NBA News: Cavs Reach Out To Mark Jackson About Head Coaching Position

NBA News: Cavs Reach Out To Mark Jackson About Head Coaching Position


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Only two head coaching vacancies remain in the NBA after Derek Fisher signed with the New York Knicks earlier this week.

With the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers being the last two teams searching for a head coach, Mark Jackson is an option for both. Although the Lakers have been rumored to have narrowed their coaching search to three options, Jackson may still be on their radar.

In the meantime, the Cavs appear to be considering Jackson as candidate, according to Chris Broussard of ESPN The Magazine:

The Cleveland Cavaliers have reached out to Mark Jackson about their head-coaching job, according to sources with knowledge of the team’s thinking.

It could be argued that the Cavs’ coaching vacancy is the more appealing job at this point in time. Cleveland has a talented young roster with All-Star Kyrie Irving leading the way.

Along with Irving potentially signing a max contract in the near future, the Cavs have the top pick in the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft. Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid and Jabari Parker will all be in play with the number one pick for the Cavs and all seem like solid options with promising NBA futures ahead.

Although Cleveland might have the better chance to build a solid foundation quicker than the Lakers, Los Angeles is always an appealing location for head coaches of Jackson’s caliber.

As of right now, Byron Scott appears to be the favorite to land the Lakers job while Los Angeles Clippers assistant Tyronn Lue may have the edge in Cleveland. Jackson definitely makes the coaching search interesting for the Cavs being the biggest name linked to the vacant position.

Other notable mentioned as candidates for Cleveland are Vinny Del Negro, Alvin Gentry, Lionel Hollins, Adrian Griffin and Cavs legend Mark Price.
Lakers Most Likely Draft Candidates

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  • Evan

    Can we just hire Hollins already? I get that waiting until after the draft and free agency means you can pick a coach that matches the players. However, I can see the opposite approach working well, too. Hire a coach, bring in talent that he would work well with.

    • nlruizjr

      It appears that Hollins has fallen off the Laker radar but I would take Hollins before Rambis but we know that BScott is the best choice.

      • Evan

        I disagree. I feel Hollins is the best choice.

        • BernieBastinaly

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  • j.thekidd

    Mark jackson would look nice coaching the the Cavs js

  • hookedonnews

    Why haven’t the Lakers talked to Jackson? Or Van Gundy? Why wouldn’t you talk to all available candidates? It’s obvious they’re in no hurry to hire someone. I don’t know how you can rule out these coaches without even talking to them.

  • Andy L

    It appears the bullshit coach search has narrowed down to another coming disaster for the Lakers… Waiting for LeCramp? Taking their time?? Crossing Hollins off the list??? Really????

  • Robert L. I.

    If the Lakers allow Marc Jackson to get away from being the next coach it will be huge mistake. As big a mistake as hiring Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni.

    Marc Jackson’s the guy…. Come on Lakers, get that guy. Don’t fuck this up again Jimbo!

    • Chrmngblly

      You mean like when they let the Fish slip away?

      The big plan must involve one of the Spurs or Heat assistants.

      • Robert L. I.

        They didn’t let D-Fish slip away. Phil Jackson’s taking a huge gamble on Fish. He has no experience coaching.

        • Chrmngblly

          No. Phil isn’t taking too much of a gamble. Fish is a natural leader and is used to leading a bunch of basketball players while wearing a suit. Plus, they are going to run the triangle. Fish has already got all the experience anyone could ever need. He will do fine. Players will “buy-in” to Fish. Phil will keep Derek’s head on straight while Phil sorts out the roster. Rambis will help him just like he helped Phil. Phil knows what he’s doing.

          People skills are way more valuable than X and O skills, plus, I think Fish has seen and done more than practically any coach alive. Under Jim Buss the Lakers have seen a massive outflow of talent from the Laker’s World. That’s so hard to replace, especially with the CBA.

          Marc Jackson? I don’t really know him. I do know he pissed his bosses off so bad that they fired him from a winning team. I do know that he had some problem with his assistants that made him demote and transfer two of them. I think Steve Kerr will make a wonderful coach.

          When you piss people off, you sometimes have to pay the price. Same with Hollins. Jim Buss is so insecure, I don’t think the Lakers can have a really top coach. If Pop was willing to come coach the Lakers, I doubt we would hire him—just because he would overpower Jimmy, personally.

          So I think Marc Jackson has no chance, sadly.

  • Tune

    I think Mark to Cavs would be perfect actually. Cavs really need the motivational coach that Mark is. They lack unity and maturity. Mark can be that smooth talking leader they need.

  • kliff richard

    Hire George Karl or Jeff Van Gundy and mike woodson and lionel hollins and try to interview i consider Doug Collins for as Next Head Coach LA Lakers please

  • Truth B Told

    Hiring from the outside have never worked well for the Lakers……Brown,D’Atoni and Tomjanavich……Rambis(former player) did have a 24-13 record in his short stint as a Laker’s coach during the shorten season…….Pat Riley(former player)and Phil(not a former player but ties in reference to his fiance is Dr Buss(RIP)daughter)……Scott bleeds purple and gold……True Facts.

  • roseducanna

    Please don,t bring a garbage coach like 2 MIKE ,s coach.What you buy you get it.

  • Lakers4Life

    No worries as our Lakers will be working on hiring Jeff Van Gundy as head coach soon.

  • ogjuicyjay

    I really don’t understand why Mark Jackson wasn’t a top priority in our coaching search along with B. Scott since Golden State let him go. Huge potential with his leadership, to me this is a no brainer from the outside looking in.

  • Robert L. I.

    Marc Jackson is a proven great coach. Number 3 ranked defense last year… Did you read that…number 3!!!!
    They were also the highest or close to the highest scoring teams in the league. And what I believe is the biggest factor in hiring Marc Jackson, his players love him & every one of them played as hard the 1st minute as the last minute. When an entire team of SUPERSTARS individually announce their endorsement of their coach & stand behind them, that’s pretty amazing. The Lakers sure could use unity, smart leadership, that plays incredible defense while pleasing the fans by scoring in high numbers. I for one am ready.