example. The seller has a ‘mole’ come in and bid for a product, and drive up the price. It’s standard ‘auction’ protocol (and, not very fair either, actually).

    Anyway, we’ll find out the truth, and the way it’s going to go, before June 3, when the other team owners vote on the potential sale of the Clippers. Then, the buyers will have to go through a vetting process (run by the NBA). Doubt all that is going to be done before June 3 by the Sterlings.

    It’s giong to be an interesting time, but the bottom line is that the Sterlings are going to be cashing in on their team, and hopefully sooner than later (for the league).

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    Good now move out from Staples and go elsewhere Staples belong to teams that add Banners!

  • Lakers4Life

    You never know Ballmer may be racist too. Let’s hope he’ll at least keep it discreet this time.

  • Seattle Clippers

    A move to Seattle for the Clippers is just a matter of time.Steve Ballmer has worked way too hard trying to get Seattle a NBA franchise for far too long.Now he got a franchise and we are now just awaiting a move of the Clippers to Seattle knowing how hard Ballmar worked all these years trying to get Seattle back a NBA franchise.

    On the surface it might look like Ballmar would lose money moving to Seattle from Los Angeles well it is well worth it for Ballmar as that is just chump change for him if he loses a bunch of money initially he will get reimbursed that money from the city of Seattle and he will be the most popular man in Seattle for getting the city a NBA again.Worst buyer possible for actual Los Angeles Clippers fans.Team is moving.

    After losing the Seattle Sonics to OKC this will be retribution for Seattle NBA fans.Book it the Clippers are relocating to Seattle.Thank you Steve Ballmer.Once he says how many Lakers fans are in L.A. he is moving.

  • Donald Crusty Sterling

    I hope whomever buys the Clippers, I hope they ship em out away from L.A. I’ll throw in a bid for a Big Mac and Fries and ship them to the YMCA. But if I want to be nice to them, I say ship them to the east coast. At least over there, they’ll do a better job than the Pacers of competing against the Heat for the east.

  • Chrmngblly

    Lakers’ Fans, NOW we should fear the Clippers. Balmer will install the best professional management money can buy, while our poor Lakers have to make do with the spoiled, ne’er-do-well children of our late great-but-dead owner, Dr. Buss. Who do you think is going to make the best decisions going forward, Jim Buss or Steve Balmer? Just look at the joke of a coaching search we are in the middle of. We are screwed.

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