NBA News: Donald Sterling To Sue NBA For $1 Billion For Forcing...

NBA News: Donald Sterling To Sue NBA For $1 Billion For Forcing Clippers Sale


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Donald Sterling is refusing to go down quietly despite all signs pointing to a sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

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Sterling’s lawyer Max Blecher has said that Sterling will sue the NBA for $1 billion for forcing him to sell the team:

There had already been the threat of Sterling suing the NBA since he initially hired Blecher. Sterling’s lawyers prepared a 32-page report detailing the reasons they felt it was wrong to force Sterling to sell the team, even mentioning Kobe Bryant in it.

Sterling’s wife, Shelly, was put in charge of the sale since Donald could not take part in anything having to do with the team after being banned.

Everything stemmed from a recording of Sterling in which he made racist remarks to his mistress V. Stiviano, forcing NBA commissioner Adam Silver to ban him from the NBA for life.

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Sterling didn’t help matters in an interview on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 in which he attacked Lakers legend Magic Johnson, saying he is not a good role model for young people.

The sale of the Clippers to Steve Ballmer still has to be approved by the other 29 NBA owners, but it is expected to be taken straight to the NBA for approval.
Magic Responds To Donald Sterling, Says He’d Rather Own The Lakers, ‘Not The Clippers’

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  • ra

    Trying do do whatever he can before the NBA owners vote (on June 3). If the owners vote to have him stay, then he proceeds with lawsuit. If the owners vote to have him out, then the ‘owners’ have the say, and he has less ground for the lawsuit.

    If the owners vote to have him stay, however, and it does go to a lawsuit, it will affect … the owners, and the players. The NBA could impose some type of ‘membership fee’ or ‘fee increase’ which will pay for the lawsuit (or future lawsuits), and then the owners have to pony up. The owners will then try to make the cap for the players even lower. The salaries will drop like a rock, and the players will boycott / protest.

    It will be a fiasco if Sterling continues to fight like this. Just take the $2Billion and run. Get a Chateau in France. Make a trust fund for your great great grandkids. Enjoy the last few years of your life. This type of fighting, at this age, leads to medical complications. That will definitely shorten Sterling’s life.

  • Chrmngblly

    The NBA needs to clean-up and strengthen its contract for the future. They need absolute authority to terminate any single franchise with a 3/4 majority vote of the rest of the owners. They ought to just say that.

  • Rolando

    Exec: With Donald Sterling out, Clippers could overtake Lakers as main event in Los Angeles.

    “What I’m hearing from season ticket holders who sit court side or near front row is that it pains them because they don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, there’s family dysfunction (within Buss family),” Ganis said. “But like New York, it may be for a blip before the Lakers kick it back up. It’s still a Lakers town at its core, just like New York is a Yankees/Giants/Knicks town.”

    The California executive said the Clippers hooked him by being affordable. The team practically gave away tickets during some seasons. “I could get courtside tickets and it didn’t cost me a fortune. I could move down to better seats and nobody would bother me,” the executive said. “That’s was the start of my relationship with the Clippers.”

    PER New York Daily News

  • Rolando

    People spotted wearing a Clippers jersey these days in Los Angeles outnumbers people wearing a Lakers jersey 3 to 1.That should make the Buss family very nervous they are getting outnumbered 3 times to 1 that’s a sign of being unpopular and irrelevant.Lakers need to bounce back better than ever before or risk it all.

  • corky carroll

    This jerk should just SHUT THE FUCK UP, take his 2 BILLION and dissapear. What a cancer he is. 2 BILLION????? Come on.

  • Lois Evans

    How sad that this man has spent his entire life thinking of revenge. He is so full of hatred and manipulation that only he would buy ad space in the Los Angeles Times to honor himself! GO AWAY Donald Sterling and take Shelly with you never to be heard from again!