NBA News: Derek Fisher Continues to Weigh Options in Free Agency

NBA News: Derek Fisher Continues to Weigh Options in Free Agency


The biggest surprise at the NBA trade deadline on March 15 last season was the Los Angeles Lakers trading five-time NBA champion Derek Fisher to the Houston Rockets in exchange for forward Jordan Hill. The move came out of nowhere with no one foreseeing the Lakers moving Fisher before the deadline despite talk of the team looking for an upgrade at the point guard position.

As of result of the trade, Fisher agreed to a buyout with the Houston Rockets and became a free agent. Shortly after hitting free agency, Fisher agreed to terms with the Oklahoma City Thunder to play behind up-and-comer Russell Westbrook.

After losing to the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, Fisher became a free agent once again with an uncertain future ahead. There was talk of Fisher returning to the Lakers, but won’t be able to sign with the team again until March 15, 2013 due to the rules in the new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement).

With Fisher’s return to the Lakers unlikely, the consensus has been that he’d find a backup role with another title contending team with a one-year deal.

Apparently, the search for a new team isn’t going all that well for Fisher according to Sam Amick of

“Fisher, according to a source close to him, turned down an opportunity to join Chicago before the Bulls signed Nate Robinson to back up Kirk Hinrich. But he now finds himself in a similar situation to Martin.

“Does he sign on with a non-contender (say, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Cleveland or Charlotte) for the minimum, or wait it out until mid- or late-season and jump on someone’s championship-bound train? And if the ideal situation never arises, is there a chance the 38-year-old calls it a career and retires? We shall see.”

It’s seems as though retirement may be drawing near for the veteran guard as teams appear to have little interest in the former Lakers star. It’d be hard to imagine Fisher playing on a second tier team after some many consecutive years of competing for titles with the Lakers and last season with the Thunder.

Even though Fisher may ultimately decide to call it a career, the window of opportunity isn’t closed yet as there remains a chance he’ll land with a new team before next season. A return to the Lakers is highly unlikely, but possibly not out of the question if he remains unsigned and hasn’t officially retired heading towards March of next year.


  • Alvaro Perez

    Once a Laker always a Laker!!!!

    • NERO

      Except Kwame Brown. 

      • Johny

        or luke walton

    • Beckson Ganiche

      I been a fan since i was in Haiti 98

  • Alvaro Perez

    Once a Laker always a Laker!!

  • Killer

    There is no room for Derek Fisher on this team.  They shouldn’t even consider picking him up for the back part of the year.  Nice knowing you Derek – you should have retired last year.

    • Beckson Ganiche

      you r behind a mask
      uncover your face
      steeve nash a no business being there any way
      he is a old head
      stuck to his old mentality plays
      and that will never work
      they should bring fisher back
      let him be a starter
      will nash be the back up point guard
      and paul gasol and dwight need to wake the hell up
      dwight is becoming an old head
      every body can’t be a leader
      it seem to me Nash Kobe and Dwight want to lead
      and that why the keep failing.
      because that’s there job they use to lead
      thats all they ever did

  • kmac_321

     Oh he needs some time to think about that!

  • Rachelle Ann Roldan

    i think fisher’s nurturing skills would really be a key on howard’s adjustment period and will be a good back-up point guard compared to steve blake because of his playoff experience. let him be a laker once more. fisher is like kobe’s lucky charm, his bestfriend. so let him be a laker once more and retire as a champion wearing the purple and gold! LAKERS ALL THE WAY! :)

    • Beckson Ganiche

      you them right he is kobe lucky charm

      kobe had never won a ring with out fisher
      all 5 rings fisher play a big portion of kobe success

  • Jmuzuma

    I like fisher he is a good leader,  Fisher should retire as Lakers

  • Dogtown

    Dude is done! Hang it up.

  • FolkEwe

    Killer, ur an idiot. Fisher is ripped

  • FolkEwe

    Mos definatly a fan favorite! Hes cheap now, train w/ Kobe & get #6 come March!! Every shot is exciting. That shot of his is the definition of ” splash”