NBA News: Chris Bosh Willing To Take Less Money To Stay With...

NBA News: Chris Bosh Willing To Take Less Money To Stay With Heat


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The one member of the Miami Heat’s Big 3 that is considered to be most likely to opt out of his deal and potentially leave as a free agent this summer is Chris Bosh. LeBron James leaving Miami is a stretch to say the least and Dwyane Wade isn’t going anywhere, but Bosh taking his talents elsewhere seems realistic.

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Although nothing is set in stone and anything can happen if the Heat fail to win a third straight NBA title this season, Bosh maintains that he wants to stay in Miami and is willing to take a pay cut in order to do so, according to Jason Lieser of The Palm Beach Post:

Bosh was asked about his upcoming opportunity to leave in free agency during an appearance on The Dan LeBatard Show this afternoon and said, “Yeah, I mean, I don’t want to go anywhere. I like it here. It’s Miami. Everybody wants to come here. Yeah.”

When asked if he would accept a below-market offer from the Heat, he answered, “If that’s what it takes.”

The Los Angeles Lakers were rumored to be a potential landing spot for Bosh if he became a free agent this summer. With Pau Gasol possibly leaving the team this summer, Bosh would be a good fit in Los Angeles and may still be on the team’s radar if things change moving forward.

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Despite rumors of Bosh potentially leaving Miami, all indications point to the Heat’s Big 3 staying intact for a little while longer. It’ll be interesting to see how the deals are structured for LeBron, Wade and Bosh, but it seems like it might be an easy process for Pat Riley and company with all parties involved seemingly wanting to stick together.
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  • Lakers Rebuilding

    Honestly I don’t know how that’s going to work out for Miami by resigning bosh wade and LeBron. Because if you think about it if LeBron is going to stay he will probably resign with the max like 5 years 105 million or something like that and that’s over a third of the teams salary cap. And if wade is going to want to stay then he will probably want between 10-15 million dollars. so say if he resigns for 4 years 60 million that’s 40 million of the team’s salary and then there’s resigning bosh and I get a feeling this time around he will want the max even though he says he will be willing to take less to stay with them. so say if bosh resigns for 4-5 years for like 60 million that’s pretty much all of the teams salary cap and the projected cap hit would be between 55-60 million dollars at best 48 million. so if you think about it Miami would actually be smarter to let bosh or wade go and save their cap room. but honestly I don’t care if they wanna use up all of their cap room to sign those 3 to new deals then go ahead either way I think this is the year the heat dynasty ends and I will be stocked when it ends.

    • Kb24

      IF the heat did not 3peat this year(hoping for the indiana to make a miracle or the spurs or okc),lbj will re sign for 5 year 120mil(from 18-22 mill per yr),wade will opt in for 19-20million(they all have 3 player options on 3 consecutive yrs from 2014-16) bosh will stay identical to wade salary….thats a total of 56million plus haslem(3-4mil),cole(1.5),birdman(2-4mil)!chalmers(2.5mil)…..the heat will try to keep the rotation guys especially birdman….hope allen retires along with battier….and the rookie this year

  • LBJ

    Oh cool he is soft as a tissue and the Heat are losing in the NBA Finals.T-Rex

    • jlplatten

      …you know the NBA Finals haven’t started yet, right? …they are in the Eastern Conference Finals and… they’re winning 3 games to 2.

      • Chris Park

        Lets be real Pacers suck balls

  • $20509373

    Why would he leave a dynasty?

  • Khoa Tran

    the heat is a bunch of tag-alongs… taking less to come for the ride… like malone and payton was years ago…. not true champions regardlesss of trophy…

  • KB24

    Did you know that he said a million times at public that lbj is the greatest? He likes lbj so much…why would he take less money? Are they going to sign another big time FA.? Big 3 will stay,melo will stay same as lowry,stephenson,bledsoe and ariza a 50-50 the only real FAs are deng,ariza,monroe and some hawes,hill,kaman,