NBA News: Donald Sterling Agrees To Sell Clippers, Wife To Negotiate

NBA News: Donald Sterling Agrees To Sell Clippers, Wife To Negotiate


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The Donald Sterling saga could come to an end well before many people predicted.

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ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne reports that Sterling has agreed to allow his wife Shelly to negotiate a forced sale of the team:

Sterling was banned for life from the NBA for racist remarks he made in a recorded conversation with his mistress, V. Stiviano. In a later interview with CNN, Sterling also criticized Magic Johnson whom he believes is not a good role model for children.

It had seemed like this issue would be a drawn out legal battle. Last week Sterling hired an anti-trust lawyer who wrote a letter to the NBA threatening to sue the league. Now thing seem to be going the other way.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was going to do everything in his power to force Sterling to sale the Clippers. The league was moving forward with necessary actions and eventually it would have came to a vote in which 75 percent of the owners would have needed to agree in order to force the sale.

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There are still hurdles to overcome in the sell. According to ESPN’s Arash Markazi, the major one is Sterling’s wife, Shelly, hoping to retain a minority interest in the team:

Whether the league would accept Donald being gone, but allowing Shelly to stay is unknown at this time, but any Sterling retaining some sort of ownership may not go over well, with the league or the players. Either way, a quick ending to this saga is exactly what the NBA has to be hoping for.
Magic Responds To Donald Sterling, Says He’d Rather Own The Lakers, ‘Not The Clippers’

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  • ra

    sure! strategy: if NBA agrees, then that means they agree that it is ok for her to be a representative of team ownership. Then, they (Sterling inc.) will use that to ‘keep’ the team (or a portion thereof).

    Sterling, Inc. needs to be purged from the Clippers, entirely.

    They’ll get paid ($$$$$), no need to feel sorry for them. Maybe it’s actually a good time for them to sell, because Clippers stock will drop (and, is dropping each day). They can’t make it past 2nd round, future: not hopeful. They should sell at its peak now, and put their money in a money market. And, watch the Clips on their big screen TV. Geez, they’re 80+ years old. Sell the team. Retire. Travel to Italy. Litigation can make you even ‘sicker’. Put money in a trust for kids. Smile, say thanks for the years, go away and let Magic (or whomever) take over. Time to go.

    • John wayne

      And all because he express himself to that girl Vivian in a private convo? He don’t have to sell shit.

      • ra

        No, he’s demonstrated his racism over the years. He’s just getting his comeuppance now.

        He has become a ‘bad image’ for the NBA. The players don’t like him now, and he has created a stir. Remember, this is an organization that employs mostly African Americans.

        The NBA has to do what it can to purge this bad image (they spent all those years building it up). So, selling a $1billion+ team for cash isn’t such a bad thing. He’s over 80, and maybe needs to take it easy. He can spend some of it, and put the rest in a trust for his kids. It’s win-win if he sells the team.

    • Leon

      Donald Sterling is a racist and a man that believes in slavery and sees his players as his slaves.Yes it is time for this to finally come to an end.It has been long overdue.The NBA has suffered irreparable damage from this Sterling racism case.Donald Sterling has caused the NBA more damage than any one person ever has before it’s the only thing to do by terminating his ownership of the Clippers.

  • Tyrone

    This is just a sneaky way for the racist Sterling to keep a stake of the crappy Clippers.This way the team is sold to one of his buddies that shares his views and thoughts of bigotry and racism.This is wrong the NBA needs to abolish the ownership entirely of the Sterlings.Donald and Shelly Sterling must go away.

  • Tyrone

    The NBA must take over the team and sell it to the Seattle investment group so the Clippers can finally move.It’s been long overdue for Seattle to get a NBA team and this the perfect opportunity to get Seattle a team and making Los Angeles a one NBA team city.The Lakers have a big enough fan base to keep the city happy.

  • Chavo

    Yea ya’ll the Clippers owner must leave the NBA their is no place for his kind.

  • Deon

    God bless the NBA for ridding us of the Sterling ignorance and racism.

  • Rasta The Voodoo Man

    I hope the Clippers owner is out for real the NBA must make sure they remain out of the NBA as owners and none of their friends or family should be allowed to own the Clippers it’s a bad luck charm for the Clippers they are forever cursed…GTFO!

