NBA News: Dwyane Wade Says Kobe Is Greatest Player In His Era

NBA News: Dwyane Wade Says Kobe Is Greatest Player In His Era


kobe-wadeDwyane Wade has been playing with LeBron James for two and a half seasons now, and has been to the NBA Finals two years in a row with James. This season, LeBron is having one of the most impressive seasons in NBA history, and looks to be well on his way to his fourth Most Valuable Player award.

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But at All-Star media day, Wade said it was Kobe Bryant, not James, who is the greatest player of his era.

“When you look back at this era there’s going to be a lot of players that you can pick from. You can talk about their greatness. This is a good era for basketball, and it would be led by Kobe Bryant – who was the greatest player in our era.”

This comes on the heels of Michael Jordan’s comments that he would take Kobe over LeBron because of Bryant’s five championships. While Wade certainly didn’t mean any disrespect to James, it’s a sign of admiration for Bryant’s accomplishments that he would indicate Kobe as the generation’s greatest talent.

Wade will face off with Bryant once again in the All-Star game on Sunday.

  • Mel Walker

    What’s the big deal, wade was absolutely correct. Plus great players don’t leave their team to play with other Great players to finally win a championship. You demand they bring you great players and if they believe in you they will.

    • Thomas Dease


  • NXL

    Like Mike said, “It’s simple mathematics. 5 beats 1 all day.”

    • Dom

      yeah and 11 beats 6 all day. Simple math. Bill Russel is twice the player Jordan is.

  • Clobitto

    Kobe is the MJ in this ERA. (Michael Jordan)
    Lebron is the MJ in this ERA. ( Magic Johnson)

  • The_Eternal1

    This is one very bias website lol.

  • Cj

    Dumb ass Mel walker. Kobe was drafted and traded Second you don’t think wade and Bron spoke about this before he said it. Their best friends with 800 million between them. Second. Lebron will have 6 rings when he retired from heat. Also he will never leave Miami. How do you live somewhere else after Florida. LA blows lived in cold water canyon 3 years. High life. People are all phonies with bs stories why their loaded and never have ten bucks to spend. Forget the want to bees. Sorry clevland but I’ll state it nice. Not say CL is a dump. If you had 200 million would you stay in cleavlamd or move somewhere. It’s nice all year you can go boating and the best looking people live. Or you want kids (your own). Living their. Accept it CL sucks. I been to every state but 6 for work and that whole central area is the worst it’s depressing. Either way 6 rings for James County and he never leaves Miami. Even at. 50 he’s still here. Another point u take your 5 kids out of high school to go FL to CL. Not happening. Y everyone is south FL is rich. Whoever is loaded from north comes to FL. It’s crazy. But Miami is cool but boca raton is real mony place.

  • Cj

    Sorry was buzzed. Soo long. My bad but so true whole bOok