NBA News: Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Hires Antitrust Lawyer, Threatens To Sue Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="280"] Things are heating up quickly in the ongoing Donald Sterling saga, and the latest actions by Sterling may drag this process out even [new_royalslider id="280"] Things are heating up quickly in the ongoing Donald Sterling saga, and the latest actions by Sterling may drag this process out even Rating: 0
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NBA News: Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Hires Antitrust Lawyer, Threatens To Sue

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Things are heating up quickly in the ongoing Donald Sterling saga, and the latest actions by Sterling may drag this process out even longer.

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According to Sports Illustrated’s Michael McCann, Sterling has hired antitrust lawyer Maxwell Blecher, and has threatened to sue the NBA:

According to McCann, Blecher wrote a letter to NBA Executive Vice President Rick Buchanan. In the letter, Blecher claims that Sterling did nothing wrong, no punishment was warranted, and that Sterling will not pay the $2.5 million fine levied on him by Commissioner Adam Silver.

Blecher also argued that Sterling has not violated any article in the NBA constitution, and that his due process rights were violated since Sterling was banned for life by Silver without any formal proceedings.

Sterling has stayed in the news this week, giving his first public interview to CNN’s Anderson Cooper and apologizing for his words in the recording. Unfortunately, Sterling also took time to attack Magic Johnson, claiming that he was a bad example for the children of Los Angeles.

Nobody expected Sterling to go down without a fight. He does not want to sale the team, and obviously does not plan on cooperating with any NBA decision to force a sale without exhausting every option he has to keep the team.

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With rumblings that players across the NBA will not want to play as long as Sterling remains owner, and this issue likely stretching out for a long time, the NBA could be facing a serious issue at some point next season.
Magic Responds To Donald Sterling, Says He’d Rather Own The Lakers, ‘Not The Clippers’

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  • Ronald Brassling

    He can fight it and even win his team back. Won’t matter, his players will opt to leave, and no one would be interested in playing for him. I see he thought that one through.

  • TheTruthKills

    Should be entertaining to see what the league, Doc Rivers, and the Clippers players will do next.

  • Srk689

    Feel bad for Clippers fans. Sterling is just going to poison the organization if he doesn’t sell the team.

  • Dino Madness

    If Sterling wins the clippers will become the worst team in the NBA. Bottom of the Barrel, The value of the team will drop significantly after all the good players leave and no other good players will ever want to come to the clippers as long as Sterling is the owner. The problem is that Sterling does not realize all the money he’s going to lose in the future if he wins this case. Right now he has a ton of valuable pieces but if he retains the team he will lose all those pieces the value of the team will plummet and eventually he will have to sell for a significant loss compare to what he could sell the team if he sells it now.

    • TheTruthKills

      The Bucks were able to sell for over $500 million. The Clippers will sell for at least that no matter what happens. Plus the they’re still located in the LA market. Remember that Sterling bought the team $12.5 million. Anything he sells it for will be a monster profit in comparison. Also, he won’t care if his team is bottom of the barrel. The Clippers have spent 99% of their existence at the bottom. He could throw together a team full of scabs and still profit from the revenue sharing.

      • Dino Madness

        Not the way he could profit if he sold right now and avoided all the lawyers who will be leeches for many years to come. Sterling will always profit but not like he could if he sold right now. If he would win the case and stay in the NBA, Sterling and the Clippers would be nothing more than a Periah with the value of the team going lower and lower as all the top talent goes away and stays away. I would say if he makes the deal now he may even get 2 Billion for the team but if he stays and causes havoc on the Clippers the price could go lower than 500 mil.

  • Ollie Holliewood

    Clippers are out gone with the wind.Sterling is a idiot he sank the Clippers ship to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.All those Clippers fans are in for a summer of hell with Donald Sterling and his stupid ass court battles.Get ready to lose off the court in the NBA court that hates the Clippers and wants them out with their racist owner.