  • Rasta The Voodoo Man

    A bad luck curse has always been on the Clippers they are forever cursed!

    • ra

      Yes! They have had problems since the beginning (almost). You know, maybe it has ‘ultimately’ been because of this owner. I didn’t really think that before. I thought it was all just ‘some bad luck’. But maybe it’s the ‘top down’ principle. The owner is bad mojo, and it propagates downward to the team (esp. with all those bad draft picks, injuries, etc. through all the years).

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    You can sell it to Seattle they would love to have Sonics back lol

  • Daniel

    I have been a die hard Lakers fan for over 30 years, and I hate the clippers, so far. But, the hypocricy around this issue is phenomenal. Sterling is a racist, a cheap freak, and many, many other things, but he has been like that all his life. So what is the fuzz now? where was the NBA when this guy sue the hell of Elgin Baylor so he would not have to pay him, and many other coaches and players alike? players and coaches did not know that? of course, so why did they sign with the clippers?, most of his players are African Americans? I guess the money is more important. Or is it that Magic and/or someone else is looking for a great business opportunity, and they are throwing away their weight to get the franchise?
    Where is this world an organization such as the NBA has the right to take property away from a private owner, for what? , why? because someone des not like gays, or Italians, or hate women, where does it end? where is the freedom of speech? Besides the fact that Sterling is in another dimension due to his age ( see his interview), where in hell you get convicted due to a private phone conversation?
    I would agree if sponsors do not support him anymore, I would agree that no African American players would want to play for him, I would agree that fans would not go to Clippers game, I would agree with the bashingm, but to take away your property, an asset that whether you like it or not he owes legally? vowww, that is too much for me.

    • ra

      couple things: yes, the NBA should have acted sooner. Now is as good a time as any.

      And, today, this incident is presented an ‘obvious’ bad face for the NBA. They have to get rid of that, right or wrong. Stern spent ‘years’ trying to revamp the NBA image, even though some of it might also have been considered racial, like forcing players to wear suits if they’re not playing (for example), reducing the number of fights on the court, promoting the ‘NBA Cares’ program, etc.

      Sterling’s recent comments, fair or not, did some damage to the perception of the NBA. He ‘has to’ be ousted, so that the NBA can distance itself from this perception, period. Otherwise, they are seen as condoning it. And, Sterling ‘fighting’ to keep his team is seen as a racist ‘fighting’ to hold on to his principles publicly, with his employees being a target of his racial profiling. Bad Bad Bad.

      Don’t feel bad for him. He will get $$$$ for the team, they’re not ‘taking away’ his so called property (oh, good term — property being African American’s ????). They’re just going to make him sell his ‘so called property’, and he’ll get more money than you, and I, and his ’employees’ put together. Heck, he’s an 80+ year old white man. Retire. Enjoy life. Play with your squeeze, head to Italy with your plaid shorts and straw hat. Sip some wine. Enjoy the years you got left. It should be a relief. And, you might get top dollar for the Clips, since they may have reached their peak now.

      Maybe he needs this to live a longer life, and get away from all this stress.

  • LeRon

    Yes get rid of the Clippers just use contraction on the lame losers.GTFO Sterling!

  • Keshawn

    Get up outta here farm boy……

  • Rarthadys

    I think the NBA has to get 3/4 of the owners vote to get rid of Sterling. That’s the only legit way. Donald Sterling himself used to be a lawyer, any illegal action the NBA makes will be sued, Adam Silvers needs to be careful, get the owner’s vote, and that will seal the deal.

  • Earl

    Why the hell are the Clippers still a team disband them and force out Sterling’s.

  • Joe Haeberle

    You’re right it isn’t illegal but it IS wrong. I personally don’t care about the clippers but to have a person with such hatred and despise for one race is bad for the players and the league. Believe me shit like that can affect people mentally. So basically what you’re saying is people from the Westboro Baptist Church are OK? That they are only doing the unpopular thing? But not something that can damage people and ruin lives? He and his “wife” need to leave the NBA entirely and never come back. I hope they sell the team and let everyone move on from this and go back to enjoying basketball completely.

  • Chrmngblly

    It is contractually illegal for the Sterlings to screw up the league like they are doing. The lost value to the other owners if there is a walk-out or other work-stoppage would be incredible if it happened during the playoffs.