  • Ollie Holliewood

    Clippers choked away the series and got exposed by the Thunder.Congratulations to the OKC Thunder props to all their players and coaches for beating the stupid Clippers 4-2…MVP Kevin Durant was a superhuman on the court tonight and he proved he is the best player in the NBA/World…GTFO Clippers/Sterling’s…

  • Jerome

    Donald Sterling has always been a cheapskate and slumlord.So no surprise that he is refusing to pay his $2.5 million dollars fine for being a racist bigot.Terminate the Clippers and make sure Sterling pays for his racist ways.Their is no place for racism or Donald Sterling in the NBA.Sterling believes his players are slaves and he is the slavery leader.See this can’t be tolerated and won’t be accepted by the NBA.Sterling must be forced to lose his team.

  • quickster007

    The Clippers will just go back to its former self. The owner will get his money regardless if the team win or lose. He was making money when the team was a loser. It does not matter to Donald Sterling. The sad part is that’s the downside of revenue sharing.

  • Leon

    Donald Sterling is not allowed in the NBA.Adam Silver fucked The Clippers and Donald Sterling and now Donald is going to lose his team.GTFO Sterling!

  • Leon

    Time to pay the piper Donald Sterling.Pay the fines and sell the team bigot.

  • Elgin

    The NBA is going to be forced to use contraction on the Clippers.Sterling leave!

  • 123

    How do you like your basketball reasons decision now David Stern!! You gave Donald Sterling a gift in CP3, and now he’s going to take a dump on it, light a fire on it, and leave it on the NBAs door step. And bottom line is, if the players, coaches, and the NBA want Donald Sterling out, they need to act fast and make sure anything in relation to the Sterling name is outta here. And I don’t mean turn their jerseys inside out or move to like Anaheim next season. They have to boycott that they won’t play next season until he moves and their fans have to boycott that they won’t be at the games.

  • Sylvia Ross

    Everyone should have known that this old bastard wouldn’t go down without a fight. I hope that all of his players will opt out of their contracts as soon as they can.

  • ra

    Let’s all recall that the Clippers have been cursed from the beginning. Bad drafts ‘galore’ (they wasted so many good top draft picks), injuries galore, just — overall bad mojo.

    When Stern handed CP3 over to Clips (took him away from Lakers), it was pearls before the swine (swine, of course, being Sterling).

    Sterling’s racism is not new. He had demonstrated it for decades, actually.

    And now, his interest in a ‘team-wrecking’ lawsuit will pretty much tank the franchise. The team getting ousted in the playoffs will magnify the problems that happen for the Clips in the future, and much of it will ultimately be blamed on the Sterling debacle.

    Meantime, if it gets in the hands of lawyers and litigation, it’s over. Any litigation takes time, and those who benefit from all this are, well, the lawyers. They’re gonna get paid, while the Clips have been dunked in the ocean with their heads pushed down, so they can’t come up for air.

    This might even ruin the NBA, if things proceed in certain ways.

    Stern wrecked the NBA by nixing the CP3 trade for the Lakers in 2 ways 1) now the Lakers’ future is unknown and may not be as good, 2) bad taste in the Clips franchise – just as there was hope for the Clips to get an even break.

    The Curse of the Clippers continues. Look for some commentary by the Sports Guy (don’t really like him, because he’s a Laker hater, but …) – he’s a Clips fan, and this could be the nail in the coffin of the Clips.

  • Bones Jones

    Marcellus Wiley is you’re typical Clippers fan it’s just sad these guys look stupid defending a lost cause named the Clippers.Just don’t give up you’re day job ya’ll and get off the sports blogs and T.V ya’ll.

    No disrespect intended but ya’ll missing the facts and the point of why us Lakers fans hate ya’ll Clippers.

    You are led by a racist owner and ya’ll make lame ass excuses for losing then you say some dumb shit like the refs beat us or the Lakers have a conspiracy against us blah blah blah we Lakers fans are champions with loyalty to our squad we laugh at ya’ll racist owner Donald Sterling and those haters Clippers in general are a bad vibe.I hate the Clippers and Donald Sterling!

    Real recognize real and we don’t recognize Clippers they fake.

  • Bones Jones

    Donald Sterling must be ousted along with his team from the NBA.Their is no place for racism in the NBA.See ya’ll Clippers and Sterling’s ya’ll out of the NBA.Real talk.

  • Rasta The Voodo Man

    Get lost Stupid Ass Donald Sterling and fake ass loser Clippers.I hate Clippers.

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